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Today is Thursday, February 08, 2007

MON, MAR 27, 2006

First International Conference on Transgender Rights - Geneva, Switzerland

The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) has organized a unique event: a conference solely dedicated to transgender's people's rights, with the participation of delegations coming from all over the world.

From 30th March to 3rd April, the ILGA will hold its 23rd World Conference during the 2006 session of the United Nation's Commission on Human Rights. This event will be preceded by pre-conferences on various themes: religion and sexual orientation and gender identity, health of homo and bisexual men and women and the situation of LGBT people at the workplace.

A pre-conference on the rights of transgender people will take place on Monday 27th March, coordinated by Armand Hotimsky, Founder of CARITIG (France). It will be the first time ever that such an international event will be organized on the issue, since it will welcome transgender people coming from all over the world. It will be preceded, on Sunday 26th March, by a day allowing to representatives of these delegations to introduce themselves.

The organization of such an event in Geneva, the seat of the UN Commission on Human Rights and the WHO, will be a unique opportunity to send a strong message to these international organizations. In doing so, we hope to raise public and institutional awareness of the various discriminations transgender people are suffering in the world.

In the course of this event, the panellists will address the situation in various parts of the globe, touching issues as diverse as change of civil status, access to medical treatment, discrimination, psychiatric classifications, violence, etc. On this basis, we hope to draft a declaration on transgender people's human rights in order to present it to the United Nations.

The panelists include :

Pr Tamara Adrian (Venezuela),
Dr Sam Winter (China - Hong Kong),
Jamison Green (USA),
Dr Stephen Whittle (UK),
Eva Fels (Austria),
Rachael Wallbank (Australia)

as well as persons from Argentina, Kirghiztan, Nigeria and many other countries.

Many transgender persons have already registered to participate to this historical event.

To register:

To know more, visit the website of the conference on:


For more information, contact

Armand Hotimsky
Founder and President of CARITIG,
Co-organizer of the transgender pre-conference of ILGA
Tel: +33.660.450.940.

Centre d'Aide, de Recherche et d'Information
sur la Transsexualit et l'Identit de Genre
Bote Postale 756
75827 PARIS Cedex 17 - France
Tel. +33.870.700.600.
Fax +
Site Internet : www.caritig.org

Email :
>[email protected]

International Lesbian and Gay Association
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Brussels . Belgium

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