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Today is Saturday, April 21, 2007

THU - SAT, MAY 17-19, 2007

2007 GenderYOUTH Leadership Summit - Washington, DC

Bridge the Gap: Gender Rights / Human Rights, the 2007 GenderYOUTH Leadership Summit. The Summit is an action-oriented, three-day educational gathering of youth and students working to get gender recognized as a fundamental human right.

The Summit will feature workshops and events such as the Gender Theory Institute, the 12th Annual National Gender Lobby Day, and screenings of exciting new documentaries. Join other academics and activists in discussions about gender stereotypes, gender and race in hip-hop, the emerging US human rights movements, and the love-hate relationship between feminism and queer theory.

Also, this Summit is an opportunity for youth to receive advanced training to start a GenderYOUTH chapter or affiliate an existing campus or community organization with the GenderYOUTH Network to end gender-based violence and discrimination.

The Summit scholarship application can be found at http://www.gpac.org/youth/summit/index.html. Scholarship deadlines are March 1st and April 2nd .

You can also apply for group rates at http://www.gpac.org/youth/summit/grouprates.html. The bigger the group, the bigger the discount J!

Register for the 2007 GenderYOUTH Leadership Summit and connect with other youth to share ideas, pool resources, and take action!

ALL are welcome!

1201 16th St. NW
Washington, DC
United States

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