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Today is Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SAT, JUN 24, 2006

Indy Boyz Monthly Meeting - Indianapolis, IN

Join us at our regular FTM social support meeting. FTMs and SOFFAs welcome. We follow a two topic format, having open discussion for the first hour and then splitting into two groups to discuss two different topics for the second hour.

Topics. The topics we will address at this meeting are:

Fitness and Health
More and more people are taking better care of their body, mind, and spirit. Wellness is more than merely going to the doctor when ill. Many people are eating more consciously, exercising, using vitamins and supplements, altering what they ingest (alcohol, tobacco, water), as well as being more aware of environmental factors (second-hand smoke, pollution, sun exposure, pesticides used on food, purification of water). As people are taking a more active role in their health care, trans people are making more informed choices about how they treat their body -- no or low dose hormones, decisions to have no or fewer surgeries, taking proactive steps to minimize risks (e.g. using milk thistle, having complete hysterectomies, etc.). Come discuss the steps you are taking and learn about additional options.



Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers
A free (!) e-book that is an absolutely fantastic "user manual" for FTMs. Covers basic endocrinology, hormone therapies, care risks and benefits, surgical treatments, and other health issues for trans men.

Transgender Health

International Journal on Transgenderism
Volumes 1-6: http://www.symposion.com/ijt/index.htm
Later Volumes: http://www.haworthpress.com/store/product.asp?sku=J485

Strategies for Transitioning on the Job

Transgender Employment Links

Meeting Time:
Saturday, June 24
3pm - 5pm

Meeting Location:
Jesus Metropolitan Community Church

Join us for dinner and further casual conversation after the meeting!

Get Directions.


Indy Boyz is a social support group for FTM/SOFFAs that meets monthly for information sharing and peer support.

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