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Today is Thursday, April 26, 2007

THU - SAT, APR 5-7, 2007

6th Annual Trans-health Conference - Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia' s 6th Annual Trans-health Conference (THC): Educate, Empower, Embrace

April 5-7, 2007, marks another milestone of progress for the transgender community. A diverse group of transgender people and supporters will host the 6th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (THC) 2007: Educate, Empower, Embrace.

Unlike other transgender conferences, which can cost anywhere from $90 to $300 a person to attend, THC's Community Days (our two primary conference days) remains completely free!

The focus of this years unique conferencethe only one of its kind in the worldrepresents our commitment to educating professionals and our communities about our health needs, to empowering transpeople, and to embracing our unique identities and realities.

THC began as a collaboration between local transgender activists, advocates, community members, allies and health and service providers. In the past five years, THC has grown to accommodate the health conference needs of transgender individuals, families, providers and allies on a national level. The conference continues to grow, yet organizers seek to keep it as accessible as possible by providing free registration for Community Days, low-cost meals, community housing, child care and travel scholarships to those in need.

Conference Highlights

FREE Health and Wellness Clinics, including HIV testing and cholesterol and blood pressure screenings.
Providers Day (Thursday, April 5), which offers trainings to health care, mental health and social service providers.
Community Days (Friday and Saturday, April 6 & 7), which consist of over 50 workshops and social events, delivered by transgender people and our allies, for transgender people and our allies. This years workshops address a myriad of health care, mental health, identity, advocacy and community related issues.
Keynote speeches by nationally recognized transgender and non-transgender advocates and practitioners: Dr. Norman Spack, Jamison Green and Pauline Park.

For additional information regarding the conference please contact the Conference at [email protected].

You can also check out our website at www.trans-health.org


Pennsylvania Convention Center
1201 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA

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