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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


CWFA: Will Capitol Hill Sanction Cross-Dressing?

[WASHINGTON, DC] - Concerned Women for
America issued a memo to all congressmen today warning them that the GenderPAC (Gender Public Advocacy Coalition), a lobbying group for transsexuals and transvestites, will be visiting Capitol Hill
asking for:

"We are seeking a written commitment that your office, in connection with the terms of employment, will not discriminate based on an individual's gender expression or identity."

Signing this pledge will commit congressmen to hiring and retaining in their offices transvestites (persons who dress as if
they were members of the opposite sex) and transsexuals (people who undergo surgical mutilation in order to act out a role as a member of the opposite sex).

In a memo to Congress today, CWA Vice President for Government Relations Michael Schwartz said, "Ultimately, your signature on this pledge will be used to advance the legislative goal of requiring all employers to hire and retain transvestites and
transsexuals or face lawsuits for employment discrimination.

"This is not the way to healing and health for troubled individuals. Creating new 'rights' for those trapped in disordered
behavior serves to discourage them from seeking the help they need.

"Corporal Klinger, the cross-dressing character from M.A.S.H., might have been pleased to see congressional offices with men in dresses, but we don't think your constituents would be so happy."

Concerned Women for America will monitor the pledge signing and will publicize congressmen's decisions to their constituents.

Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public
policy women's organization.

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Note from TG Crossroads Staff:

Responses to this article can be made to:

Rebecca L. Riggs, , ext. 126; or
Kelly Walmsley, , ext. 140;
both of Concerned Women for America
Web site: http://www.media.cwfa.org

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