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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Support Proposed Domestic Partnership Benefits Ordinance

Justice, Inc., Urges Indianapolis Residents to Contact Their Local Representatives

ACTION ALERT: Thursday's Indianapolis Star reported on the domestic partnership benefits ordinance introduced by Karen Horseman for the City-County Council in Indianapolis. This proposed ordinance as presently proposed would provide healthcare benefits for all city employees (other than fire and police and union negotiated employees) in committed relationships with the same primary residence. (The story notes that the ordinance could be amended to include county employees, if requested by the county.)

It is important that we urge people to e-mail their city-county councilors and to copy the mayor's office in support of this ordinance, urging that the ordinance be reported favorably out of committee and ultimately be passed by the City-County Council. The story reports that the cost of such benefits to the city is estimated to be relatively small. Hopefully, we can encourage polite e-mails that emphasize that such an ordinance would put the city in a more competitive position for top employees.

For many of the councilors, the number of e-mails they receive on proposed ordinances is very important. Note that the list below has e-mails for each councilor and with a few of them, it is important to use a common drop e-mail. Also the list has the Mayor's Office for carbon copying these e-mails. It is always most important to e-mail one's own Councilor; however, if people are not sure who their councilor is and/or want to e-mail all the city council members (some, of course, are at large), that also would be fine. There would be nothing wrong with e-mails addressed to "City-County Councilors" with all the councilors e-mailed and the Mayor's Office copied.

Here are the email addresses for the councilors:

Who Is My Councillor?
Indianapolis residents enter your address:

When writing to your council member, address as follows:

The Honorable or Councilor

241 City-County Building
200 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Copy the email to [email protected] so that she can provide a copy to David Smith, William Dowden, Elwood Black, Dr. Philip Borst, Jim Bradford & Bob Cockrum. Copy the text of your email and send it to the mayor by visiting http://www.indygov.org/mayor/feedback.htm

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