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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Trans Prisoner Survey: Help Needed

Dear Friends:

We are requesting your help in conducting a national Trans Prisoner Survey. The survey will be circulated through the GIC TIP Journal, which is a free national newsletter published quarterly for and about transgendered inmates by the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc.(GIC)*.

Gianna E. Israel**, the principal author of the survey and contributing editor of the GIC TIP Journal, is a gender-specializing counselor and the principal author of the "Transgender Care." She has also served as a consultant and forensic case manager on state and federal civil and criminal complaints in pursuance of medical and psychological treatment for institutionalized and incarcerated persons.

Over a year in making, the survey has been extensively reviewed and edited by a number of other professional colleagues of Ms. Israel, including Dr. Barbara Anderson, Dr. Terry Kupers, attorney John Weinstein and, informally, by Dr. George Brown. Yolonda Burt, herself a trans-prisoner, also participated in the review as well as myself. Ms. Israel anticipates it will be a five-year study.

In order to ensure an adequate sampling, we need the help of community organizations and individuals. If you are corresponding with any transgender prisoners, we would greatly appreciate your sending us their contact information. The contact information as well as another personal information that is included in the completed survey forms will be kept strictly confidential.

Send the information to

GIC of Colorado, Inc.
Attn: Jessie Shafer
1455 Ammons Street, Suite 100
Lakewood, CO 80215

As an alternative, you can also send it via e-mail to

Thank you,
Jessie Shafer

*The Gender Identity Center of Colorado is an all-volunteer, on-profit organization that provides support, education, outreach and advocacy to the transgender community, their families and friends. For more information on the GIC and the GIC TIP Journal, go to: http://www.GICofColo.org ("GIC TIP" section)

**For more information on the survey and Gianna E. Israel, go to: http://www.counselsuite.com ("Ongoing Research" section)

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