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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Transsexual Fears the Worst as Jail Looms

[JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA] - Transsexual Jeanin-Lee, sentenced on Friday for possession of more than R66 000 in counterfeit money, will be kept in a men's prison but in a single cell.

When Witbank regional court magistrate Marlene Greyvenstein sentenced him to five years' imprisonment, Jeanin-Lee shed a few tears as he kept his eyes downcast. His wife, Welna van Loggerenberg, was present.

Known as Jeanin-Lee, or at times as Xena, the man is in the process of changing his sex and feared possible rape if sent to a men's prison. He has already had two breast implants and is undergoing hormone treatment. His genitals have not yet been operated on.

'I have never even undressed in the presence of a man'

Earlier this week a website quoted him as saying he feared he would be unable to continue with hormone replacement therapy or visit gynaecologists and plastic surgeons.

"I have never even undressed in the presence of a man. I have to use the correct shampoo. What if I need a new bra?" he was further quoted as saying. Jeanin-Lee reportedly also said he was unwilling to wear prison underwear.

Although he was sentenced to five years he could be up for correctional supervision after serving part of his sentence.

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