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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Georgia TG Community Has "Buddy System" When Dealing with DMV

[ATLANTA, GA] - Because of recent incidents at the Georgia's Department of Motor Vehicles, the Trans=Action has initiated a "Buddy System" program whenever a Transgender person has to deal with the DMV. Besides the incident that was covered in Southern Voice two weeks ago, another person was recently harassed at a different facility, and was asked if she had "male organs."

From now on, whenever a Transgender person goes to the DMV, it is highly suggested that they take a friend as a witness to any harassment and inappropriate behavior that might take place. Some members of Trans=Action have volunteered to accompany anyone to the DMV, including Rev. Paul Turner of the Gentle Spirits Christian Church. Rev. Turner spoke at the last Day of Remembrance and was quoted as saying, "I would like to see the DMV say anything with a clergyman standing there."

During Atlanta Pride this past weekend, several hundred people sign a petition that asked for the Georgia DMV to modify its rule about changing a sex marker on a driver's license. When made aware of this issue, State Representatives and candidates instantly understood why the rules need to be changed. In a post-911 America, correct identification is a must. Trans=Action is using a multi-prong approach in finding a resolution to this issue, with legislative intervention as one of the options.

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