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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Motion to Discuss Human Rights of Post Operative Transsexuals Raised in UK

[UNITED KINGDOM] - An early day motion (statutary instrument to get something properly discussed in open debate) has been raised by Mr. Paul Stinchcombe. MP for Wellingborough, Northamptonshire to discuss discrimination faced by transsexuals. The motion it titled EDM 1564: Human Rights of Post Operative Transsexuals. The following is the text of the motion:

That this House recognises that there are approximately 5,000 post-operative transsexuals in the United Kingdom, many of whom suffer severe discrimination, exclusion, physical assault and public abuse; notes in particular that post-operative transsexuals in the United Kingdom are denied the right to marry, a right which confers upon citizens many other important rights; notes also that, excepting the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom is the only member of the EU that has not granted legal status to post-operative transsexuals; believes that this is an intolerable denial of their fundamental human rights; and therefore calls upon Her Majesty's Government to remedy this continuing injustice by legislation which affords to all post-operative transsexuals the full rights of the gender to which they have been assigned.

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