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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007


New Issue of Trans-Health Now Available Online

This quarterly journal of health and fitness for transsexual and transgendered people is a treasure trove of information.

Each issue of Trans-Health contains a news archive with links to current transhealth articles, sorted by topic. The medical abstracts are a nice touch and not seen on most TS/TG health sites.

In addition, every issue contains regular columns, letters to the editor and feature articles.

The following are feature articles in the Fall 2002 issue:

Par Excellence: Mianne Bagger, ranked sixth in Australia by the Women's Golf Association, talks with Justin Cascio about her experiences as a transgendered woman in amateur golf.

Gay Games - Only 39 Days until the Opening Ceremony!: In Talking to our Athletes, Juan Alejandro Lamas updates us on trans participation in the Gay Games in Sydney, Australia, and interviews some of the trans-identified athletes participating.

In The Tempest Over Sex Identity, Lisa M. Hartley, ACSW-DCSW takes on the aetiology of transgender? the theories behind what causes us to be trans? and presents her theory on a stress disorder caused by cultural pressures on transgender people to conform to their assigned-at-birth gender roles.

Trans People: Are We Nuts?, based on a presentation by Justin Cascio at the Transcending Boundaries Conference this year, explores the links made in the medical literature between mental illness and transgender experience, and offers suggestions to improve mental health in the transgender community.

The LGBTI Health Summit in Boulder, Colorado, this year brought providers and activists together to talk about the major issues affecting the health of our communitities. Bobbi Williams was there, and also took part in the pre-Summit meetings on transgender health; she reports on the Boulder events in this issue.

Voices of Positive (Trans) Women: Interview with Tina Strang: Raverdyke and Mistress Krista sit down with Tina Strang of Voices of Positive Women in Toronto, an organization for women with HIV/AIDS, about the organization's work to become more trans-positive and about the needs of trans women living with HIV and AIDS.

Mistress Krista reports on a time-based (rather than repetition-based) exercise routine in Training for Mass Part 5 - The 20 Minute Workout that is designed make you not only bigger, but fitter and stronger.

If you're concerned about strength but don't want to get bigger, Mistress Krista has a routine for you in Weight training for MTFs: Stay strong without size, with programs appropriate to transwomen with and without orchiectomy and estrogen supplementation.

If you participated in last issue's reader survey, or are just curious about who else is reading Trans-Health, read Trans-Health Readers Talk Back for an overview of the demographics and concerns of Trans-Health readers.


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