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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


"By Hook or By Crook" to be Shown on Sundance Channel

Striding boldly into areas rarely visited by filmmakers, this striking first feature by Harriet "Harry" Dodge and Silas Howard - who collaborated on writing, direction and production - stars Howard as Shy, a drag king searching for meaning and love after the death of his terminally ill father.

With vague notions of robbing a grocery store, Shy heads to the city and meets Valentine (Dodge), a vibrant, unstable spirit attempting to find her birth mother, and the two begin a friendship that tests and strengthens both of them.

Winner of the Grand Jury Award at the LA Outfest and the Award for Excellence at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK was a labor of love for its cast and crew, which includes producer Steak House, performance artist Stanya Kahn, rock icon Joan Jett and cinematographer Ann T. Rossetti (GO FISH).

"Raw-edged and not afraid of hard, ugly stuff... but with a poetic sharpness in there too, something to lift up trouble and let it rain down sweet" - Bay Guardian.

By Hook or By Crook (2001)
100 MINS, Color
Harriet "Harry" Dodge
Silas Howard

"By Hook or By Crook" will be broadcast on the Sundance Channel (cable television, USA) in January.

Here is some information from the Sundance Channel's webpage.

Here is the link to the film's ">official website.

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