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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Enemy of the State

"The Vermont of the Midwest" ??

[NEWSMAX.COM ] In its ever-yearning attempt to become the "Vermont of the Midwest," the state legislature of Illinois is at it again this legislative session. At least two of the bills on the slate are designed to rewrite the rules of sexual expression. In doing so, they take the most targeted approach yet at rewriting the role of the family in the life of America.

Now that they appear to have the political will to make it happen, the aggressive anti-family, pro-gay militants are uncorking all the stops to not only see to it that you and I are forced to agree with the way they have sex, but also stop us from ever raising objections.

But let me give you the details.

If Illinois Senate Bill 101 were to pass this legislative session - and it may be called for a vote soon - it would codify "sexual orientation" into the Illinois Human Rights Act. In doing so, the repercussions on small business, public education, and your family and mine suddenly become targeted in their sights.

Let's say, for example, that midterm through your child's freshman year at New Trier High School or Oak Park River Forest or Wheaton North, your son or daughter show up to their History of Western Civilization class and instead of finding Joe Smith teaching them - they find Joanna. Same person - but now a transsexual, transgender, or just a man in women's clothes.

Your son or daughter has no recourse to say that they are uncomfortable staying in that History of Western Civ class. For to do so they would be forced to say that they disagree with the lifestyle of the teacher. But if the teacher has broken no law, this statement by your child can and will be used against them as a hate crime.

Getting beyond the student directly, a conference is called with the parents. The administrator and the teacher both want to know what could possibly have caused the parent's son or daughter to express such "hateful language" to the teacher, who was simply trying to do his . er, her . uh, its job!

After a few minutes of trying to carefully describe why the child might have made such a statement it is revealed that the parents themselves believe the same way, and after uttering some useless nonsense about freedom of speech, or religion, or some such thing, they also admit that they believe it to be a sin.

Now the unpardonable sin has been committed - for to believe that what the person is doing is sin, you are also equating them as a sinner. But under the human rights act in Illinois you can't say that a man's black sin makes him a sinner, you cannot say the Latino's dark hair makes him a sinner, you cannot say that the Asians' smaller eye sockets make them sinners - for to do so would be considered hateful.

In other words, you are attacking them for how God made them - not for what they do.

Nonetheless, the administrator and the teacher, now both convinced of your abhorrent way of thinking, determine that it is in your child's best interests that someone else be allowed to raise that child.

You know, come to think of it, because of the anatomical impossibility of homosexuals ever having naturally born children, the teacher is convinced that there are at least a dozen "open-minded" couples that would do a better job of teaching your child to think "in a more compassionate manner."

The fact of the matter is plainly this. If this language is added to the Human Rights Act in Illinois, it opens the door, not for "equal rights" for homosexuals - they already have every one of the equal rights that you and I have. Instead, it opens the door for blatant retribution against anyone who believes out of honest conviction that engaging in sexual activity outside of biblically defined marriage is wrong.

"Biblical? You must be from the Dark Ages, McCullough. Let's be more modern in our thinking!"

What would define that for you?

You understand, of course, that the Bible addresses just about every form of sexual activity you can think of. It deals with marriage, incest, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, pornography, adultery, lust, transvestites and premarital sex.

I guess since God created sex he knew what He was doing - and He pretty much knew man wouldn't take long to mess it up.

That's why even though scripture deals with every form listed above, the only one that is sanctioned as good and decent is marriage. Like it or not, the rest are all illegitimate. The rest are all cautioned against. And the rest are all wrong.

Senate Bill 101 is dangerous because it attempts to tell Illinois that "everything's OK."

If you don't see the big deal, then keep this column around for about 10, 15 years or so - because I do believe that other biblical adage to be true: We will reap what we sow!

Kevin McCullough is "enjoyed" weekdays 3-5 p.m. on AM 1160 WYLL, a 50,000-watt station in Chicago, Ill.

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