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Today is Saturday, November 24, 2007


Documentary "Southern Comfort" Now Released on VHS and DVD

[NEW YORK, NY] - Meet Robert Eads, a 52-year-old wise-crackin', chain-smokin', gun-totin' Georgia cowboy except for one difference: he was born a she.

Robert Eads and girlfriend
Lola Cola in award-winning
documentary "Southern Comfort"
Robert has also fallen for Lola, his almost-female girlfriend. Yet, there's a bitterly ironic twist at the center of their star-crossed relationship in a film that The Village Voice calls "an affecting tribute to a remarkable life." Winner of the 2001 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary, a breakout hit and winner at nearly 20 major film festivals, SOUTHERN COMFORT chronicles a touching and unusual love story the likes of which few have ever seen. It arrived in the marketplace from Docurama(tm) on March 25th, available as both extras-laden DVD and VHS versions ($24.95 SRP).

From Seattle to Florida, from San Francisco to Berlin, SOUTHERN COMFORT has mesmerized audiences and critics alike with its rare blend of humor, tragedy, and romance. At the heart of this startling film is a tender love story, more captivating than anything fiction could ever create. With a masterful eye for emotional detail, award-winning filmmaker Kate Davis takes home viewers to the back hills of Georgia and into the world of Eads, a warm and gregarious soul, who was born female and later transitioned into living as a man after bearing two sons.

The film finds Robert fifteen years into his new life, as he falls headlong into a passionate romance with Lola Cola, a vivacious and magnetic woman who was born male. Sadly, their touching romance is shaken by a deadly diagnosis - Robert is dying of cervical and ovarian cancer. What follows is a compassionate profile in courage, dignity, love and tolerance, a film which paints an intimate and humanistic portrait of Robert and Lola's rural, transgendered life and follows them as Robert makes his final appearance at the annual "Southern Comfort" transgender convention in Atlanta.

One of the most astonishing documentaries of our time about gender, family, love and relationships, SOUTHERN COMFORT is an illuminating and deeply moving film -- a world of contradictions where good ole' boys who drive pick-up trucks and shoot the breeze around the barbecue double as 21st century sexual pioneers, courageously forging a new world for themselves, and for us.

The DVD of SOUTHERN COMFORT features such extras as deleted scenes; cast commentary and interviews; an exclusive photo gallery; Director Kate Davis' biography and additional crew bios; a filmmaker statement; interactive menus and scene selection.

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