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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Pride At Work Says "Not Without Our Trans Brothers and Sisters!"

Transgender Inclusion Resolution Passed

Pride At Work has been increasingly involved in advocating for the rights of transgender workers and union members. We see firsthand how often transgender workers face ignorance, harassment, and discrimination on the job and in their communities.

Paradoxically perhaps, at the same time, many local and state level ordinances have recently been passed to protect the transgender community, New Mexico and Covington, Kentucky were among the latest. We believe the entire LGBT community must be committed to transgender inclusion at all levels.

Regarding federal legislation, some civil rights activists still question the timing ("transgender can be added later") or say it?s not necessary ("gender or sexual orientation, real or perceived will be enough"). Based upon our experience and the advice of leading transgender legal experts, we disagree with both of these opinions.

We believe the time for inclusion is NOW. Indeed, we believe that today, when progressive legislation is not likely to pass, is right the right time to do the educational work necessary to build support for transgender inclusion in all civil rights legislation.

Therefore, on May 5, the Executive Committee of Pride At Work passed the following resolution:

Resolution To Support Only Transgender Inclusive Legislation

"Pride At Work, AFL-CIO stands firmly for an inclusive lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) movement representing the entire LGBT community. For that reason, Pride At Work, AFL-CIO will only endorse legislation that explicitly includes transgender people."

Please note, we will NOT be actively campaigning against LLEA or ENDA, nor do we suggest that others do so. We will, however, continue to urge organizations and individuals to speak out for explicit transgender inclusion at every step of the process.

If you have more questions, please call our national office at .

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