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Today is Saturday, November 24, 2007


Possible Sex Change Means New Credits on 3rd 'Matrix'

Transwoman Behind the Matrix Movies?

"Matrix" and "Matrix Reloaded"
Director Larry "Lana" Wachowski
Following all the stories about ''Matrix'' co-creator Larry Wachowski allegedly taking hormones to prep for an upcoming sex change operation come reports from sources that say distributor Warner Bros. may be doing an alteration that will take a lot less work. For the upcoming third ''Matrix'' film (due in November), it seems the writing and directing credits for Chicago native Larry and his brother and partner, Andy Wachowski, will merely be listed as ''The Wachowskis.''

''That certainly would solve any gender issues that might be pending,'' a "Matrix" insider said Monday.

An in-depth story in the current National Enquirer goes into all the gory details of Wachowski's split from his wife, Thea, the onset of an S&M relationship with a dominatrix (who reportedly calls him ''Lana''), his penchant for wearing women's clothes and lingerie and his recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival--wearing earrings, full makeup, etc.

Neither Warner Bros. nor a rep for the Wachowskis would comment on any aspect of this story.

Karin Winslow, the alleged dominatrix who attended the Los Angeles premiere of ''The Matrix Reloaded'' with Wachowski, is still married to a man who himself is a transsexual.

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