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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Kentucky Fairness Alliance (KFA) has learned that many of the messages from Fairness supporters opposing SB245 were wrongly written up as supporting this discriminatory Constitutional Amendment last week.

Everyone needs to CALL AGAIN. 1-. Leave your message for Representative Rocky Adkins, Majority Floor Leader and double check that the receptionist understands you OPPOSE SB245.

Email messages will also be important over the course of today and tomorrow. Send an email to voice your opposition to SB 245.

There is very little time left to make a difference: The Democratic House Caucus is meeting today to vote on the Constitutional Amendment. Tell your Representative and Leadership that you oppose this discriminatory measure and not to let it out for a vote!

The decision that gets made in the next few days will determine whether our community has to fight this measure on the statewide ballot this November. Stop this unnecessary and costly fight now by forwarding this message to the widest possible group of people. Fairness supporters who have reached out on this issue to their families, neighbors, co-workers and friends back home have reported amazing results with strong, loving support coming from the people in their lives. Make this a movement!! Every one of us has a circle of people who care about us and care about equality. Their voices are needed now or we risk creating second-class citizenship for glbt people in this state and this country. THIS IS OUR HOME TOO!

Call 1- to say you OPPOSE SB 245 or Send an email.

Kentucky Fairness Alliance

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