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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Let Senator Bayh know that Hoosiers Oppose the FMA

The United States Senate will be voting on the Federal Marriage Amendment this week!

Senator Evan Bayh has expressed his intent to oppose the amendment.

As a result, the American Family Institute and the Eric Miller crowd are jamming Senator Bayhs offices with hundreds of irate calls and they are running about 99 percent in favor of the FMA.

We need to let Senator Bayh know that there are Hoosiers out there who oppose the FMA.

Please call Senator Bayhs office and tell him that you OPPOSE the FMA and you THANK HIM for taking a stand against writing discrimination into our U.S. Constitution.

You may have some difficulty getting through to his staff, so you may have to try several offices before you get voicemail or a staff person. Here are the numbers to use:

Washington D.C.:
Fort Wayne:
South Bend:

Thank you for taking time to make this call. It is important to the future of our country.

Help fund this effort to fight the constitutional amendment by sending a donation to:

Justice Fund, PO Box 2204, Indianapolis, IN 46206

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Wally Paynter at [email protected].

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