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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Social Security Administration Policy OUTS Transsexuals

As we all are highly aware these days, identity verification, theft and security are on the tips of many bureaucrats' tongues, as well as government agencies. And of course this includes the United States Social Security Administration. If you are not a transsexual or an immigrant you probably are not aware of a little known item termed: SSA's no-match letters. These are letters sent by the Social Security Administration to an employer if the employee's W-2 detail information does not match the Social Security Administrations record. And of course, for some unknown reason, gender is one of the fields in this information match! Now you may say, What is the big deal? Well if you are a transsexual it is a very BIG deal.

FULL STORY (offsite link -- TG Crossroads cannot guarantee that this story will be available for viewing.)

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