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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Best Transgender Erotica

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Best Transgender Erotica brings together twenty stories by writers of every gender. The first book to celebrate exclusively gender-bending, -crossing, and -breaking sexuality through erotic fiction, Best Transgender Erotica includes representations of many forms of `trans` identity. Whether blurring the line between masculine and feminine, or making the transition from female to male, or vice versa, these characters (and authors) had to put on their sexiest, most alluring, heart-racing show in order to make the cut.

Including selections from Thomas Roche, Saachi Green, Todd Belton, Simon Sheppard, M. Christian, and many more of today`s best-known erotica writers, Best Transgender Erotica follows on the smashing success of Best Bisexual Erotica, which was released in 2000. Like `Best Bi,` `Best Trans` drew its contributors from within the gender activist community, providing a unique and stimulating look at gender issues from an erotic perspective.

Contributors: Todd Belton, Saachi Green, S. Naomi Finkelstein, Raven Gildea, Sam Kling, Magdalene Meretrix, Charles Anders, Dominic Santi, Alex Gino, Allison Lonsdale, Thomas Roche, Karen Taylor, Ian Philips, Roxane Gay, Matthew Kailey, Simon Sheppard, M. Christian, Nico Hailey, Stacey Montgomery, Gary Bowen, Raven Kaldera, Hanne Blank.

Hanne Blank, Raven Kaldera

Circlet Press

Year Published:

Paperback, 224 pp.


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