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Today is Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Long Time Coming : An Insider's Story of the Birmingham Church Bombing That Rocked the World

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In September 1963, a bomb ripped through Brimingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Killing four young girls. Fourteen years later Robert Chambliss was brought to trial. Because one woman dared to take the stand, Chambliss was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Yet many questions remain unanswered. Was Chambliss the sole perpetrator? Has the full story ever been told? At last, after years of fear, hiding, and identity changes, the woman who testified as state's witness does so once again in this powerful book. Elizabeth H. Cobbs, the niece of Robert Chambliss, finally tells all she knows about the church bombing and many other atrocities committed by Chambliss's secret group of fanatics.

Petric J Smith

Crane Hill

Year Published:

Hardcover, 234 pages


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