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Today is Thursday, October 04, 2007


Wichita Transgender Alliance

The Wichita Transgender Alliance is a non-profit group formed to provide support for people who are transgendered and those who care about them. We strive to promote a more positive image of transgendered persons through outreach and education.

We hold two meetings a month to provide mutual support, share information, and socialize. We provide referrals to other information resources, helping professionals, accepting businesses, and others. We contribute local news and information via the Kansas City newsletter. We attempt to educate the public about transgenderism through our outreach programs. As a member of the Mid-America Gender Group Information Exchange (MAGGIE), we participate in the annual Fall Harvest convention.

The monthly newsletter keeps members, supporting professionals, and other organizations abreast of our activities. It keeps members informed about transgender related activities in the community and elsewhere in the country, and helps members identify supportive businesses, clubs, and medical and legal professionals in the Wichita area.

The WTA meets the first Saturday evening each month at a safe and secure location in the Wichita area. Also we travel every third Saturday of the month to Kansas City to attend meetings there. Interested members can also participate in a variety of other club sanctioned outings, as well as trips to regional and national transgender meetings.

Every possible precaution is taken to insure our members the privacy and security they need. Changing facilities are provided for individuals who are unable to get ready at home.

P. O. Box 754
Wichita, KS 67201-0754



Website (URL):
http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6012/- offsite link

Information last verified: 5/22/2002 3:54:49 AM.

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