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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007


TransCare Associates

TransCare is a new national consulting agency that provides public health agencies and community outreach organizations with transgender health training, capacity building, technical assistance, and educational resources.

TransCare was established to educate providers on crippling health care barriers that put this population at risk. Our aim is to decrease these disparities and increase access and awareness.

With on-site training, we will provide your entire agency or targeted staff with an educational overview of transgender health issues, assist in developing a standards of care or protocols, help in identifying transgender legal issues, and engage your agency in becoming culturally competent in providing health care services to the transgender population.

We will design trainings specifically for your organizational needs. Our areas of expertise include: HIV/AIDS, behavioral health, substance abuse, counseling and testing, LGBT youth and healthcare outreach.

For a detailed brochure of services and fees please email with name, address, and telephone number to [email protected]

A.D. Marcel


Website (URL):
http://www.transcare.info- offsite link

Information last verified: 11/1/2002 7:34:09 PM.

Individuals submitting resources are responsible for updating their contact information with TG Crossroads when it changes. We are not responsible for keeping this information up to date. Email to send us your updated information.

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