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Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Mango Products - The Mango

Introducing the MANGO, the packy that looks great, feels great, and allows you to GO like a MAN! The Mango fills a critical need for transmen, allowing you to stand and pee, even use a public urinal with confidence, with a penis that functions as close as possible to the real thing. Only the Mango features receptacle tubes that are designed specifically for the FTM anatomy for maximum comfort and leak proof fit.

The Mango is a combination packing and urinary device that is very natural appearing under clothing and can be worn comfortably all day. It allows you to stand and pee with ease and confidence through our unique tube system, with options for extra-labial or inter-labial positioning. It stays in place under briefs, or you can use the Mango Harness which allows you to wear it under boxers or other loose clothing.

The outer flesh-like covering is made of soft thermal gel and comes in three colors: pink, coffee, and chocolate. The shaft looks and feels like a flaccid penis and is realistic enough to pass at the urinal.

The internal urinary tube, running through the shaft, is made of flexible medical grade latex. It is wider at the beginning to allow free flow of urine, and tapers at the end of the shaft to create a natural size opening at the tip, a Mango innovation. It comes in a standard length, in which the receptacle tube is worn upright (pictured with the 3 1/2"), or extra long so the receptacle end can bend sideways or be tucked down under the testicles.

For more information on this and other MANGO products, visit our web site!


P.O. Box 5496
Wakefield, RI 02879


Website (URL):
http://www.mangoproducts.net/products.htm#mango- offsite link

Information last verified: 7/4/2004 11:09:29 PM.

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