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Today is Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SAT, FEB 25, 2006

Indy Boyz Monthly Meeting - Indianapolis, IN

Join us at our regular FTM social support meeting. FTMs and SOFFAs welcome. We follow a two topic format, having open discussion for the first hour and then splitting into two groups to discuss two different topics for the second hour.

Topics. The topics we will address at this meeting are:

Transgender Images in the Media
We are seeing more and more transgender characters being portrayed on television and in the movies and other mainstream media outlets as well as stories of the lives of actual transgender people in documentaries, books, magazines, and newspapers.

* Is the media image of transgender people changing?
* Do we feel that we are being accurately represented?
* What has been the result of having more visibility of transgender people or issues?
* Have you been helped or harmed by the media's portrayal of transgender people?
* When the images of transgender people are inaccurate, should we respond? What is our responsibility? What action should we take?

Strategies for Coming Out to Family, Friends, Coworkers
* When and where should I come out?
* What's the best way to do it? For me? For the person I'm coming out to?
* Geez, I've been through this already. Am I ever done coming out?
* I don't feel like I'm in the closet. What am I coming out about anyway?
* Is my gender history / id anybody's business anyway?
* It's my transition. What does my partner have to worry about?
* It's my transition. What do my parents have to worry about?
* If s/he's the one transitioning, why do I feel like I am the one having to come out (all over again)?
* Is coming out really a political act?
* Is coming out safe?
* Why do we come out?

True Selves : Understanding Transsexualism-For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals

Transforming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones

Made in God's Image

Meeting Time:
Saturday, Feb 25
3pm - 5pm

Meeting Location:
Jesus Metropolitan Community Church

Join us for dinner and further casual conversation after the meeting!

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Indy Boyz is a social support group for FTM/SOFFAs that meets monthly for information sharing and peer support.

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