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Today is Thursday, September 18, 2008


Action Alerts

7/12/2004 - [INDIANA] - Let Senator Bayh know that Hoosiers Oppose the FMA

Tell Senator Bayh that you OPPOSE the Federal Marriage Amendment! fullstory >>

2/27/2004 - [INDIANA] - Republicans again walk off floor of the House of Representatives as political rancor grows: Issue of civil marriage for same-sex couples is fouling clear thought

Indiana House Republicans again walked off the floor on Thursday after Democrats denied them the chance to advance their proposed state constitutional ban on civil marriage for same-sex couples. fullstory >>

3/25/2004 - [KENTUCKY] - Rally in Frankfort!: Don't discriminate against gays and lesbians Vote NO on SB 245.

SB 245 is posted for passage on FRIDAY. The Friday session begins at 8 AM Western KY time (9 am for everyone else in KY). Please voice your opposition to SB 245. fullstory >>


Kentucky Fairness Alliance has learned that many of the messages from Fairness supporters opposing SB245 were wrongly written up as supporting this discriminatory Constitutional Amendment last week. fullstory >>

8/1/2004 - [MICHIGAN] - Hit the streets with CFI on Primary Day, August 3rd!: Defeat Discrimination in Michigan

Volunteers across the state have already signed up to help defeat discrimination- now join us for our first show of force as we blitz Michigan on Primary Day. Be one of our 1,000 on August 3rd! fullstory >>

5/2/2004 - [MICHIGAN] - Protest Legally Sanctioned Medical Discrimination in Michigan: Write to the AMA now to voice your concern!

Michigan now has legislation that allows physicians and hospital staff to refuse non-emergency treatment to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered patients. fullstory >>

9/14/2003 - [U.S.] - Security Alert: "Males Dressed As Females" To Be Scrutinized When Traveling

The government issued new rules last week to airport security and law enforcement agencies, which will impact the transgender community. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [U.S.] - United Nations Resolution Needs Your Support: First-Ever Resolution Opposing Sexual Orientation-Based Human Rights Violations Set For Consideration April 23

United Nations to consider resolution opposing sexual orientation-based human rights violations and linking anti-gay bias to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. fullstory >>

8/3/2004 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Transsexual Menace, Others to Protest HRC

Transsexual Menace is organizing the Unity Rally for Transgender Rights joined by other GLBT organizations to protest HRC's dubious efforts on behalf of transgender inclusion in federal legislation. fullstory >>


5/1/2003 - [ARIZONA] - Tucson Transgender Advocacy Groups Merge, Seek Expansion Funding

Five months after the death of TGNet Arizona founder Alexander John Goodrum, TGNet?s Advisory Board announces plans to merge with another advocacy group, Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA). fullstory >>

3/20/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Assemblyman Leno Honors Theresa Sparks as California Woman of the Year: Human rights commissioner will be the first transgender woman of the year honored by the state

California will make history on Monday, March 24th as Assemblyman Mark Leno names a transgendered woman, Theresa Sparks, the Woman of the Year from the 13th Assembly District. fullstory >>

10/17/2002 - [COLORADO] - Gill Foundation Awards $2.1 Million in Grants to GLBT Causes

The Gill Foundation made grants totaling $2,123,950 to 93 organizations or programs supporting a wide range of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) initiatives and HIV/AIDS programming. fullstory >>

10/14/2002 - [COLORADO] - Crowd Pickets Phelps' Anti-gay Rally

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Fort Collins, Colo., against anti-gay Rev. Fred Phelps on the weekend. fullstory >>

1/5/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Seminole Reluctant to Dive into Rights Issue

A Seminole resident wants the city to be among the first in Florida to add protections for transgendered residents. The city's in no rush. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Statewide Trans/Gender Summit & Townhall Meeting in Orlando

Florida to hold statewide Trans/Gender Summit & Townhall Meeting in Orlando July 13 at the GLBCC Center. fullstory >>

7/12/2002 - [GEORGIA] - ENDA Forum Reveals Dissent on Gay Job Bill: Trans, GOP groups complain they weren?t invited to participate

Members of Georgia's transgendered community offered vocal opposition against a federal bill to ban anti-gay job discrimination based upon the exclusion of protections based on gender identity. fullstory >>

6/1/2002 - [GEORGIA] - Gender March Organizing Meeting Set for August 9th - 11th in Atlanta

The Gender March Exploratory Committee announces a meeting to plan the national gender march on Washington organization. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - In Pride, Politicians, Candidates Show Their....True Colors

When it comes to the Chicago Pride Parade June 30, there were plenty of winners and one big loser among Illinois' leading politicians. fullstory >>

3/13/2005 - [IN HER OWN WORDS] - What have you done lately?

Within every community there are those that find a cause, injustice or revolution for which they can embrace and become passionate. Are you involved? Should you be involved? fullstory >>

4/21/2004 - [INDIANA] - INTRAA Speakers Bureau Visits Indiana State University: LGBTQ Hosts Transgender Panel

Members of a transgender panel told ISU students that they are happy with their gender identities, despite some discrimination over the years. fullstory >>

4/1/2004 - [INDIANA] - Walk for Homeless GLBT Youth

Thousands of youth every year are abused, kicked out, or run away from home which is certainly contributed to by their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. fullstory >>

7/9/2002 - [KANSAS] - Fighting Hate In Fred Phelps' Backyard

Topeka gays, fed up with constant attacks by extreme right wing preacher Fred Phelps, are pressing city council to enact GLBT civil rights protections. fullstory >>

7/1/2002 - [MALAYSIA] - Plight of the Third Gender: Transsexuals bemoan lack of acceptance

Transsexuals are constantly harassed and there is a general lack of acceptance by the community, which has forced them to turn to prostitution, a forum organised by transsexuals heard recently. fullstory >>

7/20/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - GLAD Publishes "Transgender Legal Issues In New England": Publication to inform transgender people of their rights and legal protections

GLAD releases its new publication, Transgender Legal Issues in New England, a comprehensive outline of the legal protections of transgender people in the six New England states. fullstory >>

11/7/2002 - [MEXICO] - Mexican Transgender Protest March Rescheduled: Visitors from Tijuana march anyway

Protesters march in response to the city's "Police and Good Governance Act," passed Oct. 21 which criminalizes any "man dressed as a woman who transits in the public way causing social perturbation." fullstory >>

7/22/2004 - [MICHIGAN] - Inside the Kalamazoo Resource Center

A patchwork of small rooms stacked with library materials, flyers and bulletin boards, the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center serves as an information center for LGBT people in SW Michigan. fullstory >>

10/19/2003 - [MICHIGAN] - Transgender Woman Seeks School Board Role

A Michigan transgender activist is making waves by running for political office. fullstory >>

3/6/2003 - [MICHIGAN] - Transgender Group to Hold Civil Rights March in Michigan

A national transgender group launched by a Lansing woman plans to march to the state Capitol Saturday to push cities to adopt anti-discrimination laws. fullstory >>

10/3/2002 - [MINNESOTA] - Building Community for TransPersons with genderBLUR

Organizers of an event called genderBLUR have come out of the woodwork to hold three consecutive sold-out performances at Patrick's Cabaret this year, with many more in the works. fullstory >>

12/27/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Divide on Gender Continues: Advocates disagree on what the next steps for transgender protections

Just as before the Sexual Orientation Non Discrimination Act passed, activists remain divided over how to add protections for the trans community to New York state law. fullstory >>

5/31/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Fighting for Transgender Rights: A New York Transgender Rights Coalition Forms

Transgender rights advocates rallied on the steps of City Hall last year in a push for transgender civil rights. They got their wish this year, but say plenty of work remains to be done. fullstory >>

5/22/2002 - [OHIO] - Working for a Hate-Free Society: Teaching Tolerance in Ohio

When Judy Shepard brought her message of tolerance to Akron, Ohio, in April, she carried a special credential: a union label. fullstory >>

10/11/2002 - [OREGON] - Creating Change Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon

Creating Change is in Portland, Oregon, from November 7-10. The Gender Splendor Pre-Conference Institute starts on Thursday, the 7th, at 9:00am. The Conference ends at 1:30 on Sunday, November 10th. fullstory >>

10/21/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Transformation at the Roots 2002 4th Annual Conference: Theme: GENDER AND GENDER EQUALITY

Gender Equality Conference held at the Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Main Campus. fullstory >>

6/3/2002 - [PUERTO RICO] - Gay-rights Movement Growing in Puerto Rico

In a parade organized by the Rainbow Pride Coalition, a coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual groups, hundreds marched the main strip of the hotel district of Condado, PR. fullstory >>

7/29/2004 - [TEXAS] - Two Transsexual Delegates at DNC: Two Texas Transsexuals among the Delegates

Texas delegates Christina Ocasio and Vanessa Edwards Foster mingle in the crowd, talk political strategy and don't reveal, unless asked, what distinguishes them from nearly everyone else at the DNC. fullstory >>

12/1/2002 - [TEXAS] - Texas TG Shelter in Danger of Closing: Shelter in Need of Immediate Financial Support

A shelter which serves the transgender population in Galveston, Texas, near Houston, is in danger of closing due to lack of funding. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [TEXAS] - Transgender Organizing Proceeds at Rapid Pace: New Dallas Transgender Alliance Swells to 45 Members, Leader Reports

The Dallas Transgender Alliance's membership has grown to 45 in its first month. fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [TEXAS] - Dallas Organization Formed for Transgenders: Dallas Transgender Alliance Dives into Activism, Lobbying Reluctant Officials to Include Them in Name of Gay and Lesbian Community Center

The newly formed Dallas Transgender Alliance wants John Thomas Gay and Lesbian Community Center officials to add the word transgender to the facility's name. fullstory >>

8/5/2004 - [U.S.] - Speak for Yourself

For only the second time in recent years, the transgender community had delegates at the DNC and our needs, while not part of the official platform this year, have been heard by some top Democrats. fullstory >>

8/5/2004 - [U.S.] - The Time for Trans-Inclusion is Now!

The Program Director for Pride At Work, AFL-CIO, discusses why the labor movement needs to be supportive of a trans-inclusive ENDA. fullstory >>

8/3/2004 - [U.S.] - ENDA as We've Known It Must Die

For many years, our community has debated the place of transgender people in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The time for debate is over. ENDA must be amended to protect transgender people. fullstory >>

5/5/2003 - [U.S.] - Members Of Congress Pressed To Sign Gender Pledge

Members of Congress are being asked to sign pledges they will not discriminate in employment practices based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. fullstory >>

1/7/2003 - [U.S.] - Transgender Activists See Gains in their Battle Against Bias

These are heady days for transgender activists as they strengthen their lobbying efforts and gain civil rights protections in city after city. fullstory >>

1/2/2003 - [U.S.] - GLAAD Research Grants 2003

GLAAD Center for the Study of Media & Society is seeking applications for one Research Initiative to be funded in March 2003 and two commissioned papers to be funded in March and April 2003. fullstory >>

8/14/2002 - [U.S.] - NTAC Establishes Transgender Bereavement Fund

NTAC Board of Directors by a unanimous decision established the NTAC Bereavement Fund to help family and friends in the transgender community defray costs associated with the loss of a loved one. fullstory >>

7/16/2002 - [U.S.] - Transgendered People Look to Expand Their Civil Rights

Cities across the United States are crossing one of the last civil rights frontiers, extending employment, housing and public accommodation protections to transgendered people. fullstory >>

10/18/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - NGLTF Activists Attempt To Defeat Anti-Gay Attack

Key activists from The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force traveled from Washington, D.C. to Tacoma this week to provide assistance to Tacoma United for Fairness (TUFF)/No on Initiative 1 campaign. fullstory >>

10/11/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Tacoma Activists call for Donations and Volunteers in Final Stretch of No on Initiative 1 Campaign

A Tacoma GLBT organization works to preserve an ordinance that provides protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

6/19/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - NGLTF to Grant $500,000 to State and Local Groups Working to Advance Equality: Community Impact Fund to Support 10 Groups Over Two Years

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force announced that its Community Impact Fund will distribute $500,000 to support organizing projects that advance full equality for GLBT people. fullstory >>

6/16/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - ENDA & the Transgender Community: Human Rights Campaign Executive Director Speaks Out

One of the most intricate, important and challenging issues to ever face the Human Rights Campaign is how to grapple both legally and authentically with the issue of "gender identity and expression." fullstory >>

10/25/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - 2nd Annual True Spirit Conference Logo Contest

We are now accepting submissions for logo/artwork to be considered for the True Spirit 2003 Conference held February 14-17, 2003, in Washington, DC. fullstory >>

10/20/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Local Consortium Distributes Pamphlets at HRC Awards Dinner

TransActivism DC, a Washington DC activist consortium, distributed pamphlets at the HRC National Dinner to heighten awareness of the lack of legal protection afforded transgendered people in the US. fullstory >>

10/14/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Gender March on Washington Organization Established

Gender March on Washington Committee will plan and coordinate a national grassroots effort to culminate in the Gender March in Autumn 2003 or Spring 2004. fullstory >>

10/11/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - New HRC Survey Changes Trans Politics, Activists Say: Some trans activists push for inclusion in ENDA, but HRC maintains position

A new national survey shows that American voters may be more progressive on transgender issues than activists previously thought, according to the Human Rights Campaign. fullstory >>

10/3/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - New Perspectives and Push on Trans Rights: Human Rights Campaign releases major poll and signals strengthened commitment

A major study of attitudes toward the transgendered community commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) shows that knowledge of their lives remains vague and often misinformed. fullstory >>

9/30/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - HRC Releases Ground-breaking Public Opinion Research on Transgender Issues: Public is Broadly Aware of Transgender Americans, But Much More Education Is Needed, Says HRC

HRC poll shows that while most people accept that a person can be transgender, more education is needed to help people better understand the lives of transgender Americans, says HRC. fullstory >>

7/31/2004 - [WISCONSIN] - Madison WI Trans Organization Seeks Support for 2005 "Transgender Awareness Week": Upper Mid-West Conference in April 2005

We are seeking help and support from agencies, organizations and other groups in nearby states and elsewhere in order to provide the best education and info at this conference in April 2005. fullstory >>

Breaking US News

7/28/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - San Diego City Council Gives Final Approval for Transgender Protection

Monday in a historic vote, the San Diego City Council unanimously voted to amend the citys Human Dignity Ordinance (HDO) to protect the civil rights of transgender people. fullstory >>

6/14/2003 - [INDIANA] - FBI Closes Investigation of Hobart Police Officer

After investigating a resident's complaint that [s]he has been harassed by Hobart police, the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice have concluded no civil rights violations took place. fullstory >>

6/9/2003 - [INDIANA] - Statewide Initiative Announced to Expand Indiana Civil Rights Protections: Indiana Equality Seeks Fairness in Jobs and an Improved Economy through Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in State Law

Civil rights organizations from across the state come together to persuade the legislature to amend the state?s civil rights law to include sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

6/1/2003 - [INDIANA] - Harassment Complaint Filed Against Hobart Police: Believed to be first ever complaint filed in northwest Indiana based on gender identity

Leslie Fox, a pre-operative transsexual, is tired of being threatened. The individual allegedly harassing Fox is a Hobart, Indiana police officer. fullstory >>

5/30/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Kentucky Governor Signs Gay/Trans Rights Order: Kentucky has become the first state in the South to offer legal protection from discrimination for gay and transgender state workers.

Governor Paul Patton is the first governor in the country to grant transgender-inclusive protection for state employees through an executive order. There are over 31,000 people who work for the state. fullstory >>

11/18/2003 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Massachusetts Court Rules Ban on Gay Marriage is Unconstitutional

Massachusetts' highest court ruled today that same-sex couples are legally entitled to wed under the state constitution, but stopped short of issuing marriage licenses to couples challenging the law. fullstory >>

6/26/2003 - [U.S.] - Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Sex Ban

The Supreme Court struck down a ban on gay sex Thursday, ruling that the law was an unconstitutional violation of privacy. fullstory >>

8/7/2004 - [WASHINGTON DC] - NCTE Energized By HRC Decision: Community Positioned to Introduce Trans-Inclusive ENDA in 2005

After 10+ years of pressure from the transgender and allied community, the Human Rights Campaign announced today they will only support an ENDA that includes both gender identity and expression! fullstory >>

5/22/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - HRC Decries Two Recent Hate Crimes Against GLBT People of Color: Expresses Deep Concern over Rising Incidents of Hate Violence Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Race and Ethnicity

Sakia Gunn (right) was stabbed to death May 11 after telling a man she was a lesbian. A week earlier, Jessica Mercado (left), a Latina transgender woman, was found stabbed to death. fullstory >>

5/8/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Pride At Work Says "Not Without Our Trans Brothers and Sisters!": Transgender Inclusion Resolution Passed

The Executive Committee of Pride At Work passed a resolution stating that it stands firmly for an inclusive LGBT movement and will only endorse legislation that explicitly includes transgender people. fullstory >>

Breaking World News

6/3/2003 - [AUSTRALIA] - Guilty Plea on Manslaughter for Killing of Trans Trucker

A WOMAN charged with murdering a transgendered truck driver today pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. fullstory >>

6/10/2003 - [CANADA] - Ontario Superior Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Three Ontario Superior Court judges unanimously ruled that the current legal definition of marriage is discriminatory, and ordered it changed to include recognition of same-sex marriages. fullstory >>

5/1/2003 - [CANADA] - Adult Interdependent Relationships Act comes into Force June 1

Alberta's legislation to address the legal needs of unmarried, committed relationships becomes law on June 1, 2003. fullstory >>

Columns and Features

2/25/2003 - [BISEXUALITY] - When Love is an Each-Way Bet: After a long and difficult journey the bisexual community is finally gaining some recognition

This year may prove to be a defining one for Australian bisexuals, even though they regard the community's understanding and tolerance of them as being at least 20 years behind gays and lesbians. fullstory >>

12/2/2002 - [BOOK REVIEW] - Prof's Book asks What is 'Normal'

A girl who wears men's boxers to sleep is hardly a rarity -- but a guy who sports a pink sequined top is. At least, this is what society thinks, says Yale prof, writer and psychotherapist Amy Bloom. fullstory >>

5/17/2003 - [CANADA] - There's Still Little Help for Those With Gender Crises

Transgender teens in Southwestern Ontario face as many obstacles now as they did 15 years ago when Angela Heddington's parents tried to get help for her, experts say. fullstory >>

1/10/2003 - [COMMENTARY] - Comments on Why Legislation Should Include GLB and T

Three letters to the Editor in response to an article which suggested that gay rights advocates should not attempt to include gender identity and expression in civil rights laws. fullstory >>

5/26/2002 - [FTM YOUTH PROFILE] - About a Boy Who Isn't

Columnist interviews 13-year-old FTM youth in California who has been living as male at school and home since the fifth grade and the adults in his life who have supported him. fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [HISTORY] - Covert Force: Hundreds of women fought in the civil war disguised as men

Clark was one of an estimated 400 women who took up arms in the war. They were female soldiers disguised as men, who marched, mastered their weapons, entered into battle and even gave their lives. fullstory >>

12/13/2002 - [IN HER OWN WORDS] - Gwen and I: On the murder of transgender woman Gwen Araujo and our imperative to challenge transphobia.

Kate Kendell, Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights makes the connection between gay civil right, transphobia, and the struggle for trangender rights. fullstory >>

7/17/2002 - [IN HER OWN WORDS] - Theresa Davis: Life After Sex Change

I am a transsexual, not a transvestite. There is a difference and it's an important one. A transvestite is someone who dresses like someone of the opposite sex. fullstory >>

11/14/2002 - [IN HIS OWN WORDS] - Lars Maxfield: Masculine Stereotypes are a Drag

Oregon State University student challenges stereotypes about masculinity on campus. fullstory >>

7/18/2002 - [IN HIS OWN WORDS] - Brent Dorian Carpenter: Combatting Transphobia

Columnist discusses building bridges between communities and discovering his own tendencies toward transphobia. fullstory >>

6/1/2003 - [INDIANA] - My Dad's Gay Rights Bill

Gay and lesbian Hoosiers made historic progress in the 2003 session of the Indiana general assembly where one representative introduced a gay-inclusive nondiscrimination bill before advocates asked. fullstory >>

5/19/2002 - [INSIDE CROSSDRESSING] - Stepping Out, Gingerly, in Size 12-Wide Pumps

A reporter follows crossdressers as they meet up to dress and discuss what draws them to crossdressing and how their significant others react to their activity. fullstory >>

5/19/2003 - [INTERVIEW] - Interview with Calpernia Addams: Addams discusses her relationship to murdered Private First Class Barry Winchell and the upcoming film, "A Soldier's Girl"

An interview with Calpernia Addams, a transgender woman whose relationship with PFC Barry Winchell is the subject of Showtime's upcoming film "Soldier's Girl." fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [INTERVIEW] - LA Police Captain: The View From Here: In a Candid Interview, LAPD Captain Discusses Transgendered Issues, Gay Officers and the Future of Hollywood

"I think we've come a long way in terms of engagement, dialogue, tolerance, learning and adaptability. I think 10 years ago you'd never see uniformed LAPD in the gay [pride] parade." fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [INTERVIEW] - Transgender Activist Pauline Park: In Her Own Image

The Gully spoke with transgender activist, Pauline Park, about racism, transgender issues, and what's on the drawing board for the transgender movement. fullstory >>

6/1/2002 - [INTERVIEW] - Fired Without Cause: An Interview with Rebecca Kastl

What I am speaking about is the manner and significance we assign to sex and gender roles in society, and all the desperation that is exercised to hang onto those roles at all costs. --Rebecca Kastl fullstory >>

2/23/2003 - [JAPAN] - You Can Be Yourself, But Not Be Understood

Society will have to change before the bureaucracy does, and society still has a long way to go. Gender-benders can be found on Japanese television, but they're often treated as jokes. fullstory >>

6/1/2002 - [NEW ZEALAND] - Jo's Vagina Monologue

Nature cast Joanne Proctor as a male at birth. She was born with XY chromosomes, testes, and a penis - but the psyche of a girl. Fifty years on she has undergone a remarkable change of life. fullstory >>

11/3/2002 - [PANEL DISCUSSION] - Sex Between our Ears - More Important than the Sex Between our Legs?: "All in the Mind" Radio Program Explores Gender

Natasha Mitchell of "All in the Mind" radio program explores the inner workings of sexuality and gender with panelists Milton Diamond and Jamison Green. fullstory >>

7/14/2002 - [PANEL DISCUSSION] - BritishTranssexual Rights

Discussion with a Barrister, a transsexual and a representative of the Evangelical Alliance on whether British law should be changed in light of court decision upholding rights of transsexuals. fullstory >>

3/1/2004 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Day Time TV, a Transsexual Nightmare

Rachel Thompson responds to the images of transgendered people in the media, especially stereotypes perpetuated by day time talk shows. fullstory >>

12/21/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - A Victory for Boston's Transgender Population

Libby Adler, assistant professor of law at Northeastern University, hails the passage of anti-discrimination protection based on gender identity and expression in Boston. fullstory >>

12/21/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Literary Stereotyping: A Response to Karel: TRANSITIONS COLUMN

Transgender writer and advocate, Roslyn Manley, responds to fellow columnist, Charles Karel Bouley, for his insensitve treatment of the life and death of Gwen Araujo in his December column. fullstory >>

11/26/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Gwen and Matthew

Even after Gwen Araujo's brutal murder, gay people can still be heard to whisper, "I just don't think `they' should be included with `us.'" How is Gwen different from Matthew Shepard? fullstory >>

11/8/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Gwen Araujo - All We Need to Know about Gender

The murder of Gwen Araujo presents an opportunity to examine our attitudes about gender, gender expectations, discrimination based on gender identity and individual and institutional responsibility. fullstory >>

11/7/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Lesbian Confronts Transgender Bias

A lesbian interviews a transgender artist and discovers her own hidden prejudices. fullstory >>

9/23/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Taking a Stand, Feet First: When her son, 4, wears toenail polish, he learns how hard it is to flout peer pressure

When her son, 4, wears toenail polish, he learns how hard it is to flout peer pressure. fullstory >>

7/15/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Civil Unions a Step to Marital Rights

Tracy Heenan found herself in a pattern of easily darting in and out of relationships. But when she met Cathy Webster, Tracy wanted to commit herself in a way she never had before. fullstory >>

7/13/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - Foreign Same-Sex Marriages: The U.S. Impact

Jon Davidson of the Lambda Legal Education and Defense Fund responds to the question of possible U.S. recognition of marriages solemnized outside the U.S. fullstory >>

6/17/2002 - [PERSPECTIVE] - A Men's Room of One's Own: A Workshop Teaches Transgendered Men How to Go with the Flow

A lesbian describes her experience at a gender conference workshop dedicated to the FTM restroom issue. fullstory >>

5/25/2003 - [PROFILE] - The Transsexual in the Next Cubicle: When investment analyst Mark Stumpp became Maggie Stumpp, her employers, clients and co-workers all transitioned too

It was just a matter of time before it occurred among Prudential's 61,000 employees. But in 22 years at the firm, Ron Andrews, a vp of human resources, "had never encountered a more difficult issue." fullstory >>

1/9/2003 - [PROFILE] - Beyond He and She: A Transgender News Profile

"Never have pronouns been so provocative." So begins a column in the San Francisco Chronicle about the difficulties journalists had writing about Gwen Araujo, the transgender teen killed in Newark. fullstory >>

10/22/2002 - [PROFILE] - Understanding Transgender Way of Life

Profiles transgender students at Michigan State University and discusses what it means to be transgendered. fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [PROFILE] - Phyllis Frye: I Make Sure to Include the Asterisk (Part I)

Phyllis Randolph Frye has been around for quite some time as an activist for the Houston GLBT community, and in fact a national activist as well. fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [PROFILE] - Phyllis Frye: I Make Sure to Include the Asterisk (Part II)

Phyllis Randolph Frye has been around for quite some time as an activist for the Houston GLBT community, and in fact a national activist as well. fullstory >>

9/23/2002 - [PROFILE] - Michelle Dumaresq: Heaven Can Wait

Compassion was not my initial response to the news that a transgender mountain biker was creating a stir in Canada. fullstory >>

7/20/2002 - [PROFILE] - True to Self: Transgendered Professor Talks about Her Choice

Janet Barger was the only professor at the University of Texas at Tyler told not to wear nail polish. Earrings also were off limits, and men's clothes were mandatory. fullstory >>

7/16/2002 - [PROFILE] - 'Uncle Frank' returns as 'Aunt Fran'

Disc jockey Frank Bennett "Uncle Frank" returns to long radio career as "Aunt Fran" after transitioning to female. fullstory >>

7/4/2002 - [PROFILE] - Supporting Transmen: Nicky Bryson Examines Female to Male Transsexuality

Female to male (FTM) transsexuality has long been a marginalised issue, meaning that there is limited medical information available on the long-term effects of testosterone usage. fullstory >>

6/24/2002 - [PROFILE] - As Father Switched Gender, His Strained Relationship with Daughter Improved

Review of book "Dress Codes: Of Three Girlhoods - My Mother's, My Father's and Mine" by Noelle Howey. fullstory >>

10/15/2002 - [REPORT] - HRC: Transgender Breakthrough: People in the United States have a surprising understanding and acceptance of transgendered lives, a major new survey shows

Transgender people have been featured in network TV shows and been the subject of an Academy Award?winning film. But just how deep is the average American's understanding of transgender issues? fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [REPORT] - UK Employment Discrimination and Transsexual People

The report describes how, from 1996-99, the legal responsibility of employers to protect transsexual employees from sex discrimination was clearly established by test cases and government regulations. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [SPEECH] - Log Cabin's Tafel Speaks Out on Trans Inclusion

There is a lot of ignorance [on transgender issues] in the gay and lesbian community and the first step is to figure out what our fundamental needs and goals are. fullstory >>

Health and Wellness

8/3/2004 - Gwinnett County Woman Arrested for "Pumping" Albany Man

A Gwinnett County woman is in jail, charged with injecting silicone into an Albany transvestite's body to make him look more feminine. fullstory >>

11/1/2002 - [AUSTRALIA] - Bias Health Issue for Gays: Australian Doctor Group

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) issued a statement on Thursday at the Amnesty International Global Human Rights Conference, saying that prejudice can affect the health of gays and lesbians. fullstory >>

1/2/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Drugs, Unsafe Sex Common Among Men Living as Women

Men who live their lives as women, also known as male-to-female transgenders, have high rates of drug use and often have sex while on drugs, US researchers report. fullstory >>

10/25/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Registered Nurse/LVN Wanted to Run Large Transgender Program: Transgendered individuals are highly encouraged to apply

Registered Nurse/LVN required to run large transgender program within busy urology practice in Los Angeles, California. fullstory >>

5/27/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Man Convicted in Silicone Death

A South Carolina man could face up to 20 years in prison after being found guilty in the death of a woman who attended a silicone-pumping party in Miramar. fullstory >>

5/27/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Hormones Linked to Dementia in Women

Women who take hormones for years run a higher risk of Alzheimer's or other types of dementia, according to yet another startling study. fullstory >>

3/13/2005 - [IN HER OWN WORDS] - Masks

Do we as trangender people struggleour whole life to come out, only to then go back into hiding behind a mask of a different color? fullstory >>

3/13/2005 - [IN HER OWN WORDS] - Normal Is

What is normal anyway? How many times have you looked in the mirror and exclaimed, "What's wrong with me, why can't I just be normal?" fullstory >>

10/15/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Fighting HIV by Reaching Out to Transgender Prostitutes

Trangender activists hand out condoms and advice, hoping to prevent yet another case of HIV in transgender prostitutes, their straight male clients, and the men's wives and girlfriends. fullstory >>

3/27/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Silicon Injections Likely Killed Transexual

The death of a Brooklyn transsexual in August was caused by silicon injections [she] received 12 years ago by unlicensed practioners. fullstory >>

5/22/2002 - [OHIO] - LGBT Health Conference to Feature Califia-Rice

Patrick Califia-Rice, San Francisco based author and therapist, will present the keynote address entitled "Beyond Gatekeeping: Improving Mental Health and Social Services for Transgendered People." fullstory >>

2/1/2003 - [U.S.] - Nationwide Alert on Injectable Drugs Prepared by Urgent Care Pharmacy: Drugs Include Testosterone, Estradiol

The FDA is announcing a nationwide alert concerning all injectable drugs prepared by Urgent Care Pharmacy of Spartanburg, SC, based on the lack of assurance that their products are sterile. fullstory >>

1/9/2003 - [U.S.] - F.D.A. Orders Warning on All Estrogen Labels

FDA announces that all drugs containing estrogen or estrogen and progestin must include a warning of the slight increase in the risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and breast cancer. fullstory >>

11/30/2002 - [U.S.] - FDA Approves Drug Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Urologic Agents Avodart (dutasteride) capsules

Avodart (dutasteride) is indicated for the treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men with an enlarged prostate. fullstory >>

11/27/2002 - [U.S.] - FDA Approves First Drug to Build Bone

A new drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration is the first to combat osteoporosis, the brittle-bone disease, by causing the body to form new, healthy bone tissue. fullstory >>

11/7/2002 - [U.S.] - FDA Approves 20-minute HIV Test

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a quick HIV test on Thursday that reduces the waiting period for results from two weeks to 20 minutes. fullstory >>

10/25/2002 - [U.S.] - TransCare Launches National Consulting Agency: Public Health and Provider Trainings on Transgender Healthcare and Social Services

TransCare is a new national consulting agency that provides public health agencies and community outreach organizations with transgender health training and educational resources. fullstory >>

7/10/2002 - [U.S.] - Saline Breast Implant Re-Operations Noted

More than a quarter of women who receive saline implants will undergo another breast operation within five years, according to studies presented at an FDA advisory committee hearing. fullstory >>

12/20/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Whitman-Walker Adds Trans Clinic: Project to include hormone therapy; hepatitis vaccinations for gay men also expanded

Whitman-Walker Clinic officials plan early next year to offer hormone therapy maintenance and more primary health care services for transgender residents who have limited access to care. fullstory >>

10/14/2002 - [WEBSITE] - New Issue of Trans-Health Now Available Online: This quarterly journal of health and fitness for transsexual and transgendered people is a treasure trove of information.

Check out the online magazine of health and fitness for transsexual and transgendered people. Trans-Health is a quarterly collaborative effort containing submissions by people from around the world. fullstory >>

Adoption / Parental Rights

7/4/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - S.F. Backing Co-Parent Court Fight: Supreme Court urged to toss adoption ruling

San Francisco has joined the court battle to uphold the validity of "second-parent" adoptions--a popular arrangement used by a parent's unmarried partner to gain legal standing as a co-parent. fullstory >>

6/7/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Non-Biological Father Wins Parental Rights

The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that a man who helped rear a young boy since birth is his lawful father even though he is not the biological parent. fullstory >>

11/5/2002 - [ENGLAND] - Parliament OKs Gay Adoption

Britain's upper chamber of Parliament voted Tuesday to allow unmarried and gay couples to adopt children. The approval signals that the measure will likely become law. fullstory >>

2/28/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Transsexual Dad Wins Custody: Florida trial court validates marriage in sweeping legal, medical review

A Florida judge ruled that a transsexual father is a man for purposes of Florida marriage law, is the legal father of the two children born to his wife Linda, and should be awarded primary custody. fullstory >>

7/9/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Lawmaker Group Boosts Gay Adoption Ban

The toughest anti-gay adoption law in the United States got a boost of support from 21 Florida state legislators on Monday. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [FLORIDA] - State Backs Gay Adoption Ban

The Florida Legislature has the authority to forbid gay men and lesbians from adopting children, lawyers for the state wrote in a brief filed in a federal appeals court here. fullstory >>

6/5/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Transsexual Gets Children After Wife Disobeys Judge's Order: Kantaras v. Kantaras

A transsexual father has been granted temporary custody of his children after a judge ruled their mother violated standing orders not to use her husband's sex change to turn the children against him. fullstory >>

5/3/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Transsexual Dad's Custody Fight Intensifies

Linda Kantaras now stands accused of physically abusing them, the children. Michael has submitted an emergency motion asking for immediate custody. fullstory >>

2/15/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Equality Florida Legal Advocacy Project Represents Transgender Father: Child Custody Case Televised on Court TV

Unprecedented Court TV coverage of Michael Kantaras' child custody battle in Clearwater, Florida, has helped to educate more people about transsexualism and sex-reassignment than any case before it. fullstory >>

4/8/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Transgender Man Denied Parental Rights: Judge refuses to recognize couple's 'marriage'

Ruling that same-sex marriages are illegal in Illinois, a Cook County judge today denied parental rights to a transgender male. fullstory >>

7/19/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Lesbian Must Pay Ex-Partner Child Support

A lesbian must pay child support to her former partner even though she was neither related to nor the adoptive parent of the child, a Massachusetts judge has ruled. fullstory >>

6/5/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Michigan Judge Bans Co-Parent Adoptions

A chief county judge in Michigan issued a memo on Tuesday banning judges throughout Washtenaw County from awarding second-parent adoptions to the unmarried partners of biological parents. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [NEBRASKA] - Court Sides with Out-Of-State Co-Parent

The Nebraska Supreme Court has reversed a lower court ruling that invalidated -- for the purposes of Nebraska law -- a lesbian mother's Pennsylvania adoption. fullstory >>

5/4/2004 - [OKLAHOMA] - Oklahoma Enacts Anti-Gay Adoption Law

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry signed a bill on Tuesday that forbids same-sex couples residing out of state from adopting children in Oklahoma, a move gay activists called "anti-family." fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [SWEDEN] - Sweden Approves Same-Sex Adoption Plan

Swedish legislators voted Wednesday to let same-sex couples adopt children -- a decision that gay activists hailed as a step toward gaining the full benefits of marriage. fullstory >>

4/2/2003 - [TEXAS] - Texas Anti-Gay Adoption Bill Closer To Vote

The author of legislation that would ban gays and lesbians from serving as foster parents in Texas is refusing to meet with LGBT community leaders. fullstory >>

3/19/2003 - [VERMONT] - Lesbian Moms Win Birth Certificate Case

After 15 months of litigation, two Vermont women have finally obtained a piece of paper that would normally be sent by return mail: their son's birth certificate. fullstory >>

Civil Liberties Watch

3/18/2002 - New Airport Security Devices May Put Transpeople at Risk: Action Alert from TLPI and GEA

Florida's Orlando International Airport tests new detection devices that show realtime picture of your naked body, raising concerns about privacy violations. Machines may soon be used nationwide. fullstory >>

7/4/2002 - [ARIZONA] - Arizona Supreme Court Requires Lawyers to be GLBT Friendly

The Arizona Supreme Court revised its rules of professional misconduct by lawyers, making it an ethical violation for a lawyer to show intentional bias or prejudice based upon sexual orientation. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [ARKANSAS] - Court Strikes Down Same-Sex Law

The state Supreme Court ruled Friday that a law barring sexual relations between people of the same gender was an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. fullstory >>

7/29/2004 - [AUSTRALIA] - Aussie Charity Bans Transsexuals

Mission Australia is now legally permitted to refuse charity services to transgender people, which tranny activists are calling un-Christian. fullstory >>

1/3/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Judge Says Transvestite Will Dress as a Man Despite Appearance

A California judge has ruled that a transgender woman facing a murder trial cannot appear in court dressed as a woman. Her attorneys have also filed a motion challenging her mental competency. fullstory >>

7/13/2002 - [COLORADO] - A Life's Secret Unfolds: City Pays $55,000 for Disclosure, but Damage is Done

Dominique DeRemer had guarded her secret since the earliest years of childhood and fully intended to take it to her grave. fullstory >>

5/22/2002 - [INTERNET] - MSN.com Reinstates 'Transsexual' Search Results: Reverses Policy to Link Searches Only to Adult Content

Faced with angry protests from the trans community, msn.com has quietly reversed a decision to link all searches on the term 'transsexual' to a commercial porn site. fullstory >>

10/10/2002 - [KANSAS] - ACLU Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down Anti-Gay Kansas Law Calls 17-Year Sentence for Gay Youth Unconstitutional

ACLU asks the Supreme Court to declare Kansas's "Romeo and Juliet Law" unconstitutional due to higher prison sentences given to gays than heterosexual teens for the same consensual sexual activities. fullstory >>

10/25/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Anti-gay Ypsi-ites Use Trans Image to Inflame Voters: Monaghan picketed at EMU

Anti-gay group misappropriates transwoman's image in flyers in an effort to get voters to rescind a civil rights ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. fullstory >>

6/9/2004 - [MISSOURI] - When it comes to Missouri Politics, a Man Cannot be a Woman

A Missouri Supreme Court ruling issued Tuesday unanimously upheld a state law setting aside separate spots for men and women on political parties' county committees. fullstory >>

1/7/2003 - [MISSOURI] - Cross-dressing May Not Change District Policy

After weeks of debate, the Francis Howell School Board may take no action regarding the father who dressed as a woman while chaperoning his fourth-grade daughter's field trip. fullstory >>

1/2/2003 - [MISSOURI] - Fashion vs. Gender: We should approach the crossing-dressing with tolerance

A MATTER OF OPINION: We should approach the question with tolerance, not legally questionable dress codes. fullstory >>

12/27/2002 - [MISSOURI] - Parent Is Not A "Cross-Dresser" Superintendent Says: Francis-Howell School Policy Unlikely To Change

The recent controversy following a Castlio Elementary School field trip is not the fault of a parent labeled a "crossdresser," according to Francis Howell school district Superintendent Dan O'Donnell. fullstory >>

12/13/2002 - [MISSOURI] - 1985 Ruling May Impact "Cross-Dressing" Controversy

Attorney Arlene Zarembka claims a case decided in 1985 would give legal leverage to the a parent who is the target of the complaints about crossdressing on student field trips. fullstory >>

12/7/2002 - [MISSOURI] - Rights Clash in Cross-dressing Case

At the heart of the hoopla in St. Charles County over a father dressed as a woman chaperoning a school field trip is a debate about the right of a father to participate in his child's school life. fullstory >>

11/22/2002 - [MISSOURI] - Pupil's Cross-dressing Father Ruffles Feathers in Francis Howell District

School principals encourage parents to become involved, but when a cross-dressing father chaperoned a recent field trip, he raised a few parental eyebrows. fullstory >>

5/15/2002 - [OHIO] - Ohio Supreme Court Overturns Anti-Gay Soliciting Law: Lambda Legal Applauds Decision that Strikes Down Law Banning Same-Sex Flirting

The Ohio Supreme Court rules that the state's importuning (soliciting) law, which criminalizes expressions of sexual interest between people of the same sex, is unconstitutional. fullstory >>

3/19/2004 - [TENNESSEE] - Tennessee County Backtracks On Jailing Gays

After a storm of media attention, Rhea County retreated Thursday night from a call for the jailing of gays on charges of "crimes against nature." fullstory >>

1/10/2003 - [TEXAS] - Sodomy law means calling someone 'queer' is slander, court rules

Because Texas law forbids gay sex, calling someone "queer" is slanderous, the Texas Court of Appeals ruled in an opinion released December 18. fullstory >>

7/19/2002 - [TEXAS] - Court asked to review Texas case: Lambda Legal appeals convictions of two men found in violation of state's `homosexual conduct' law

Lambda Legal files papers asking the US Supreme Court to review the case of two men convicted of violating the Texas "homosexual conduct" law, arguing it violates privacy and equal protection rights. fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [U.S.] - Log Cabin Files Brief in Sodomy Law Case

Log Cabin Republicans and its think tank, the Liberty Education Forum, announced plans Wednesday to file a friend-of-the-court brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the challenge to the Texas sodomy law. fullstory >>

12/2/2002 - [U.S.] - HRC Applauds Supreme Court's Decision To Hear Texas Sodomy Case: Developments in Equal Protection Law May Affect Outcome of Case, Says HRC

The Human Rights Campaign praised a decision by the Supreme Court today to hear a case that could lead to sodomy laws being ruled discriminatory and unconstitutional. fullstory >>

11/29/2002 - [U.S.] - Republicans Signal Goal of Trumping Gay Rights Protections

Republican members of Congress indicate that they will advance legislation which could override existing state and local laws that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

7/21/2002 - [U.S.] - Protest Motel Company's "Controversial Guest" Policy!

The Cendant Corporation, which franchises thousands of hotels across North America, has issued a new "Controversial Guest" policy that discriminates against people on the basis of sexual expression. fullstory >>

5/31/2002 - [U.S.] - Federal Court Strikes Down Internet Filter Law: Law Likely to have Filtered Sexuality and Gender Identity Information

The American Civil Liberties Union won a significant victory on Friday in its war on Internet censorship, as a three-judge U.S. District Court panel scrapped the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA). fullstory >>

7/12/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - DC Has Plan To Cut Back on Transvestite Prostitutes

The District has a new plan to cut back on transvestite prostitutes, and drug abuse around 4th and K Streets in Northwest Washington, near the INS Headquarters. fullstory >>

Civil Union / Marital Rights

8/10/2002 - [AUSTRALIA] - Groom's Intersex Quandary

CHRIS SOMERS would like to start married life with the truth. But the law recognises only marriage between a man and a woman - and Chris is neither. fullstory >>

1/30/2003 - [BELGIUM] - Belgium Approves Same-sex Marriage

On Thursday, Belgium became the second country in the world -- after the Netherlands -- to legally recognize gay marriages. fullstory >>

5/3/2004 - [CALIFORNIA] - Legal Same-Sex Couples: Transsexuals and their spouses test the definition of marriage.

The marriages of transsexual women and men across the country are already testing the boundaries of marriage as the nation wrangles over the rights of same-sex couples to wed. fullstory >>

1/28/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - California Bill Upgrades Gay Partner Rights

A group of gay California legislators and state leaders introduced a bill to grant nearly all the rights, benefits and obligations available to heterosexual spouses under state law to gay partners. fullstory >>

11/8/2002 - [CANADA] - Canada Outlines Same-Sex Union Options

Canadian Justice Minister Martin Cauchon released a consultation paper setting out the possibilities for same-sex unions which may be law by spring. fullstory >>

7/17/2002 - [CANADA] - Premier Backs Same-Sex Marriages: Won't Appeal Decision

Ernie Eves, Ontario Premier, has no objection to same-sex marriage and his Conservative government will not appeal a landmark Ontario Superior Court ruling that would allow gays and lesbian to wed. fullstory >>

7/12/2002 - [CANADA] - Court Ruling Favors Gay Marriage

Canada took a major step toward legally recognizing same-sex marriage on Friday when an Ontario court ruled that to do otherwise is unconstitutional. fullstory >>

4/10/2003 - [CONNECTICUT] - Connecticut Rejects Gay Partner Registry

Connecticut Legislature's judiciary committee rejected on Wednesday proposed legislation to extend marriage-like rights to same-sex couples. fullstory >>

7/18/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Connecticut Passes Domestic-Partner Law

Connecticut Gov. John Rowland has signed into law a bill that extends a variety of legal options to same-sex couples. fullstory >>

8/3/2004 - [FLORIDA] - Check one: Male, female, helpless

Despite overwhelming evidence of Kantaras' male gender, Florida's 2nd District Court of Appeals gnullified the original divorce and custody order because the marriage never legally existed. fullstory >>

7/23/2004 - [FLORIDA] - Florida Court of Appeals Invalidates Transsexual Marriage: Court Also Rejects Mother's Request to Deprive Transgender Father of Parental Rights

Florida Court of Appeals reversed a trial court's decision that a transsexual's marriage was valid, saying that marriage for postoperative transsexuals should be determined by the state's legislature. fullstory >>

7/17/2002 - [GERMANY] - German High Court OKs Gay Marriage

On Wednesday Germany's high court upheld a law allowing gay couples to marry. fullstory >>

3/5/2004 - [IN HER OWN WORDS] - Intersex Individual Speaks Out on the Marriage Issue: Editorial to Time Magazine Points Out Flaws of "One Man-One Woman" Definition

We can all debate whether marriage for gays and lesbians should or should not happen, but those of us in the intersex community dread someone defining marriage. fullstory >>

2/25/2004 - [INDIANA] - Indiana Republicans throw a tantrum over gay marriage ban

The debate over Indiana's constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage threatens to overshadow other matters in the closing days of Indiana's legislature. fullstory >>

7/24/2002 - [INDIANA] - Domestic Partner Benefits Rejected for Indianapolis City Employees: City-County Council Committee Votes 5-3 to Kill Proposed Ordinance

A plan to extend health insurance benefits to the unmarried domestic partners of Indianapolis city employees was turned down by a vote of 5 to 3. fullstory >>

7/15/2002 - [INDIANA] - A Low-Cost Opportunity to Move the City Forward: Editorial

Cummins Engine, Indiana University, Bank One and other big Indiana employers already offer domestic partnership benefits. Now the city of Indianapolis is considering it a similar measure. fullstory >>

5/24/2002 - [INDIANA] - Support Proposed Domestic Partnership Benefits Ordinance: Justice, Inc., Urges Indianapolis Residents to Contact Their Local Representatives

Justice, Inc., encourages Indiana residents to contact their city council representatives to voice their support for the proposed domestic partnership benefits ordinance. fullstory >>

5/4/2004 - [KANSAS] - Kansas Marriage Ban Fails in House

A proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution banning same-sex marriage, civil unions and other forms of partner recognition failed Tuesday in the Kansas House by just four votes. fullstory >>

3/31/2004 - [KANSAS] - Jury Trial Sought in Transsexual Case

A transsexual woman accused of false swearing in applying for a marriage license has requested a jury trial. She alleges that a male officer strip-searched her while being held in jail for six hours. fullstory >>

3/19/2004 - [KANSAS] - Transsexual Arrested For Trying To Marry Partner: Attorney: Sex-Change Operation Wouldn't Make Marriage Legal

Leavenworth County, Kansas, officials arrested Sandy Clarissa Gast, a transsexual, on Thursday after she tried to get married to her male partner. fullstory >>

10/15/2002 - [KANSAS] - Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Transsexual Marriage Case

On October 7, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of transwoman J'Noel Ball Gardiner whose marriage was challenged after her husband died without a will, leaving an estate worth $2.5 million. fullstory >>

10/7/2002 - [KANSAS] - U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Transsexual's Claim

Avoiding the same-sex marriage debate, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected transsexual J 'Noel Gardiner's claim to half of her late husband's $2.5 million estate. fullstory >>

6/28/2002 - [KANSAS] - Gardiner's Attorneys File US Supreme Court Petition

The attorneys for J'Noel Gardiner have filed a petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court. fullstory >>

4/25/2002 - [KANSAS] - Transsexual Will Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Review Kansas Ruling

Transsexual J'Noel Gardiner will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to compel the state of Kansas to recognize her as a woman, her lawyer said Wednesday. fullstory >>

3/15/2002 - [KANSAS] - Kansas Supreme Court Ignores Scientific Evidence of Sex Change: Lambda Legal Disappointed in Refusal to Recognize J?Noel Gardiner?s Legal Gender and Marriage

Another state rules against the validity of a transsexual's marriage. Kansas Supreme Court decision voids J'Noel Gardiner's marriage on grounds that she is a still a "man" fullstory >>

1/13/2002 - [KANSAS] - Suit Over Estate Claims a Widow Is Not a Woman

"If Marshall were still alive, I wouldn't have to be explaining to another woman that I'm a woman," she said. "He would be standing here saying, 'How dare you ask my wife these questions?'" fullstory >>

5/12/2001 - [KANSAS] - Transsexual's Marriage Upheld: Reversed: Court of Appeals Overturns District Court Ruling Invalidating Marriage

A marriage involving a person who had sexual reassignment surgery may be valid under Kansas law, the state Court of Appeals ruled Friday. fullstory >>

4/29/2004 - [MAINE] - Maine Recognizes Same-Sex Partnerships

While many state legislatures are passing laws that deny legal recognition to gay and lesbian couples, Maine is making same-sex couples eligible for some of the same benefits married couples have. fullstory >>

1/6/2003 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Three States To Explore Civil Unions

Legislatures in three states, two of them in New England, will be presented this year with bills that would recognize gay and lesbian relationships. fullstory >>

7/18/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Gay Marriage Ban Thwarted: Legislators Kill Ballot Question

Legislators yesterday used a procedural maneuver to kill a ballot question that sought to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage. fullstory >>

6/20/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Marriage Vote Delayed in Massachusetts

A constitutional convention in Massachusetts was convened but quickly adjourned on Wednesday, avoiding a vote on an amendment to ban recognition of same-sex marriage. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Four of Five Candidates for Michigan Governor Back Gay Unions

Four of the five major party candidates in the Michigan gubernatorial race would support a bill establishing civil unions for same-sex partners, the Detroit Free Press reports. fullstory >>

8/3/2004 - [MISSOURI] - Missouri Voters Amend their State Constitution to Add Discrimination: "Fundamental Human Rights Should Never be up for Popular Vote"

Early returns indicate that voters in Missouri have approved by a margin of approximately 65% to 35% an amendment to their state constitution which prohibits the recognition of same sex marriages. fullstory >>

4/30/2004 - [NEW HAMPSHIRE] - New Hampshire House OKs Marriage Ban

With the prospect of same-sex marriages occurring in Massachusetts on May 17, the New Hampshire House voted 213-140 to ban the recognition of any relationship that would be illegal under state law. fullstory >>

10/15/2003 - [NEW JERSEY] - Survivor in Gay Union Appeals Denial of Benefits to Boy

Social Security Administration denied the benefit request of child of lesbian couple, saying that the child did not meet the agency's test as the legal survivor of the nonbirth mother. fullstory >>

1/14/2003 - [NEW JERSEY] - Lawsuit calls to legalize same-sex marriages

Seven gay and lesbian couples filed a lawsuit filed in June 2002 in state Superior Court in Jersey City, calling for the state to legalize marriage for same-sex couples. fullstory >>

7/1/2002 - [NEW JERSEY] - New Jersey Governor Resists Gay Marriage

New Jersey governor James E. McGreevey has called on the state courts to turn down attempts to legalize gay marriage. fullstory >>

4/16/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Gay partner's wrongful death suit OK'd

A state judge in Nassau County, N.Y., ruled on Monday that a Vermont civil union should be recognized for the purpose of filing a wrongful death suit. fullstory >>

12/31/2003 - [OHIO] - Decision Made in Transexual Marriage Case

A marriage license was again denied to Jacob Nash, a female-to-male transsexual, and Erin Barr despite Nash's Massachusetts birth certificate listing him as male. Ohio views them as a same sex couple. fullstory >>

11/29/2002 - [OHIO] - Couple Again Denied a License to Marry

A man and woman in Trumbull County have again been denied a license to get married. fullstory >>

11/8/2002 - [OHIO] - Angry Judge Denies a Marriage License Again: Transsexual groom-to-be refuses to answer court questions about his genitalia

Ohio Probate Judge Thomas A. Swift again denied a heterosexual couple a marriage license--this time because the FTM groom-to-be would not answer questions about his surgery and physical attributes. fullstory >>

11/1/2002 - [OHIO] - Judge Sued for Jailing TG Man over Marriage Licenses

A transsexual man has filed a federal civil rights suit against a judge who had him arrested for allegedly falsifying the gender on his marriage license applications. fullstory >>

10/11/2002 - [OHIO] - Couple, Denied a Marriage License, Applies Again

A heterosexual couple denied a marriage license by a probate judge put the judge's ruling under scrutiny by filing a new application. fullstory >>

10/4/2002 - [OHIO] - Heterosexual couple's marriage denied again

Trumbull County Probate Judge Thomas A. Swift has refused to reconsider his earlier denial of a marriage license to a heterosexual couple because the groom-to-be is transgender. fullstory >>

10/3/2002 - [OHIO] - Transsexual Couple Seeks New License

After a judge turned down their marriage application and refused to reconsider his decision, a Howland couple, which includes a transsexual, started back at square one Wednesday morning. fullstory >>

5/27/2003 - [TEXAS] - Perry signs Defense of Marriage Act

Same-sex marriages or civil unions will not be recognized in Texas under legislation that Gov. Rick Perry signed Tuesday. fullstory >>

7/22/2004 - [U.S.] - 'Marriage Protection Act' Passes House: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Calls Vote 'Disgusting'

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that seeks to deprive gay and lesbian Americans access to federal courts to challenge the Defense of Marriage Act. fullstory >>

7/22/2004 - [U.S.] - 'Marriage Protection Act Undermines Supreme Court and Our System of Checks and Balances'

House Democratic Speaker's statement opposing the Marriage Protection Act of 2004 (HR 3313) fullstory >>

7/14/2004 - [U.S.] - Gay Marriage Amendment Fails in Senate

The Senate handed President George W. Bush a humiliating defeat Wednesday by rejecting a bid to amend the US Constitution to ban gay marriage. fullstory >>

4/22/2004 - [U.S.] - Battle Over Gay Marriage Goes to Voters

The nation's gay marriage battle is moving to the ballot box this November in at least four states where voters will decide whether to amend their state constitutions to ban same-sex marriage. fullstory >>

3/1/2004 - [U.S.] - Constitutional Amendment Corners Many Americans

Columnist Adam Goodheart responds to President Bush's statement supporting a Federal Amendment to the US Constitution that would ban same sex marriages. fullstory >>

7/3/2003 - [U.S.] - Bush Backs Away From Gay Marriage Ban

On Wednesday, President George W. Bush tiptoed into the gay marriage debate with a noncommittal comment about a proposed constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage. fullstory >>

7/11/2002 - [U.S.] - ACLU Alert: Federal Marriage Amendment and Domestic Partner Benefits

ACLU urges Americans to Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment that would limit marriage to one man and one woman and support Domestic Partner Benefits for federal employees. fullstory >>

4/22/2004 - [VIRGINIA] - Virginia Takes Away Gay Partner Rights

Virginia's Marriage Affirmation Act will likely bar same-sex couples in Virginia from obtaining a medical power of attorney, making custody decisions and carrying out estate planning directives. fullstory >>

8/4/2004 - [WASHINGTON] - King County Judge Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is legal in Washington State, King County Superior Court Judge William Downing ruled today. fullstory >>

11/4/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Ruling Treats Lesbian Couple as if Married

A Superior Court judge in Washington state has expanded the state's recognition of same-sex families. fullstory >>

7/9/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - District Registers Domestic Partners: Congress Blocked Law for 10 Years

The District government launched a domestic partnership registration program yesterday, ending a 10-year wait for some couples who had hoped the city's 1992 law would help protect their rights. fullstory >>

Employment Discrimination

5/2/2003 - [ARIZONA] - Free Workshop on Transgender Workplace Issues: Online Registration Now Available at www.tgnetarizona.org!

The Southern Arizona Gender Alliance announces its Arizona Transgender Workplace (ATWORK) Project workshop, a free seminar for employers to learn more about transgendered people in the workplace. fullstory >>

8/5/2004 - [AUSTRALIA] - Woman Acts on 'Gentleman' Tag

A woman claims she suffered months of discrimination because her boss and workmates called her a "gentleman" and referred to her as "he". fullstory >>

4/22/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Assembly Broadens Civil Rights Protections to Apply to Percevied Gender

The California Assembly approved a measure Monday outlawing discrimination against job applicants and renters based on their "perceived gender." fullstory >>

11/26/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - San Jose Adds Gender Identity to Anti-discrimination Policy

San Jose City Council voted unanimously to add gender identity to the list of protected characteristics under the city's anti-discrimination policy. fullstory >>

10/8/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - TG People Protected In Workplace: California Fair Employment and Housing Act ("FEHA")

California has recently recognized that discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming people is a form of sex discrimination. The FEHA is designed to protect them. fullstory >>

1/7/2003 - [CANADA] - Students Applaud Transgendered Teacher's Return to School

A transgendered teacher at a Vancouver elementary school, received a round of applause from students when she returned to work Monday. fullstory >>

11/5/2002 - [CANADA] - Northwest Territories Prohibits Transgendered Discrimination

The Northwest Territories has become the first region in Canada to prohibit discrimination against transgendered people. fullstory >>

6/25/2002 - [CANADA] - Shelter Appeals Human Rights Ruling

Vancouver's Rape Relief Shelter is appealing a B.C. Human Rights ruling that a transsexual should have been allowed to counsel rape victims. fullstory >>

5/30/2002 - [CANADA] - He to She Leads to 'Her' Hotel Job Loss

MTF hotel clerk in loses job due to transition; seeks damages in court. fullstory >>

3/23/2004 - [CONNECTICUT] - Committee Votes To Extend Protection Of Hate-Crimes Law

Transgender people and the disabled in Connecticut will be granted protection of the state's hate-crimes law under a proposal approved Monday by the legislature's judiciary committee. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Church "Laws" Clearly Enforced on Selective Basis: Letter to the Editor

As a 1993 graduate of Lauralton Hall in Milford, I was ashamed to read the article about two teachers who were forced to resign simply because they are gay. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Gospels' Voice Marred: Letter to the Editor

The dismissal of the couple at Lauralton Hall exhibits the wide gap between the essence of Christianity and the narrow-minded hypocrisy of those in authority. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Lesbians' Firings Fuels Outrage

Some Lauralton Hall alumna and parents say they are disappointed by the school's decision to force a lesbian couple from their jobs at the all-girls Catholic school. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Punishing Pair's Love Makes Alumna Ashamed: Letter to the Editor

Unfortunately, from this day on I will be ashamed to call myself an alumna of Lauralton Hall. I am sickened to hear of the dismissal of two faculty members on the basis of their sexual orientation. fullstory >>

6/29/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Lawyers Don't Agree on Firing of Lesbians

Lauralton Hall administrators are in "plain violation" of state law after forcing a lesbian couple out of jobs at the Catholic school, according to some legal experts. fullstory >>

6/28/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Lauralton Will Oust Two Lesbians

A lesbian couple is being forced out of their jobs after administrators at an all-girls Catholic school learned that the couple plans to hold a commitment ceremony, sources said. fullstory >>

6/25/2003 - [ENDA] - Miranda Writes...: Community United but Congress Not Delighted

Inclusion of transgender in the struggle for human rights is standard. And it is definitely not cool to leave out gender identity and expression in legislation. fullstory >>

3/23/2003 - [ENGLAND] - UK Police can Appeal in Police Recruit Case

A police force has won the right to appeal to the House of Lords against a court ruling that it acted unlawfully in refusing to recruit a male-to-female transsexual. fullstory >>

6/25/2002 - [ENGLAND] - 22,000 for Transsexual Sacked rom Job

A post-operative transsexual has received 22,000 in a settlement after she claimed she was discriminated against in her job as a production-line worker. fullstory >>

6/20/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Fired Transsexual Teacher Sues Church: Church officials cite a gun charge as their reason, but the former catechism instructor disputes that.

Church instructor alleges firing due to being transsexual. fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [GEORGIA] - IBM Adds "Gender Identity" to its Equal Opportunity Policy

BM has become the 15th Fortune 500 company to add "gender identity or expression" to its EO policy. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [HAWAII] - Civil Rights Commission Rules Sex Discrimination Law Covers Transgender Employees

The Hawaii Civil Rights Commission has ruled that its executive director has the authority to look into allegations of sexual discrimination in the workplace filed by five transgender employees. fullstory >>

3/10/2004 - [INDIANA] - INTRAA Applauds Indianapolis Mayor Peterson for Executive Order: Efforts to add protection based on Gender Identity continue

On March 9, 2004, Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson issued an order prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation within city government, covering city employees, contractors and vendors. fullstory >>

6/16/2003 - [INDIANA] - Rainbow Chamber Provides Voice for Gay Businesses: City non-discrimination policy among targets of group

The new Indiana Rainbow Chamber of Commerce unveiled its mission--promoting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender business community--at the June 14 Pride Festival in University Park. fullstory >>

6/9/2004 - [IOWA] - Transsexual Woman Sues Over Being Fired

A transsexual worker at an Iowa tractor dealership has sued her former employer, claiming she was fired solely because she was changing her gender identity from male to female. fullstory >>

2/29/2004 - [IOWA] - Discrimination Takes its Toll on Siouxland Transsexual

In the last year, Lauren Jansen has lost her job, her spouse and her home due to discrimination based on gender identity. Her City Council rejected a proposal to make such discrimination illegal. fullstory >>

2/29/2004 - [IOWA] - First Human Rights Ordinance in Sioux City 53 Years Ago

Exactly 53 years to the day that the City Council rejected including sexual orientation in the city's discrimination law, its predecessors enacted the first discrimination ordinance in Sioux City. fullstory >>

2/9/2004 - [IOWA] - City Council Weighs Impact of Decision

Mayor Dave Ferris said he could have chosen his words better in describing his opposition to adding sexual orientation to the city's discrimination law. fullstory >>

6/21/2002 - [JAPAN] - Company's Dismissal of Transsexual Ruled Illegal

Tokyo District Court rules decision to dismiss a transsexual employee was illegal in first ever ruling concerning transgendered employees in Japan. fullstory >>

4/29/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Covington Expands Ordinance

The City Commission of Covington, Kentucky voted unanimously (5-0) to expand the City's Human Rights Ordinance to include, among other categories, sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

4/29/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Covington Kentucky Expands Human Rights Ordinance: NGLTF Ohio Valley Power Summit Wraps Up

Covington, Kentucky city commissioners voted unanimously (5-0) to expand their existing human rights ordinance by adding sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

1/9/2003 - [LOUISIANA] - Fired Cross-dresser Giving Up on Lawsuit

A trucker fired by a grocery store chain because he sometimes dressed as a woman off duty has decided to drop his lawsuit against the company. fullstory >>

1/4/2003 - [LOUISIANA] - "Shame on Winn Dixie" Anniversary

Three years after Winn-Dixie fired Peter Oiler for cross-dressing on his own time and four months after a federal court ruled the action legal, we remember the Shame on Winn-Dixie protest campaign. fullstory >>

9/20/2002 - [LOUISIANA] - Federal District Court Rules No Protection for Transgendered Employees

According to a Louisiana Federal District Judge?s ruling, companies may discriminate against employees for legal activities pursued while not on the job. fullstory >>

11/26/2002 - [MARYLAND] - Lockheed Changes Course on Gay Workers

Lockheed Martin, the biggest U.S. defense contractor, will give gay and lesbian workers civil rights protections, and their partners will receive health benefits. fullstory >>

11/8/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Church Installs First Transgender Minister

Laurie J. Auffant was installed as minister of religious education at Follen Community Church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Lexington, Mass. fullstory >>

2/7/2003 - [MINNESOTA] - Gays and Lesbians Could Lose State Protections in Minnesota: Bill Would Also Affect Transgender Protections

A bill to remove protections for gays and lesbians from Minnesota's human rights law would also remove gays and lesbians from the definition of Holocaust survivors and victims. fullstory >>

6/20/2002 - [MINNESOTA] - Appeals Court Rejects Complaint over Transgendered Person

Federal Appeals Court rules Minneapolis school district met its legal obligations when it offered alternate facilities to a teacher who objected to using the same restroom as a transgendered employee. fullstory >>

6/25/2002 - [NEW MEXICO] - Eastchester Teacher who had Sex Change Battles District

When Eastchester High School's students and faculty gather this morning for graduation, teacher RandeyMichelle Gordon will be missing. fullstory >>

1/29/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Unions and Their Transgendered Members: Labor forum looks at ways to improve record on gender rights

LGBT labor and transgender activists gathered at the Central Labor Council in New York this week to strategize how to get unions more involved in efforts to secure employment rights for transpeople. fullstory >>

1/10/2003 - [NEW YORK] - One down, one to go: With SONDA a reality, attention turns to transgender rights

One down, one to go. With SONDA signed into law, that's the mantra of the state's gay leaders as they prepare to tackle the thorny issue of transgender rights. fullstory >>

10/24/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Kodak Fires Man over 'Gay' Stance: 23-year veteran of global film giant objected to pro-homosexual memo

A 23-year veteran of The Eastman Kodak Co. has been fired after objecting to a pro-homosexual memo this month and is now looking to take legal action against the film giant. fullstory >>

10/5/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Mission Backers Shrug Off Revelation: Support goes on after ex-chief unveils his new life as a woman

The Open Door Mission has received "overwhelming support" from the community since a public revelation that the mission's former longtime director is now living as a woman. fullstory >>

5/1/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Civil Rights for the Transgendered

Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday signed into law a bill that extends New York City's human rights protection to transgendered people. fullstory >>

5/1/2004 - [OHIO] - Gay Advocates Want Protection in the Workplace

Two months after failing to convince state lawmakers not to pass a bill denying marriage rights and survivor benefits to gay couples, advocates have set their sights on new workplace protections. fullstory >>

2/28/2004 - [OHIO] - Transsexual Police Officer Receives Additional Settlement: City Attorney Plans To Appeal Decision

A judge ordered the city to pay an additional $550,000 for attorney fees in the case of a transsexual police officer who said the city discriminated against her. fullstory >>

4/9/2003 - [OHIO] - Church Puts Gay-friendly Pastor on Trial

After a church trial on Tuesday, the fate of an Ohio Presbyterian pastor is hanging in the balance on charges of officiating gay marriages and ordaining gays as deacons and elders in the church. fullstory >>

2/27/2003 - [OHIO] - Cincinnati, Ohio Transsexual Police Officer Wins $320,000 From City

A federal court jury has awarded $320,511 to a transsexual police officer who said the city discriminated against her. The jury ordered the city to pay back wages and damages to Philecia Barnes. fullstory >>

1/9/2003 - [OHIO] - Fired Employee Files Federal Lawsuit Claiming Employment Discrimination

Susan Myers, who was fired from her job at the Cuyahoga County Human Services Department, sued her former bosses yesterday, claiming that they discriminated against her because she was a transsexual. fullstory >>

7/12/2002 - [OHIO] - First TG Case under 1964 Civil Rights Act is Settled

Citing Supreme Court precedent, sixth circuit federal court is first to allow transgender woman to sue employer on basis of sexual stereotype non-conformity under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. fullstory >>

11/16/2001 - [OHIO] - Court Allows TG Job Bias Case to Move Forward

A federal judge ruled November 9 that a Cleveland transgender woman can sue a former employer under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. fullstory >>

5/31/2002 - [OREGON] - Transsexual Claiming Bias Sues Starbucks

An ex-Starbucks employee has filed a lawsuit last week accusing his former employer of discriminating against him because he is a transsexual. fullstory >>

3/27/2004 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Transgender Doctor, St. Luke's Reach Deal: Complaint settlement says hospital must protect sexual identity in patient bill of rights.

An Allentown podiatrist who accused St. Luke's Hospital of forcing her to relinquish a top teaching position because she is transgender has settled her discrimination complaints against the hospital. fullstory >>

3/1/2004 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Officer Navigating Sex Change: The former male is now living as a woman. The force's leader and two groups are supportive.

Philadelphia Police Officer Heladio Gonzalez would no longer be teaching firearms at the Police Academy. Officer Maria Gonzalez would. fullstory >>

5/29/2003 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Coalition Helps Transgendered Corrections Officer Return To Work

The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, Pride at Work, and NCLR declared victory in getting a Pennsylvania corrections officer beginning a gender change, reinstated to her job. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Anti-Gay Drive is Short on Names: Petition against Allentown's new ordinance has only 1,411 of 2,000 signatures needed, city finds. Group has 10 days to get more to sign.

A petition seeking to remove housing and job protections for homosexuals under Allentown's human relations law fell nearly 600 signatures short and was deemed insufficient by the city clerk Tuesday. fullstory >>

5/16/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Philadelphia Votes to Add Gender Identity to Fair Practices Ordinance: Mayor Street Promises To Sign Measure

Philadelphia votes 15-2 to add gender identity to its law which prohibits discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing. Mayor Street has promised to sign the measure into law. fullstory >>

7/11/2002 - [SOUTH CAROLINA] - AT&T Will Keep Gay Worker Protections

For the second year in a row, AT&T shareholders have rejected a proposal to remove the company's GLBT nondiscrimination policy. fullstory >>

2/7/2003 - [TEXAS] - Houston Lawmaker Files Bill That Would Outlaw Discrimination Against Gays, Lesbians, and Transgenders

State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) bill, submitted to the Texas House of Representatives on Jan. 27, would prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. fullstory >>

5/4/2002 - [TEXAS] - All or Nothing on Trans Rights: It's Time for Gays to Practice What We Preach

Penny Weaver, editor of the Houston Voice, appeals to the gay community to realize that gender identity deserves the same emphasis in the gay rights movement as gay rights legislation. fullstory >>

12/4/2002 - [U.K.] - Police Appeal Over Transsexual Case

West Yorkshire Police are to challenge a groundbreaking court decision which ruled it was wrong to ban a transsexual from the force. fullstory >>

12/4/2002 - [U.K.] - Transsexual 'Considered a Man' Agrees Settlement

A male to female transsexual 'humiliated' by her former employers has agreed an undisclosed out of court sum from them on grounds of sex discrimination, it was revealed today. fullstory >>

9/30/2002 - [U.K.] - New Ruling to Have Far-reaching Implications for Transsexuals at Work

A ruling that found the British government had violated the privacy of a transsexual person by not letting her change the gender on her birth certificate is forcing the government to change its laws. fullstory >>

8/5/2004 - [U.S.] - Major Corporations To Add Gender Identity/Expression Policy

Four corporations -- Ford, Keyspan, PepsiCo, and Wells Fargo -- bring to 50 the number of major corporations that have added gender identity and/or expression to their EEO policies. fullstory >>

5/22/2003 - [U.S.] - IBM Sponsors Gay Chamber of Commerce

The nation's first National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will partner with IBM to launch a diversity development and procurement program to bring technology opportunities to GLBT-owned companies. fullstory >>

12/4/2002 - [U.S.] - HRC Praises Cracker Barrel's Decision To Prohibit Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation: 10-Year Struggle To Change Policy Ends with Apparent Majority Vote On Shareholder Resolution

The Human Rights Campaign commended Cracker Barrel's board of directors today for voting to add sexual orientation to the company's written non-discrimination policy. fullstory >>

11/26/2002 - [U.S.] - Fears Job Protections To Be Eroded

There are growing fears that protections for gay and lesbian workers will be eroded under new laws being considered by the White House and Congress. fullstory >>

4/7/2003 - [UTAH] - Utah High Court Rules in Lesbian's Favor

The Utah Supreme Court ruled on Friday against a group of conservative parents who were trying to remove a lesbian psychology teacher from her job at Spanish Fork High School. fullstory >>

4/23/2004 - [VERMONT] - Transgender Cop Gets $90K Bias Settlement

A transgender police officer in Vermont who claimed he was forced out of his job due to bias received a $90,000 settlement ruling from the state attorney general on Thursday. fullstory >>

3/31/2003 - [WASHINGTON] - Government Sued by Transsexual Worker

A transgender government employee is suing U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and others for job discrimination. fullstory >>

7/19/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - US Court Rules Constitution Protects Gays

A Washington state appeals court Thursday unanimously ruled that firing public employees because they are gay violates the U.S. Constitution. fullstory >>

6/8/2004 - [WASHINGTON DC] - 150 Members of Congress Sign on to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Statements

150 Members of Congress have signed a Diversity Statement banning discrimination in their Congressional offices based on individuals' sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. fullstory >>

7/3/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Bush Paper says Job Discrimination is a Religious Liberty

The Bush administration released a position paper on June 24 that referred to discrimination against LGBT people as "civil rights and religious liberty." fullstory >>

6/17/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - New "Unified" Bill to Replace ENDA: A Left Coast Perspective

For the first time, the entire community has approached ENDA's lead sponsors to endorse a unified, inclusive bill. "This has forever altered the political landscape of our national movement." fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Transsexual Methodist Minister Resigns

A United Methodist minister suspended in June has given up her bid to become the first transsexual pastor of a Protestant church in America. fullstory >>

6/10/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Methodist Minister Seeks Return to Work After Sex Change

United Methodist Church officials could decide on Thursday whether a Maryland minister who had a sex-change operation during a leave of absence should return to active pastoral duty. fullstory >>

6/10/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Transgender Minister Placed on Leave

Transgender minister Rebecca Ann Steen placed on an involuntary leave of absence by head of the Baltimore-Washington conference of the United Methodist Church. fullstory >>

6/9/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Methodist Church May Expel Minister Who Had Sex Change

The Baltimore-Washington United Methodist Conference has delayed action on the request of a transsexual minister to be reappointed to active ministry in the conference. fullstory >>

6/8/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Transgendered Minister in Line To Be a Pastor: Decision of Bishop Divides United Methodist Clergy

A United Methodist Bishop said he intends to assign a transwoman minister to a pastoral position, one of the few such appointments in any mainline denomination in the country. fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Methodist Conference to Rule on Transsexual Minister's Fate

The Rev. Rebecca Steen, a transwoman, is facing stiff opposition to her request to be appointed to a Methodist church in the Baltimore-Washington Conference. fullstory >>

Higher Education

3/19/2004 - [ARIZONA] - Arizona State University 4th Public Higher Education Institution To Protect Transgendered & Intersex Employees & Students

Arizona State University President approved revisions to the university's nondiscrimination policy that add protections to the campus' lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community. fullstory >>

4/30/2004 - [CONNECTICUT] - Wesleyan Revising Transgender Housing

To accommodate transgender students, Wesleyan University will now allow "gender neutral" housing throughout the entire campus. fullstory >>

3/26/2004 - [CONNECTICUT] - University Should Address Transgender Issues

Transgender issues are forcing schools to reexamine policies--policies that are utterly taken for granted-- that understand gender as an entirely binary system. fullstory >>

5/18/2003 - [CONNECTICUT] - Nation's First Gender-Blind College Dorm Opens Fall 2003: Gender Won't Count In New Dorm

Transgender freshman will have the option of living in a "gender-blind" hall - one floor of a dormitory for students who don't want to be categorized as one gender or another. fullstory >>

3/3/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Transgender Community Looks to Make University More Inclusive

Pauline Park, co-chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy, discusses transgender-inclusive University issues in the Illini Union at the University of Illinois campus. fullstory >>

8/1/2004 - [INDIANA] - Indy Pride Offering Scholarships: Application Deadline is September 1, 2004

Each year, Indy Pride, Inc. supports students who have worked to make Indiana a better place for GLBT people via scholarships funded by events such as Laugh Out Loud and the annual IN Pride Festival. fullstory >>

3/16/2004 - [INDIANA] - New Indiana University Survey to Assess Needs of Transgender Students, Faculty, and Staff: Alumni Association Creates Ad Hoc Committee to Study Transgender Concerns

The Indiana University Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Alumni Association (IU GLBT AA) is seeking information designed to assess the needs of transgendered people on its campuses. fullstory >>

5/29/2002 - [INDIANA] - GLBT Scholarship Applications Sought

The Thomas R. Earley Justice Fund is seeking scholarship applications from Indiana GLBT activists who are in college, or who are about to go to college this fall. fullstory >>

3/14/2003 - [IOWA] - Feinberg Redraws the Geography of the Sexes

Among many of the issues touched upon during the lecture, Feinberg stressed that liberation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people requires a clear, unified message. fullstory >>

2/27/2003 - [IOWA] - Rights Activist Calls for Unity: Transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual communities should join forces

Feinberg gave a speech Wednesday night titled "Trans Liberation as the Basis for Unity" in the Second Floor Ballroom of the Iowa Memorial Union. "An injury to one is an injury to all" fullstory >>

3/17/2003 - [MICHIGAN] - Students, Leaders Meet to Discuss LBGT Issues: Gender identity, misconceptions, and stereotypes at the top of the list

"The goal of including the transgendered individual has existed as long as the alliance has existed," Weingarden said. "A lot of people assume that it's some new 20th century concept, but it's not." fullstory >>

3/31/2004 - [NEBRASKA] - Transgendered Deaf Man to Share His Experience

On Thursday, nationally known speaker Dragonsani "Drago" Renteria will be on hand to share his personal experience as a deaf transgender male at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [NEBRASKA] - Student Group at University of Nebraska of Omaho Sponsors 'Color Me Human' Diversity Fair: FTM Transgendered Activist, Imani Henry, among presenters

Imani Henry is an activist, writer and performer with a degree from Emerson College's School of Performing Arts. He will perform "B4T," at 6:30 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom. fullstory >>

6/4/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Students at Pennsylvania College Elect Transgendered President

Alberta Hamm, who was a biological man for nearly 50 years, became Harrisburg Area Community College's first transgendered Student Government Association president last week. fullstory >>

3/14/2003 - [VIRGINIA] - Virginia Tech Drops Sexual Orientation from Nondiscrimination Policy

During a closed-door meeting, the governing body at Virginia Tech voted unanimously to remove sexual orientation from the university's anti-discrimination policy. fullstory >>

5/24/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - UW Regents Pass Resolution to Protect Transgender Students

At the urging of University of Washington's Undergraduate Student Senate, the school is adding gender expression, gender and gender identity to the school's non-discrimination policy. fullstory >>


4/24/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - HMO Sues State Over Sex Change Surgery

One of the largest health care providers in California is suing the state to prevent paying for a transgender woman's sex reassignment surgery. fullstory >>


1/11/2003 - [AUSTRALIA] - X Marks the Spot for Intersex Alex

A quiet trailblazer from Perth's Hills has become the first in Australia and probably the world to hold a passport acknowledging that not everyone is male or female. fullstory >>

3/27/2003 - [INDIA] - Intersex Youth Undergoes Genital Surgery and Lives as Male

For 16 years, Praveen lived as a girl named Pravina, going to a girls' school and wearing frocks. What no one but his family knew was that he had an intersex condition. fullstory >>

5/30/2003 - [NEW JERSEY] - Bodies Like Ours Announces Youth Project: Queer Bodies

Bodies Like Ours announces the launch of a new youth project - Queer Bodies - a place of understanding and self-directed peer support for young, intersex people. fullstory >>

3/1/2004 - [PROFILE] - Between The Sexes: More babies than you might think are born neither boys nor girls. Sorting it out is a lifelong struggle

In 1993 Debbie Hartman had just undergone a caesarean section, and the doctors were saying the baby was healthy but they weren't sure whether it was a boy or a girl." fullstory >>

1/22/2004 - [U.S.] - Gender Bender: Our Sexual Identity Has Little to Do With Sex Organs, Researchers Find

Is it a boy or a girl? It's the first question most parents ask about their newborn baby. But for a surprising number of infants, the answer is not immediately obvious. fullstory >>

10/16/2003 - [U.S.] - Help Plan the "Intersex Awareness Day" for 2004 and Beyond!

We are forming a consortium to create an annual day of grassroots action to end shame, secrecy and unwanted genital cosmetic surgeries on intersex children, and we want your input! fullstory >>

9/30/2003 - [U.S.] - ISNA to Participate in Research on Quality of Life Issues, Hormone Disruptor Debate

The Intersex Society of North America will begin working in an advisory capacity with university researchers to develop a research plan for quality of life studies for people with intersex conditions. fullstory >>

5/31/2003 - [U.S.] - If Biology Is Destiny, When Shouldn't It Be?

What would you do if your baby was born intersex, with sex organs and external genitalia not clearly male or female? How would you choose whether to bring up your child as a boy or a girl? fullstory >>

12/19/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Dr. Monica Casper, PhD, To Be New Executive Director of ISNA: Organization to Move to Seattle

Dr. Monica Casper, PhD, an internationally recognized medical sociologist and biomedical ethicist, has been selected to head the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) as its new Executive Director. fullstory >>

Legal Status

6/1/2002 - [ARIZONA] - How to Define Sex: The Limitations of Current Applications of Civil Rights Law

Rebecca Kastl has had a difficult time finding a lawyer to represent her. I thought that justice was blind, but this is apparently not true when it comes to issues of sex and gender. fullstory >>

2/21/2003 - [AUSTRALIA] - Gender Politics: Mum and dad and two kids - all they want to do is get married. But the Government has other ideas

While the Australian Attorney General believes Kevin was born a woman and can thus never qualify as a husband, the Family Court has taken a profoundly different view: that Kevin has always been a man. fullstory >>

7/4/2002 - [CANADA] - Judging the Gender: Parents' Decision Causes Sexual Confusion

Marsha Black was born interesexed. After surgery at 8 months and being raised as a boy, she finally discovered her intersex status at age 40. Now she is seeking to complete her transition to female. fullstory >>

6/20/2002 - [ENGLAND] - Birth Certificate 'Does Not Speak Truth' Claim

A former married man now living as a woman today failed in a UK High Court bid to amend her birth certificate to reflect her change of sexual identity. fullstory >>

10/16/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Florida Clarifies Birth Certificate Amendment Policy

The Florida Department of Health has clarified its internal policies to describe what people who have completed sex reassignment surgery must do in order to amend their Florida birth certificates. fullstory >>

7/4/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Patience Needed in Florida Birth Certificate Policy Change: Policy Still Under Review, Not Finalized

Patience is urged while Florida's Department of Health works to review and rewrite its policy regarding changing birth certificates of transsexual and intersex individuals. fullstory >>

6/29/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Florida Quietly Changes Birth Certificate Policy

The Florida Office of Vital Statistics recently began notifying people whose requests for sex-change birth certificate corrections were previously denied of a new Department of Health policy. fullstory >>

7/1/2002 - [GEORGIA] - Georgia TG Community Has "Buddy System" When Dealing with DMV

Because of recent incidents at the Georgia's Department of Motor Vehicles, the Trans=Action has initiated a "Buddy System" program whenever a Transgender person has to deal with the DMV. fullstory >>

6/14/2002 - [GEORGIA] - Trans Trucker Can't Get Ga. Driver's License: State Refuses to Change Gender on License Before Sex-Change Surgery

Melissa White, a transgendered woman new to Georgia, was denied a Georgia driver's license designating her as a woman. fullstory >>

8/5/2004 - [INDIA] - Transsexuals Plead for Recognition in Society

"Even the most oppressed sections have some identity, but not us. We do not have ration cards, passports or identity cards. Accept us as humans," said Priya Babu, a transsexual, here on Wednesday. fullstory >>

8/3/2004 - [INTERNATIONAL] - For the First Time, Transsexuals May Compete in the Olympic Games

The modern Olympic games have long included competitors of all races, nationalities, and gender -- but for the first time, transsexuals will officially be allowed to compete this month. fullstory >>

8/2/2004 - [IRAN] - As Repression Lifts, More Iranians Change Their Sex

After decades of repression, the Islamic government is recognizing that some people want to change their sex, and allowing them to have operations and obtain new birth certificates. fullstory >>

7/9/2002 - [IRELAND] - Transsexual Dentist Loses Court Identity Battle

A dentist who was registered at birth as a male and later underwent gender reassignment surgery lost her application for an order that she be described on her birth certificate as female. fullstory >>

7/29/2004 - [JAPAN] - Japan Approves First Official TS Gender Change: Court approves sex-change registration application

The Naha Family Court on Wednesday approved an application by a transsexual to alter her officially registered sex from male to female under a new law, a support group said Thursday. fullstory >>

6/2/2003 - [JAPAN] - Top Court Rejects Transsexual's Request to Alter Registry

The Supreme Court has rejected a request filed by a female-born transsexual to allow him to alter his gender in his official family registry, upholding lower court rulings. fullstory >>

4/15/2003 - [JAPAN] - Transsexuals Given Ministry Approval

Japan government orders local election commissions to accept a candidate's application even if it is filed showing a gender different from that in the candidate's family register. fullstory >>

1/24/2003 - [JAPAN] - Transsexual Can't Alter Birth Data

The Tokyo Family Court has thrown out a request filed by a transsexual in 2001 to allow him to alter his gender in the country's family register. fullstory >>

6/12/2002 - [KANSAS] - Sex-Change Operation Leaves Kansas Man's Estate in Dispute

Three years after Marshall Gardiner died, his $2.5 million estate remains disputed by his wife, J'Noel Gardiner, and his son, Joe Gardiner. fullstory >>

12/22/2002 - [KOREA] - Court Makes It Official - He's Now a Woman: Request by transexual Ha Ri Su, familiar to Korean drama fans, to change gender is finally granted

The law in South Korea has finally caught up with what fans of transexual singer-actress Ha Ri Su have accepted all along: it has recognised her as a woman. fullstory >>

12/5/2002 - [KOREA] - Actress Petitions Court to Change Sex, Name Entries in Family Registry

Ha Ri-su, an actress who underwent a sex-change operation, has asked a court to change her sex in her family registry. "I want to be registered as a woman," Ms. Ha said. fullstory >>

7/10/2002 - [KOREA] - Forum Addresses Row Over Gender Change

Participants in a public forum on gender change through surgery were divided over whether the government should allow transsexuals to officially change their gender. fullstory >>

6/3/2002 - [KOREA] - Transsexuals May Change Legal Status if Bill Passes

A lawmaker from the Grand National Party (GNP) said yesterday, he will soon submit to parliament an amendment bill aimed at allowing transsexuals to change their legal gender identity. fullstory >>

10/6/2002 - [MALTA] - Transsexual Wins Fight to Change Her Name Officially

A transsexual has won the right to be officially recognised as a woman on her birth certificate. fullstory >>

1/16/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Judge Separates Anatomy from Gender

In a dispute in which a landlord objected to a tenant agency's clients using the "wrong" restrooms, a NY Supreme Court ruled that a transgender person's anatomy is not relevant to gender identity. fullstory >>

10/17/2002 - [NEW YORK] - New Legal Clinic Gives Transgenders a Good Name

A who's-who's of gay and lesbian lawyers and transgender activists gathered at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the West Village Trans-Legal Clinic. fullstory >>

10/10/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Transgender Legal Clinic Launched in New York City

A new free monthly clinic aimed at assisting transgender-identified people interested in obtaining legal name changes held a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception Oct 7. fullstory >>

3/19/2004 - [OHIO] - Ohio Birth Certificate Project Begins: Attorney looks to challenge state refusal to amend birth certificates

Ohio attorney Randi Barnabee has developed a new project designed to challenge Ohio state policy that prohibits changing sex designations on birth certificates issued by the state. fullstory >>

4/7/2002 - [OHIO] - Fraud Case ends against TG Man who said he was Male: Statute of Limitations Prevents Prosecution

Fraud charges dismissed against a transgender man jailed by a judge for saying he is male on marriage license applications. fullstory >>

2/22/2002 - [OHIO] - Two Judges Disagree: Is TG Man Still Female under Ohio Law?

Was Sean Brookings a man or a woman at the time of three of his marriages? Two probate judges in neighboring counties don't agree. fullstory >>

11/22/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Judge Won't Change Birth Certificate

A judge said he was not authorized to change the sex listed on the birth certificate of a man who had a sex-change operation last year. fullstory >>

5/27/2003 - [TEXAS] - Transgenders Recognized by Department of Public SafetyS: Department Praised for Ruling Allowing Drivers License Photos in Clothing Appropriate to One's Chosen Gender

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently directed its drivers license division personnel to allow transgender applicants to wear wigs and makeup for identification photographs. fullstory >>

12/10/2002 - [U.K.] - Transsexuals' 33-year Battle for Legal Rights: Annulled marriage of a former merchant seaman began quest for justice set to end with change in law

The battle by transsexuals for legal recognition in their adopted sex goes back 33 years, to the celebrated case a former merchant seaman, who went through one of the earliest sex change operations. fullstory >>

12/10/2002 - [U.K.] - Transsexuals Win Rights to Marry, Amend Birth Certificates: Change in the law to be annouced by government officials in the next few weeks

Transsexuals are to be given the right to change their birth certificates and marry in their adopted sex, after a 30-year legal battle. fullstory >>

12/9/2002 - [U.K.] - FTM Lawyer Stephen Whittle in Line for Human Rights Award

A Manchester legal expert who fights discrimination against fellow transsexuals will learn tonight whether he has won a top human rights award. fullstory >>

7/11/2002 - [U.K.] - A Legal Landmark, But It's Not The End: Transsexual campaigners give cautious welcome to European court ruling

Press For Change press release for a landmark ruling from the European Court of Human Rights, overturning the United Kingdom's thirty-year failure to grant legal recognition of change of sex. fullstory >>

7/11/2002 - [U.K.] - British Transsexuals Recognised as Women

Two British transsexuals have won legal recognition as women and all the rights that go with their adopted sex, including that of marriage. fullstory >>

7/11/2002 - [U.K.] - Grand Chamber Judgment in the Case of Christine Goodwin v. The United Kingdom: Press release issued by the Registrar

The Court held, unanimously, that the plaintiffs' rights were violated, damages were warranted, and the UK is required to change its laws regarding the legality of sex changes. fullstory >>

7/11/2002 - [U.K.] - UK Ordered To Rewrite TG Laws

The British government has been told that its refusal to grant the transgendered new identity papers is a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [U.K.] - European Court of Human Rights to Hear Transsexual Discrimination Cases

The European Court of Human Rights will be holding a public hearing in cases involving post-operative male to female transsexuals who claim they experience discriminatory treatment. fullstory >>

7/4/2002 - [U.K.] - Motion to Discuss Human Rights of Post Operative Transsexuals Raised in UK

An early day motion has been raised by Mr. Paul Stinchcombe. MP for Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (UK) to discuss discrimination faced by transsexuals. fullstory >>

6/14/2004 - [U.S.] - Social Security Administration Policy OUTS Transsexuals

The new SSA policy requires a person "to provide clinic or medical records or other combination of documents showing the sex change surgery has been completed." fullstory >>

12/8/2002 - [U.S.] - Birth Certificate Change Refusals in Conflict With Law

Refusals to change transgendered people's birth certificates almost always conflict with state laws. Lambda Legal has released a chart showing nearly every state allows gender changes. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [U.S.] - Changing Birth Certificate Gender Varies State to State: Only Ohio, Tennessee and Idaho prohibit switch

Changing a birth certificate differs from state to state. The only U.S. states that refuse to amend birth certificates to change gender designations are Ohio, Tennessee and Idaho. fullstory >>

11/7/2002 - [U.S.] - Social Security Administration Changes Policy on Transsexuals and Intersexed

Social Security Administration has instituted tougher requirements for changing one's gender marker in the SSA records. fullstory >>

11/12/2002 - [VIRGINIA] - Amending Birth Certificates to Reflect Your Correct Sex

A transgendered man in Virginia had to threaten to sue before government officials finally followed state law and amended his birth certificate following medical and surgical transition. fullstory >>

Medical Services

3/31/2003 - [COLORADO] - Colorado Law Allows Health Care Workers To Refuse Treatment To Gays

The Colorado legislature has passed a law protecting health care workers who refuse to treat gays or lesbians. fullstory >>

4/26/2004 - [MICHIGAN] - Conscientious Objector Policy Act is Unhealthy: Legislation would give doctors the right to deny medical services to GLBT individuals based on "moral" beliefs

A core belief held by doctors, nurses, therapists, and other health care professionals is to first do no harm. And nothing could be more harmful to someone who is ill than denying them care. fullstory >>

12/30/2002 - [NEW MEXICO] - Hospital Charged with Transgender Bias

A woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that although she was bleeding heavily, the University of New Mexico Hospital ignored her for two hours because she is a transsexual. fullstory >>

5/5/2004 - [NEW ZEALAND] - Age Limit On Transgender Treatment Could Endanger Young Patients, Says Lecturer

Young people refused hormone treatment on the grounds they are too young could be placed at severe risk of harming themselves or suicide, according to a Massey University health sciences lecturer. fullstory >>

Military Service

3/13/2003 - [RUSSIA] - Russian Military to Exclude Gays

Gays will no longer be permitted in the Russian military, according to a news report from Moscow. fullstory >>

2/2/2003 - [SELECTIVE SERVICES] - Facts About the Draft and Selective Service System

Male-to-female transsexuals in the US who fail to register with the Selective Service System, within 30 days of turning 18 can face $250,000 fines and up to five years in prison. fullstory >>

3/25/2003 - [THAILAND] - Thai Army Draft Bans Gays, Transsexuals

The Thai military plans to make gay men and transgender people exempt from the draft, claiming that allowing them to serve would make the armed forces "collapse." fullstory >>

6/2/2003 - [U.S.] - Why General Finally Met with Grieving Parents: Lesbian, gay, bi & trans GIs--up against the brass

Maj. Gen. Robert T. Clark finally deigned to meet with the parents of Pfc. Barry L. Winchell on May 13--four years after their son was beaten to death at Fort Campbell, Ky., while Clark was commander. fullstory >>

4/16/2003 - [U.S.] - U.S. Army Dismisses More Gay Linguists

With 15 recent discharges, the Army continues to dismiss gay and lesbian linguists from the military, bringing the total to 24, with a majority trained in Arabic and Korean. fullstory >>

3/25/2003 - [U.S.] - 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Discharges Decrease

The number of gay and lesbian personnel discharged from the U.S. military last year dropped to the lowest level since 1996, leading many to speculate that the rule was eased in anticipation of war. fullstory >>

1/14/2003 - [U.S.] - New Organization for Transgender, Transsexual Veterans

A new organization called Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) has been formed to advocate for fair and equal treatment of transgender/transsexual veterans and active duty service members. fullstory >>

11/14/2002 - [U.S.] - New Website Profiles GLBT Veterans: Project is Joint Venture of Three GLBT Advocacy Organizations

SLDN, HRC, and American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) have announced the launch of a joint web venture in honor of America's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender veterans. fullstory >>

11/4/2002 - [U.S.] - Military Dismisses Seven Gay Linguists

The Army recently dismissed seven gay Arabic linguists despite increased efforts to recruit linguists and a congressional report noting "a significant shortfall in linguists." fullstory >>

11/1/2002 - [U.S.] - Transgender Military Issues to be Added to SLDN's "Survival Guide"

Transgender issues will be included in the next edition of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network's "Survival Guide," a valuable resource regarding the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. fullstory >>

10/9/2002 - [U.S.] - Bush Rewards Anti-gay Army General

Call, fax or email the US government to register your strongest objections to the nomination of anti-gay Major General Robert Clark for promotion to Lieutenant General, the Army's second highest rank. fullstory >>

Police Brutality

11/21/2002 - [COLORADO] - Sex, videotape and the blue wall of silence

Allegations that a Colorado Springs Police Detective offered to fix a charge against a transwoman in exchange for a sexual favor led to the his temporary suspension and, presumably, a demotion. fullstory >>

7/13/2002 - [NEW YORK] - New York City Settles Brutality Claim: Transgendered woman, family, friends awarded $360,000

NYC has settled a lawsuit filed by a Bronx transgendered woman and her family who charged they were brutalized when the police arrived at their home in response to a 911 medical emergency call. fullstory >>


7/9/2002 - [AUSTRALIA] - Killer Wants Sex Change

A MURDERER who shot dead his neighbour wants taxpayers to finance hormone therapy because he claims he is a woman trapped in a man's body. fullstory >>

1/9/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Transsexual Gets at Least 50 Years for Killing Woman

A transsexual [woman] was sentenced Wednesday in San Bernardino Superior Court to 50 years to life in prison for fatally shooting a woman with a shotgun while she was on the phone with police. fullstory >>

12/19/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Transgendered Woman Raped in Sacramento Jail Files Claim

In a civil claim filed against county officials, Kelly McAllister alleges negligence, threats and slurs based on her transgender status, and assault that culminated in a brutal rape by a male inmate. fullstory >>

11/12/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Transgender Inmate Alleges Abuse at San Fracisco County Jail: Files civil rights lawsuit in superior court

A San Francisco Sheriff's deputy who allegedly assaulted a transgender inmate over a three month period was fired after the inmate filed a civil rights complaint in California Superior Court. fullstory >>

5/23/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Transman Files $25 Million Lawsuit Against San Francisco Police: Plaintiff Alleges Assault, Battery, and Discrimination

$25 million lawsuit filed by transman against SF Police for discrimination and excessive use of force may be one of the largest discrimination cases by a transgender individual in US history. fullstory >>

6/4/2002 - [GERMANY] - Women's Prison Refuses to Accept Transwoman

A women's prison in Germany refuses to accept a 42 year old sufferer of Klinefelter's Syndrome based on her male anatomy despite a court order to place her there. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [NEW HAMPSHIRE] - Transwoman to be Incarcerated in Special Transgender Prison

Joseph Shanley, a transsexual woman who shot her sister to death in their Claremont home in October 2001, was sentenced to 22 years to life in prison for the murder. fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [NORTH DAKOTA] - Berlin Drag King Arrested in North Dakota: Lawyer Claims Human Right Violated

Antonio Caputo, a popular Berlin performer and drag king, was arrested by police and put into solitary confinement in Cavalier, North Dakota. The charge is allegedly working without a work permit. fullstory >>

3/17/2004 - [OHIO] - Transsexual's Case Against Warden Can Move Forward

A transsexual who was severely beaten by another inmate at the Warren Correctional Institution will get a chance to prove in court that prison officials put her life at risk. fullstory >>

6/14/2002 - [SOUTH AFRICA] - Transsexual Fears the Worst as Jail Looms

Transsexual Jeanin-Lee, sentenced on Friday for possession of more than R66 000 in counterfeit money, will be kept in a men's prison but in a single cell. fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [U.S.] - Trans Prisoner Survey: Help Needed

Participation sought in Trans Prisoner Survey conducted by the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc. TIP Journal, a free national newsletter published quarterly for and about transgendered inmates. fullstory >>

5/27/2003 - [VIRGINIA] - Ruling Reversed for Transsexual Inmate's Hormone Therapy

The U.S. appeals court in Richmond today said a Roanoke federal judge should not have dismissed the case of a transsexual state prison inmate seeking to resume estrogen treatments. fullstory >>

6/8/2002 - [VIRGINIA] - ACLU of Virginia Takes Inmate's Case: Transsexual Seeks Hormone Treatment

The ACLU of Virginia is representing a Virginia prison inmate with gender identity disorder who is suing to win hormone or other suitable treatment from the state. fullstory >>

3/1/2004 - [WYOMING] - Federal Court Blazes New Trail: Judge says Wyoming prison violated due process rights of intersexual woman

A U.S. District Judge finds Fourteenth Amendment violation when intersexual prison inmate confined to a high security lock-up based solely on her gender and physical characteristics for 14 months. fullstory >>

Public Accommodations

4/1/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Lesbians Barred from Retirement Home

A Florida lesbian couple lodged a complaint on Monday against a Tallahassee retirement community after the women's requests for housing were rejected because they are lesbians. fullstory >>

7/1/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Lansing Health Club Bars Transgender Member

For Naomi Snyder, a simple membership to her local Fitness USA Healthclub, turned into an issue with gender. fullstory >>

6/13/2002 - [OHIO] - Cross-Dresser's Lawsuit Calls Cedar Point Unfair: Cleveland Man Seeks Redress in Clothing Spat

A Cleveland man has sued the parent company of Cedar Point, alleging that he was illegally removed from the amusement park last year for dressing as a woman. fullstory >>

11/15/2002 - [TEXAS] - Transgender Woman Detained, Questioned at Six Flags

Six Flags Over Texas security officers briefly detained a Dallas transgender resident last month after another park visitor complained about the presence of a "man dressed as a woman." fullstory >>

Religion / Spirituality

2/3/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - MCC Responds to Vatican Condemnation of Transgendered People

The head of the world's largest Christian denomination with a primary affirming ministry to gays and lesbians has reaffirmed the church's commitment to transgender persons. fullstory >>

3/28/2003 - [KANSAS] - Fred Phelps Denounced By Clergy Neighbors

Forty-two members of the clergy from 13 religious traditions across Topeka met Thursday to opposed hate in the city made in famous by Fred Phelps. fullstory >>

11/14/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Old Church Takes New Look at Gender

The Rev. Laurie Jean Auffant is the first known transgender minister to be called by a Unitarian Universalist congregation. She speaks out about her new position as Minister of Religious Education. fullstory >>

10/19/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Letter to Boston Globe: Narrow View If Transgendered

Pastor concerned that Boston Globe is showing only images of transgendered people in extreme circumstances which does not reflect the majority of transpeople and helps to perpetuate stereotypes. fullstory >>

3/14/2003 - [OHIO] - Testing The Borders Of Inclusivity: HUC admits first transgender rabbinical students as broader community begins to confront such issues.

When Reuben Zellman was a girl, he didn't know that he wanted to become a rabbi. But since he began identifying as male four years ago, his Jewish involvement has become more intense. fullstory >>

3/1/2003 - [UTAH] - Acceptance of Transgendered Varies Widely Among Faiths

The views of different faiths toward transgenderedness differ widely, from Unitarian Universalists, who welcome trans people, to Muslims, who prohibit trans people from joining their clergy. fullstory >>

1/31/2003 - [VATICAN] - Vatican Denounces Transsexuals

Transsexuals suffer from "mental pathologies," are ineligible for admission to Roman Catholic religious orders and should be expelled if they have already entered the priesthood or religious life. fullstory >>

1/14/2003 - [VATICAN] - Vatican Says Sex Change Operation Does Not Change a Person's Gender

After years of study, the Vatican's doctrinal congregation has sent church leaders a confidential document concluding that the church does not recognize "sex-change" procedures. fullstory >>


6/6/2002 - [ARIZONA] - A Privates Matter: Did a teacher at Estrella Mountain Community College lose her job over what's under her skirt?

No place to go: The community college refused to let former teacher and transitioning transsexual Rebecca Kastl use the women's room. Now she's threatening a lawsuit. fullstory >>

5/17/2004 - [CALIFORNIA] - Seminary Designs Transgender Restroom Signs

Starr King School for Ministry, the Unitarian Universalist seminary, in Berkeley, California has designed a transgender bathroom sign that would be ADA compliant, if such standards existed. fullstory >>

11/25/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Student Senate at UC-Davis Votes For Unisex Restrooms

The resolution would lessen dangers for people whose gender identity differs from their sex and who are confronted and harassed when attempting to use gender-specific bathrooms. fullstory >>

3/23/2004 - [CANADA] - Unisex Toilets Spark Controversy

A plan to set aside one single stall washroom as gender neutral in all future construction simply means that an appropriate sign would be placed on the door and a lock would be in place for privacy. fullstory >>

10/20/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Group Wants Transgender Bathrooms for UMass

Transgender students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, unable to persuade administrators in the past year to create coed bathrooms, are shifting to a petition drive and mass mobilization. fullstory >>

10/3/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Restroom Revolution Gathers at Stonewall

Transgender Activist Network and the GLBT community on campus have established the organization "Restroom Revolution" to raise awareness of the need for neutral or non-gender-specific bathrooms. fullstory >>

12/27/2002 - [MINNESOTA] - Minnesota Gender Law Narrowed: Appeals court rips another hole in protections for transgenders

Minnesota Court of Appeals issued a new ruling on December 17 that severely undermines the ability of transgendered public employees to secure protection under the law. fullstory >>

7/3/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Trans Activists Charge Harassment in New York City: Police selectively requiring ID at public bathrooms at Christopher St. riverfront

A group of transgendered activists are charging that police are requiring transsexuals to show identification proving their gender before they are allowed to use public bathrooms in Hudson River Park. fullstory >>

10/25/2002 - [OREGON] - Mayor May Veto Transgender Plan: Eugene's leader said guaranteeing restroom access would create havoc.

Mayor Jim Torrey said the issue of bathroom privacy might force him to veto amendments to the city's human rights code, including the plan to start Oregon's third domestic partnership registry. fullstory >>

5/10/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - FTM Restroom Situation Underscores Need for Education and Tolerance

While reports of controversy over transgendered restroom rights often involve male-to-female transsexuals, female-to-male transsexual restroom problems may prove even harder to solve. fullstory >>

5/10/2002 - [U.S.] - Restrooms Bring Transgender Rights to the Forefront

Recent arrests, and both current and pending lawsuits concerning restroom usage, have brought the issue of transgenderism to the public fore. fullstory >>

School Safety

4/10/2002 - Participate in a National Day of Silence this April

The Day of Silence institutes a visible silence in which participants protest anti-LGBT discrimination and abuse. Such an effort also allows us to reflect upon how powerful silencing can be. fullstory >>

3/31/2004 - [CALIFORNIA] - Trustees Say Mandate Pits Economics Against Morality: School district stands to lose half its budget in dispute with state over rights of transgender students.

School trustee Judy Ahrens knows her stand against a state law that protects the rights of transgender students might jeopardize more than half of her small district's annual budget. fullstory >>

5/4/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Teacher Gets Thousands Of Threatening Anti-Gay Emails

A high school teacher in northern California has been flooded with threatening emails attacking him for serving as an advisor to his school's Gay Straight Alliance. fullstory >>

4/9/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Schools Must Protect Gay Kids, Court Rules

U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that schools failing to protect gay students from harassment could be in violation of federal law. fullstory >>

12/18/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Lesbian Teen Sues School District for Bias

A 15-year-old high school student is suing her former Banning, Calif., school district for civil rights violations. fullstory >>

10/3/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - California Must Meet Commitment to Gay Youth

California should remedy gaps in its efforts to end anti-gay bias in state schools, Human Rights Watch said today. fullstory >>

11/23/2002 - [CANADA] - School Board Considers Sweeping Rights Policy: Proposal's wording goes a little too far from some trustees

A "courageous" new human rights policy for Bluewater schools is expected to spark lively debate in staff rooms and at parent council sessions. fullstory >>

2/15/2004 - [COLORADO] - Denver Public Schools Protect Transgender Students

The Denver Public School System (DPS) recently voted to add the term "gender identity" to other categories protected under the policy that declares "Equal Educational Opportunities" for students. fullstory >>

10/29/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Clothes Pose Question: Are Gay Students Safe?: A male student who wore a skirt to school was sent home. At the same time, many schools are learning they have to protect gay students.

Junior Antonio "Loloe" Williams was sent home twice after he wore a skirt to school. School officials said his attire violated the dress code, but he calls the school's stance discriminatory. fullstory >>

5/20/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Kate Bornstein Urges Reversal of 'Bully Culture': Activist rejects gender identifications as Rainbow Week's keynote speaker in Evanston, Illinois

"They think people like me are evil, godless, in need of a 'cure' or salvation. It's time to stop carrying forward the junior-high-school way of excluding freaks from life." fullstory >>

1/14/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Schools Ban Gay-safe-zone Signs

Bowing to pressure from a small but vocal group of parents, school board members vote to remove multicolored triangle safe zones signs for gay and lesbian students from more than 100 classroom doors. fullstory >>

6/4/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - GLSEN Focuses on Anti-bullying Strategy

More help may be on the way for gay students in the United States who face discrimination. fullstory >>

5/21/2003 - [IOWA] - Phelps Clan To Disrupt Gay Student's Graduation

Reverend Fred Phelps plans to stage a anti-gay demonstration at the graduation ceremony of Julius Carter, a Des Moines high school senior and recipient of the Matthew Shepard college scholarship. fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [IOWA] - A Place to Go: Youth Alliance Provides a Safe Space for LGBT Youth

Alternative prom provides a safe place for GLBT students to have a good time. fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [IOWA] - Come As You Are

Alternative prom provides safe place for GLBT students to have a good time. fullstory >>

4/19/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Kentucky school ordered to allow GSA

"The judge here recognized that schools can't silence students who hold unpopular views, even if those views cause others to react disruptively." fullstory >>

11/5/2002 - [KENTUCKY] - Gay-rights Decision Protested at E. Kentucky School: Allowing group to meet sparks student boycott

Hundreds of Boyd County High School students stayed home yesterday to protest the school's decision to allow a gay-rights student group to meet on school grounds. fullstory >>

10/28/2002 - [KENTUCKY] - Gay/Straight Alliance - A Debate Over Access: Gay-straight group wants to meet at Boyd school; Council denied request, will reconsider tonight

Twice this year, the school's teacher-parent council unanimously rejected a request by the GayStraight Alliance to meet at school, decisions that drew the American Civil Liberties Union's attention. fullstory >>

6/27/2002 - [MARYLAND] - School Board Defers Vote on Policy to Protect Gay Students: Some believe measure could allow teaching about homosexuality

The state school board backed away yesterday - for at least the third time in as many years - from explicitly protecting gay and lesbian students from harassment in Maryland's public schools. fullstory >>

6/16/2002 - [MARYLAND] - Parents Object to Move to Protect Gay Students

A proposal that would prohibit the harassment of homosexual students in Maryland schools is under fire from some parent groups, who say it will allow very young children to be taught about sex. fullstory >>

11/26/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Broader Policy Eliminates Written Protections For Gays: Many Ann Arbor students say they feel let down, vulnerable, after recent school board decision

Members of Huron High's Gay-Straight Alliance say an Oct. 9 Ann Arbor school board decision is undermining the atmosphere of tolerance that their club has worked hard to promote. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Gay Bashing Incident at Highland Park High School

A recent gay bashing incident at a Michigan high school left the victim hospitalized in intensive care for more than a week and ten of his alleged assaulters permanently dismissed. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [NEW JERSEY] - New Jersey Governor Signs GLBT-Inclusive Safe School Legislation

NGLTF applauds NJ governor for signing a bill requiring all state school district to implement an anti-harassment and bullying policy which includes harassment based on gender identity or expression. fullstory >>

7/3/2002 - [NEW JERSEY] - Trans Inclusive Safe Schools Bill Passes in New Jersey

The New Jersey Assembly voted 74-0 (with 2 abstentions) today to approve a transgender inclusive safe schools bill. fullstory >>

10/3/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Lobbyists Battle Gay Bashing: Coalition sees lack of support for some teachers trying to stop incidents

Lobbyists seeking laws to end anti-gay taunting, threats, and violence in schools claim teachers sometimes fail to stop hate acts out of fear of losing their jobs or their standing among colleagues. fullstory >>

6/2/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Death Threats Take Toll on Minority Students

Four student leaders within both the LGBTA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and allied) and Black communities received death threats and hate mail from an outside source. fullstory >>

4/6/2004 - [TEXAS] - Gay Lubbock High Students Won't Appeal Ruling

Students who sought to organize a Gay Straight Alliance at Lubbock High School in Texas will not appeal a court ruling that said the school board could not be forced to let the group meet on campus. fullstory >>

1/4/2003 - [TEXAS] - Students Fight to Open Doors for Gay Clubs in Area Schools: Teens cite bias, but critics say groups too risky.

Gay-Straight Alliances work to fight discriminatory violence, offer peer support and help the school community learn about sexual orientation, diversity, tolerance and gay rights. fullstory >>

11/21/2002 - [TEXAS] - High School Students Won't Take `No' for an Answer

From Lubbock to Round Rock, students at high schools across the state are fighting to create and sustain their own local GLBT support organizations. fullstory >>

7/12/2002 - [TEXAS] - New Texas Bill Focuses on Gay Youth: Houston representative to introduce legislation to protect students from anti-gay bias

Texas Rep. Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) said this week he will file legislation to protect students from discrimination based on factors including both sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [TEXAS] - Gay Houston Youth Welcome New Policy: Students who were subject to harassment in area schools say prohibiting anti-gay comments and acts will help.

Justin Frazier, a recent graduate of Lamar High School in Houston, said he became accustomed to the name-calling he had to endure daily from other students because of his sexual orientation. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [TEXAS] - Schools Protect Gay Youth: Houston Trustees Vote to Include Sexual Orientation as a Protected Status in Student Code of Conduct

Gay students in Houston Independent School District facilities may rest easier this year thanks to new language in the student code of conduct. fullstory >>

6/5/2002 - [TEXAS] - School said to be Safe for Gays: Dallas 'Haven' Caters to Those Fearful of Abuse

Students find a haven in the Walt Whitman Community School, the only private high school in the US that serves students who have been alienated because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. fullstory >>

1/22/2003 - [U.S.] - ACLU Files Suit Against Two School Districts

The ACLU filed two separate suits on Wednesday against school officials in Kentucky and Texas after students trying to form gay-straight alliances were blocked from doing so in their high schools. fullstory >>

6/21/2002 - [VIRGINIA] - Superintendent Pledges to Help Gay Students in Fairfax County: Letter outlines proposals intended to foster safe, respectful learning environment

Robert Rigby Jr., coordinator of the Fairfax County Safe Schools Coalition, said the county school board must still approve adding information about homosexuality to sex education curriculum. fullstory >>

1/3/2003 - [WEST VIRGINIA] - West Virginia Removes Lesbians and Gays from Anti-bullying Program

The West Virginia attorney general's office has cut lesbians and gays out of an anti-bullying program for public schools after conservative groups claimed that the program promoted homosexuality. fullstory >>

11/2/2002 - [WISCONSIN] - Evansville gets Gay-Straight Alliance

B.J. Warren, a senior at Evansville High School, often felt isolated and afraid of letting his classmates know he's gay. fullstory >>

10/4/2002 - [WISCONSIN] - Gay-Straight Alliance Wins Formal Recognition

The Gay-Straight Alliance at Neenah High School was accepted as an official non-curricular club Thursday, making it the first to achieve such status in the Fox Cities. fullstory >>

6/5/2002 - [WISCONSIN] - Gay-Straight Alliance Appeals to Neenah Board for Club Status: High School Principal Says District Policy Bars Groups with Political Goal

Students who have formed a "gay-straight alliance" at Neenah High School appealed to the school board Tuesday for formal recognition as a noncurricular club, a status that was denied last month. fullstory >>


10/18/2002 - [ARIZONA] - State Investigation Looking into Death of Goodrum

State health investigators are probing the apparent suicide of a nationally known Transgender activist at a state-licensed mental-health facility in Tucson. fullstory >>

10/2/2002 - [ARIZONA] - In Memory of Alexander John "Bear" Goodrum: October 3, 1960 - September 28, 2002

The transgender community of Tucson, Arizona is very sad to report the passing of Alexander John "Bear" Goodrum. He would have turned 42 years old on October 3. fullstory >>

6/28/2002 - [AUSTRALIA] - Women in Court on Murder of Transvestite Truck Driver

Two women will answer charges of murdering a transvestite truck driver next month. fullstory >>

8/4/2004 - [CALIFORNIA] - Defendant in Araujo Killing Free on Bail: Cazares secures $1 million bond, two other defendants remain in custody

Jason Cazares, one of three men charged with killing a transgender Newark teenager in October 2002, is free on $1 million bail, authorities said Tuesday. fullstory >>

5/1/2004 - [CALIFORNIA] - Group Creates Araujo Memorial Fund: Family, Bay Area foundation

The family of a transgender teenager slain in Newark has joined forces with a San Francisco philanthropic group to create a memorial fund to support school programs focusing on transgender issues. fullstory >>

4/28/2004 - [CALIFORNIA] - Araujo Trial: Defense Confronts Key Witness

The prosecution's star witness in the Gwen Araujo murder trial faced a heated cross-examination Tuesday where he was called a ruthless liar who snitched on his friends to save himself. fullstory >>

1/31/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - In Court, Details of Araujo Killing Emerge

Preliminary hearings were held on Wednesday and Thursday to determine whether the four men charged in the Newark, Calif., killing of transgender teenager Gwen Araujo should stand trial for her murder. fullstory >>

1/10/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - LA Judge Orders Two to Trial in Attacks on Gay, Transgender People

Two men accused of separate baseball bat attacks on a gay man and a transgender person were ordered Friday to stand trial on charges carrying hate crime allegations. fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Judge Considers Bail for Suspect in Araujo Murder

New details from the killing of Gwen Araujo emerged Tuesday during a bail motion for defendant Michael Magidson, one of four young men charged with killing the transgender Newark teenager. fullstory >>

11/25/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Community Should Be Aware of Transgender Issues

Stanford University community marks the National Transgender Day of Remembrance. fullstory >>

11/9/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Two Postpone Pleas in Newark Teen's Death: Defendants' Attorneys Want Time to Review Tapes of Police Interviews with Witnesses

Two of the three alleged killers of transgender Newark teenager Eddie (Gwen) Araujo delayed entering pleas Friday, saying they needed more time to review almost 30 taped police witness interviews. fullstory >>

10/25/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Information Sought in Death of Transvestite Prostitute

The Kern County Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help in finding the killer of Porfiro Mejia, a known transvestite who frequented bars in the Delano area. fullstory >>

10/23/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Transgender Teen's Slaying Shakes Nation: Newark boy's (sic) death prompts discussions in schools, among advocates -- and at home

The slaying of a 17-year-old Newark transgendered teen who police say was killed because she identified as female has drawn national attention to the epidemic of violence against transgender people. fullstory >>

10/19/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Three Men Arraigned in Death of Transgendered Teen: NTAC Urges Hate Crime Charges in Brutal Bludgeoning Death

The body of a transgendered Newark, California teen who failed to return home after an October 3 party was discovered nearly two weeks later, buried in a shallow grave 150 miles away. fullstory >>

10/18/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Four Arrested In Murder of Boy Who Lived As Girl

Araujo was last seen at a party in Newark, an East San Francisco Bay suburb, on Oct. 3 where she got into a heated argument with several people. Her body was found two weeks later in a shallow grave. fullstory >>

10/16/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Two New Attackers Seized in Los Angeles

Two men were arrested and charged on Tuesday in a pair of brutal attacks on Oct. 13 on a gay man and a transsexual in Hollywood, Calif. fullstory >>

10/10/2002 - [CALIFORNIA] - Man Gets Four Years for Beating Transgender with Shovel: Crime Prosecuted as Hate Crime

California judge sentences defendant to three years in jail for the attacking a transwoman outside a night club, adding an additional fourth year for the hate crime circumstances. fullstory >>

5/30/2003 - [CANADA] - Thousands Die Each Year As A Result of Homophobia

As many as 5,500 Canadians die premature deaths each year as a result of homophobia a new study shows. fullstory >>

3/13/2003 - [COLORADO] - Gay Colorado Teen Awarded $1.22 Million for Hate Crime Attack

A federal judge in Denver awarded $1.22 million in civil damages on March 13 to an 18-year-old apparent hate crime victim. fullstory >>

6/13/2002 - [COLORADO] - Nadleeh: A Short, Young Life: Mother Grieves and Works for Anti-Hate Crime Legislation

Pauline Mitchell brushed away the tall, skinny stalks of dried grass that flutters near the site where her son, Fred C. Martinez Jr., was killed a year ago in a small canyon in Colorado. fullstory >>

6/5/2002 - [COLORADO] - Colorado Anti--Violence Program Commends Judge in Stringent Sentencing of Shawn Murphy

The Colorado Anti-Violence Program (CAVP) responded with approval today at the forty year sentence imposed on Shawn Murphy, who pled guilty to second degree murder in the death of Fred Martinez, Jr. fullstory >>

6/3/2002 - [COLORADO] - Martinez's Killer Gets 40 Years

Montezuma County Colorado Judge Sharon Hansen sentences Shaun Murphy to 40 years in prison for the brutal bias-motivated murder of 16-year-old Fred "F.C." Martinez last June. fullstory >>

4/3/2002 - [COLORADO] - An Interview with April Mora: GPAC Talks with Teen Attacked in CO

GenderPAC National News interviewed Mora at the home of her girlfriend, Dominicque Quintana, where she lives full-time, and asked her about recent events in the wake of the attack of March 26. fullstory >>

3/29/2002 - [COLORADO] - Denver Teen Attacked for Her Gender Expression: "I don't look like a girl"

April Mora is recovering from injuries received at the hands of four men who attacked her in an alley near her home. The men used a knife and razor blades to carve gay slurs into her arm and abdomen. fullstory >>

2/8/2002 - [COLORADO] - Murphy Pleads Guilty to Murder of F.C. Martinez: Sentencing Set for May 16

Murphy faces a prison sentence ranging from four to 48 years for the bludgeoning death of 16-year-old Fred Martinez. Many believe that Martinez was murdered because of his female gender expression. fullstory >>

1/10/2003 - [COMMENTARY] - Comments on Article about Homicide Victim

Comments written in response to an article which referred to slain transwoman Roberta Nizah Morris as "Robert." fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Lauderdale Police Probing Early Morning Murder of Transvestite Prostitute

A transvestite prostitute was murdered early Wednesday morning after talking with the driver of a car in the 500 block of Northwest 21st Avenue, a police spokesman said. fullstory >>

1/4/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Beach Hate Crime Condemned: Called one of worst in years

Gay and civil rights groups denounced the New Year's shooting of a gay man thought to be a woman in South Beach as one of the worst hate-crime attacks in the county in years. fullstory >>

1/3/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Two Face Hate-Crime Charges in Shooting of Trangendered Woman

A New Jersey man and a Florida man face hate-crime charges after one of the men shot a transgendered woman in Miami after learning she is not a biological woman, police said. fullstory >>

6/3/2003 - [FRANCE] - Transgender Killed on Orders of Anti-pornography Crusader, Gov Official: Watchdog named in murder case

A jailed serial killer has admitted the killing a transvestite prostitute - on the orders, he claims, of the anti-pornography crusader who heads France?s broadcasting standards watchdog. fullstory >>

3/27/2004 - [GEORGIA] - Atlanta Hires its First Full-time Gay-crime Specialist

Locke isn't the lead investigator in the case, but this is the start of her work as the city's first full-time police liaison to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. fullstory >>

3/1/2004 - [GEORGIA] - Man Found Dead Outside Buckhead High-Rise

Atlanta police were searching for clues Monday after a man was found fatally wounded in a car parked outside a high-rise apartment in Buckhead. fullstory >>

10/19/2003 - [IDAHO] - A Day of Counted Sorrows: Remembering Our Dead

This article is about the Transgender Day of Remembrance which will have it's 5th annual observance on Nov 20, 2003. fullstory >>

4/9/2004 - [INDIANA] - Indiana Man Guilty in Double Murder Case: Conviction for killings of girl and cross-dressing teen.

An Indiana jury on Thursday found Paul Moore, 21, guilty of killing a transgender teen Nireah Johnson and her friend Brandie Coleman last year. fullstory >>

11/15/2003 - [INDIANA] - Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil Includes Honoring Local Victims

To raise awareness about violence against transgendered people, the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance and members of the Indiana Youth Group are co-sponsoring a candlelight vigil. fullstory >>

11/12/2002 - [INDIANA] - Indianapolis Community Hosts Vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance: 4th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Event Honors Twenty-Five Victims since 2001 Memorial

A candlelight vigil will be held on November 23rd to remember the lives of more than two dozen people lost in the past year due to violence motivated by fear and hatred of gender variant people. fullstory >>

5/28/2002 - [KANSAS] - Topeka Citizens Rally Against Hate June 15: Gage Park at 12 Noon

Known as the heartland and the geographical center of the United States, Kansas has also become known as the epicenter of hate, according to watchdog organizations that track organized hate groups. fullstory >>

1/3/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Owensboro Transman Believes He is Victim of Arson

A Daviess County transsexual man believes his apartment was targeted by an arsonist earlier this week because of his sexual preference. fullstory >>

7/31/2004 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Study Being Conducted on Hate Crimes against Transgendered People: Student Looking for Individuals in the Boston Area to Participate

Calling trans and genderqueer people to participate in a field study about violence and discrimination resulting from transphobia in the Boston area. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [NEBRASKA] - Court Rejects Increase in Damages to Mother of Brandon Teena

The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday rejected an attempt to increase the damage award to the mother of Brandon Teena whose murder was dramatized in the 1999 movie "Boys Don't Cry." fullstory >>

12/4/2002 - [NEBRASKA] - Teena Murderer asks for Death Sentence to be Vacated

John Lotter, who is on Nebraska's death row for the murder of Brandon Teena, is asking that his sentence be commuted to life in prison because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. fullstory >>

11/8/2002 - [NEBRASKA] - Brandon's Mother Seeks More Money

An attorney for the mother of murder victim Teena Brandon made an "off-the-wall" request of the Nebraska Supreme Court on Tuesday: award a respectable financial payment and end the appeals. fullstory >>

3/24/2003 - [NEVADA] - U.S. Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Plaintiff in Same-sex Harassment Case: U.S. Supreme Court allows ruling to stand by denying review

The U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that same-sex sexual harassment is actionable under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. fullstory >>

3/8/2003 - [NEW JERSEY] - 30-year Sentence in Killing of Transgendered Woman

At his Superior Court trial, Camacho claimed Victor Pachas, 42, approached him for sex, and he attacked Pachas in revulsion after learning the transvestite was a man [sic]. fullstory >>

10/30/2002 - [NEW JERSEY] - Jury Rejects Claim that Man Killed Transvestite in Heat of Passion

A jury on Tuesday rejected a Paterson man's claim that he killed a transvestite in the heat of passion, finding him guilty of knowing, purposeful murder. fullstory >>

10/23/2002 - [NEW JERSEY] - Trial Opens in Slaying of Transvestite

Carlos Camacho, 20, is charged with murder for allegedly beating, stabbing, slashing, and strangling Victor Pachas, a 43-year-old transvestite, about 4 a.m. on Feb. 25, 2001 in Paterson, New Jersey. fullstory >>

11/21/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Guilty Plea in Amanda Milan Killing: 2000 stabbing of transgendered woman yields 17 years to life

Dwayne McCuller, the killer of Amanda Milan, has pleaded guilty in the 2000 homicide and will be given a sentence of 17-and-a-half years to life on November 22. fullstory >>

11/9/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Bronx Man Guilty in Slaying of Transsexual

Moments after being found mentally fit to stand trial, a Bronx man pleaded guilty yesterday to stabbing a transsexual to death outside of the Port Authority. fullstory >>

10/30/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Toys 'R' Us Ordered To Pay Fees For Transsexuals: Transsexuals Claim They Were Harassed By Workers While Shopping

A judge has ordered Toys "R" Us to pay nearly $200,000 in attorneys' fees for three transsexuals who claimed they were harassed by workers while shopping at a Brooklyn store. fullstory >>

7/2/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Toys 'R' Us Discrimination Award Blames the Victims

The decision of the jury to award one dollar in damages to each of three transsexual women for the discrimination and abuse is an insult to the value of human life and dignity. fullstory >>

6/19/2002 - [NEW YORK] - $900,000 "Toys 'R' Us" Bias Suit: Transsexuals Say Staffers Harassed Them in Dec. 2000

Four transsexuals are suing Toys 'R' Us - each seeking $300,000 in damages - charging they were discriminated against based on their sexual orientation on two occasions in December 2000. fullstory >>

6/9/2002 - [NORTH CAROLINA] - Transvestite Found Shot to Death Near Uptown

A transvestite prostitute involved in a January altercation with an off-duty Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer was found shot to death near uptown late Friday, investigators said. fullstory >>

11/19/2003 - [OHIO] - Shooting On Cincinnati Street Labeled Hate Crime: Shot Strikes Victim In Leg; Victim Performs In Local Clubs

Jamar Erkins, 22, who also goes by the name Tiffany Erkins, was shot in the leg just after 3 a.m. while walking on Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine, WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reported. fullstory >>

12/4/2002 - [OHIO] - Drag Performer's Killer Ruled Incompetent For Trial

The man accused of killing a 31 year old Miss Gay Ohio with a samurai sword has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial. fullstory >>

8/2/2002 - [OHIO] - Two Arrested, One at Large in Hate Attack on Neighbors

The three victims of the attack, a lesbian, her transgender partner, and their gay male neighbor sustained extensive injuries ranging from a broken cheekbone to a bruised liver. fullstory >>

5/17/2002 - [OHIO] - Miss Gay Ohio Murdered With Samurai Sword: Police: Female Impersonator Knew His Murderer

Columbus police said that a well-known entertainer and female impersonator was stabbed to death early Friday morning in his home with a samurai sword. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Police Advisory Panel Joins Morris Death Probe

As the months drag on since the seemingly unsolvable death of transgender person Nizah Morris, yet another group has said it will do an independent investigation into the case. fullstory >>

4/5/2003 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - District Attorney to Investigate Morris Death

The Philadelphia District Attorney?s Office has embarked on an investigation of the Nizah Morris case, and a report of its findings will be released to the public. fullstory >>

1/28/2003 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Cops Accused of Bias in Death of Transgender

Transwoman Nizah Morris was found dead on a Center City street, her head smashed with such force that she fell into a coma and never awoke. Police are accused of bias in handling the investigation. fullstory >>

1/11/2003 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Family Questions Police Investigation in Death of Nizah Morris

Slain trans woman Nizah Morris was transported three blocks by a Philadelphia police officer about 20 minutes before her injured body was discovered by a passing motorist at 16th and Walnut streets. fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Second Autopsy Ordered In Transexual's Death

The city medical examiner's office has ruled that a 47-year-old transsexual found dead on a downtown street corner was the victim of homicide but police say they aren't so sure. fullstory >>

12/31/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Transgender Prostitute's Death Investigated as Possible Homicide

The death of a transgender prostitute whose battered body was found last week on a Center City street corner is being investigated as a possible homicide, police said yesterday. fullstory >>

6/24/2002 - [SWAZILAND] - Off with Your Trousers, Leader Orders Women

Women in Swaziland's royal capital said they dare not wear trousers after a top official warned them Sunday that they would be torn off by soldiers. fullstory >>

10/18/2002 - [U.S.] - Transgender Day Of Remembrance Honored with National, International Events: Now, More Than Ever: Event Honors Twenty-Four Victims since 2001 Memorial

In a year marked with two dozen reported anti-transgender murders, members of the transgendered community will be holding events on November 20th to honor those lost. fullstory >>

10/13/2002 - [U.S.] - Transgender Death Statistics 1970 to 8/15/02

The following information has been extrapolated from the 'Remembering Our Dead' list, which only has the names of individuals who have been killed due to transgender prejudice. fullstory >>

8/16/2002 - [U.S.] - Rash of Transgender Murders in August Shock the Community

Only twelve days into August, 2002, and it is becoming one of the deadliest months on record for Transgender murders. fullstory >>

12/28/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Transgendered "Drifter" shot by Washington State Police

A transgendered woman who was shot and killed Monday by a Kittitas County, Wash., sheriff's deputy has been identified as Timothy Mayhugh, a former Portland, Ore., resident who had become a drifter. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Mourning a Sister Who Stood for Her Convictions: Slain Witness in Pantazes Trial Was Born Male but Lived -- and Died -- as an 'Honest' and 'Unapologetic' Woman

Twice a key witness in murder trials of a bondsman convicted of hiring a prostitute to kill his wife, DC transwoman Mimi Young died of a stab wound to the chest early on the morning of April 9. fullstory >>

8/13/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Transgender Teens Killed On D.C. Street

Two transgender teenagers were shot and killed early yesterday in Southeast Washington -- a crime that police said was unusually violent and has left them with few leads. fullstory >>

Youth Rights

4/10/2003 - [ARKANSAS] - Gay Teen Sues Arkansas School District

An Arkansas junior high school student filed suit against his school district and four of his teachers, saying he was inappropriately disciplined and restricted from talking about being gay. fullstory >>

1/11/2003 - [AUSTRALIA] - Eleven-year-old Youngest In Australia To Undergo TG Therapy

An eleven-year-old in Brisbane has become the youngest person in Australia to embark on gender reassignment. fullstory >>

4/6/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - California Foster Care Bill Passes Key Committee

The Human Services Committee of the California State Assembly approved a bill to protect foster children in the state from discriminatory treatment based on gender identity. fullstory >>

11/11/2003 - [CONNECTICUT] - So a Guy Walks Into a School in a Skirt...

When administrators at the high school sent Kevin Dougherty home for refusing to change clothes, he left, but also called the local newspapers and the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union. fullstory >>

7/5/2002 - [ENGLAND] - Schoolgirl Fights to Wear Trousers

Britain's sexual equality body said on Thursday it was backing a schoolgirl's bid to wear trousers in the classroom. fullstory >>

7/1/2002 - [FLORIDA] - High School Graduate Sues for Gender Discrimination: Interview with Nikki Youngblood

Student sues school for refusal to let her sit for yearbook picture wearing black suit and white shirt instead of traditional velvet drape designed for girls. fullstory >>

6/8/2002 - [HAWAII] - McKinley Lets Male-Born Student Graduate In Dress: State Attorneys Help Convince the Principal in a Case of Gender ID

Keala Chow was born a boy, but on Sunday walked with the girls during the McKinley High School graduation, covering up a "very seductive" dress with a graduation gown. fullstory >>

1/18/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Trans Teen Claims "Completely Essential" Victory over City Child Services Dress Code

A 17-year-old transgendered woman won the legal right to dress in female clothing while a resident in foster care facilities run by the Administration for Children?s Services. fullstory >>

1/10/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Court Says Teen Boy Can Dress As Woman: Judge Rules City Violated Teen's Rights

A 17-year-old teenager living in foster care may dress as a woman, a state court ruled. fullstory >>

6/16/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Teen Boy Sues to Wear Female Clothing

A teen boy who has an "innate sense" of being a girl has sued the city's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) for refusing to allow him to wear female clothing. fullstory >>

5/31/2002 - [TEXAS] - School Officials Nix Gay Article: Teen Writers say Principal Refused to allow Story about Homosexual Students to be Printed in School Newspaper

An article planned for the Hastings High School student newspaper, `Bear Facts,' was nixed by school officials this month, the student writers say, because it was about gays. fullstory >>

Legislative News

11/7/2002 - [AUSTRALIA] - Law Reform Gives Gays New Rights

Schools will no longer have the right to refuse employment to gay and lesbian teachers on the basis of their sexuality under a shake-up of anti-discrimination laws. fullstory >>

3/21/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Transgender Rights Bill Passes California Committee

The California state assembly's labor and employment committee passed a civil rights measure Wednesday to prohibit housing and workplace discrimination based on gender characteristics. fullstory >>

1/1/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Gay Polls Reach Highest Level

The so-called "lavender ceiling" was shattered with the swearing in of California's first openly gay male state representatives, Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and John Laird (D-Santa Cruz). fullstory >>

12/20/2002 - [CONNECTICUT] - Pro-trans Bill Expected in Connecticut

When the Connecticut General Assembly starts its new session on Jan. 8, gay activists are expecting a new bill to be introduced that would add transgender people to the statewide hate-crimes statute. fullstory >>

7/7/2004 - [FLORIDA] - Miami Beach Provides Transgender Protections: Joins Growing List of Communities to Expand Human Rights Ordinances

Today, local, state, and national human rights organizations applauded the Miami Beach City Commission's decision to expand its nondiscrimination law to provide protections to transgender people. fullstory >>

4/16/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Monroe County Enacts Transgender Legal Protections: Civil Rights Coalition Applauds Unanimous Vote

Civil rights activists across the state are applauding the Monroe County Commission's unanimous decision to amend its local nondiscrimination law to include transgender people. fullstory >>

3/27/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Transgendered Press For Inclusion In Florida Human Rights Code

Transgendered men and women living in the Fort Lauderdale area have begun a push for inclusion in Broward County's human rights ordinance. fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [FLORIDA] - Key West Enacts Protections for Transgender People: Civil Rights Coalition Applauds Unanimous Vote for FL's Most Inclusive Law

Civil rights activists across the state are applauding the Key West City Commissions unanimous decision to include transgender people in the local nondiscrimination law. fullstory >>

12/30/2002 - [FLORIDA] - Key West Makes Move to Protect Civil Rights of Transgender People

Key West's city commission has unanimously agreed to add "gender identity or expression" to the city's human rights ordinance, which already includes gender and sexual orientation protections. fullstory >>

4/19/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Council Split on Gay/Trans Rights Clause: Peoria leaders will vote Tuesday on proposed addition

The proposal defines sexual orientation as being gay or perceived as gay, also covers those with a "self image or identity not traditionally associated with one's biological maleness or femaleness." fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Springfield Trans-inclusive Gay-rights Measure Approved: Council adds sexual orientation to existing discrimination ban

An 8-1-1 Springfield City Council vote Tuesday made the capital city the latest Illinois community to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. fullstory >>

11/19/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Cook County Board OKs Gender Identity Amendment

Cook County follows Chicago's lead to amend the County's Human Rights Ordinance to include the classification of Gender Identity! fullstory >>

11/6/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Chicago City Council Approves Gender Identity Amendment

The Chicago's transgender and gender variant population are now protected from discrimination in private and municipal employment, in public accommodations, housing and credit transactions. fullstory >>

10/31/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Chicago Gender Identity Amendment One Step Closer to Passage

After seven years of lobbying by the Illinois Gender Advocates, the Chicago Human Relations Committee unanimously passed the Chicago Gender Identity Amendment. fullstory >>

10/9/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Decatur IL Passes Trans-inclusive Civil Rights Law

The Decatur City Council has approved a controversial gay rights proposal that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is defined to include gender identity. fullstory >>

5/29/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Trans Panelists Back New Law

It's Time, Illinois! cosponsored a community forum to hear people from the Chicago transgender community tell their experiences with discrimination and violence at Ann Sather Restaurant May 23. fullstory >>

5/22/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Chicago Trans Activists Say Ordinance Overdue: City ordinance would prohibit discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations

As Chicago aldermen move closer to outlawing discrimination based on gender identity and expression, people who have seen and experienced such prejudice say the action is overdue. fullstory >>

5/1/2002 - [ILLINOIS] - Vote on Trans Inclusive State Human Rights Bill Delayed

Fearing they had too few votes, a coalition of activists and lobbyists have agreed to delay a vote on a bill that would add gay and transgender people to an existing Illinois human rights law. fullstory >>

7/16/2002 - [KANSAS] - Hate-Crimes Bill Passes in Kansas City

Those who commit crimes motivated by sexual orientation and race now face stiffer penalties than regular criminals in Kansas City, Kan., with the passage of a new hate-crimes ordinance. fullstory >>

3/26/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Covington KY Urged to Protect Transgendered: Commission hears from both sides on rights proposal

Supporters for an expanded human rights law that would add protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, said it would bring needed social and economic change to Northern Kentucky. fullstory >>

4/30/2002 - [KENTUCKY] - Louisville Fairness Ordinance Targeted: Government Merger Prompts Review of Existing Laws

Two groups have emerged with the goal of repealing existing city and county gay rights ordinances when the governments of the city of Louisville, Ky., and Jefferson County are merged next year. fullstory >>

5/26/2005 - [MARYLAND] - MD Governor Ehrlich Signs the Hate Crimes Penalties Act: Maryland Becomes the Ninth State to Enact Trans-Inclusive Hate Crimes Legislation

Maryland Governor Ehrlich signed the Hate Crimes Penalty Act that ensures that crimes against the transgender community and the GLB community will be fully investigated and prosecuted as hate crimes. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [MARYLAND] - Mixed Bag for Trans Laws in Maryland: Officials in Howard and Montgomery counties open to ordinance like Baltimore's

Human rights administrators in Howard and Montgomery counties are willing to consider legislation like that approved in Baltimore that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression. fullstory >>

11/25/2002 - [MARYLAND] - Baltimore City Council Votes Unanimously to Add Gender Identity to Human Rights Code

Baltimore City Council voted 18-0 to amend the city's human rights code to include gender identity and expression as a protected category. Baltimore's mayor is expected to sign the bill into law soon. fullstory >>

10/24/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Boston City Council Approves Transgender Bill: Vote would broaden rights protections

The Boston City Council yesterday approved a measure to protect transgendered persons from discrimination, passing it over the vehement objections of Councilor James Kelly of South Boston. fullstory >>

10/9/2002 - [MASSACHUSETTS] - Boston Mulling Transgender Civil Rights Ordinance: Proposal would amend city's anti-discrimination ordinance to include gender identity, expression

The Boston City Council held a public hearing this week regarding the possibility that the city will pass an ordinance barring discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression. fullstory >>

7/3/2003 - [MEXICO] - Mexico's Transvestite Candidate Out in the Open--and May Win

Candidate Amaranta Gomez is the first transvestite to have at least an outside chance of winning a congressional seat in Mexico. fullstory >>

6/19/2003 - [MICHIGAN] - Bill Could Add LGBT Clause to 1968 Act

A bill was introduced into the state House on Tuesday, which would add gender identity and sexual orientation clauses to a long-standing anti-discrimination law. fullstory >>

11/5/2002 - [MICHIGAN] - Ypsilanti Rejects Proposal To Eliminate Protection For Gays: City Law Prohibits Discrimination

Ypsilanti on Tuesday became the latest Michigan community to reject a measure that would have eliminated a local ordinance to protect gays from discrimination. fullstory >>

3/28/2004 - [MINNESOTA] - Minneapolis: Council's Three Gays Break Ground

The 13-member Council has three members who are openly gay. San Francisco has two. The New York City Council also has three, but their influence is decidedly smaller because there are 51 members. fullstory >>

3/21/2003 - [MINNESOTA] - OutFront Minnesota Hails Withdrawal Of Civil Rights Repeal Bill

A bill that would comprehensively roll back basic civil rights protections for GLBT Minnesotans, was withdrawn today in response to unrelenting criticism for its unprecedented scope. fullstory >>

3/21/2003 - [MINNESOTA] - Sexual Orientation Issue on Hold For Now in Senate: Threat to Minnesota LGBT Civil Rights Abated -- For Now

A proposal to remove protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Minnesotans from discrimination was put on hold indefinitely Friday by the bill's sponsor. fullstory >>

4/10/2003 - [NEW MEXICO] - Trans-Inclusive Hate Crimes and Civil Rights Bills Pass in New Mexico

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson on Tuesday signed into law bills that add extra penalties for hate crimes and outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

3/22/2003 - [NEW MEXICO] - Banning Gender Identity Discrimination in Employment

The state Legislature late Friday approved a bill to prohibit discrimination in the workplace against people based on sexual orientation or gender identification. fullstory >>

3/21/2003 - [NEW MEXICO] - New Mexico Passes Hate Crimes Bill

With the passage of a new hate crimes bill by the state's legislature, New Mexico becomes seventh state with hate crimes laws that include not only sexual orientation but also gender identity. fullstory >>

4/4/2003 - [NEW YORK] - NY Gender Rights Bill Emerges: Democratic leaders, transgender activists finalize details of proposal

NY activists and elected officials expect the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, a state bill that would ban discrimination based on gender identity or expression, to be introduced in April. fullstory >>

12/27/2002 - [NEW YORK] - SONDA Leads to New Battles: In wake of victory, trans-activists push GENDA

With the passage of SONDA, many in New York are now turning their attention to transgender rights. fullstory >>

12/17/2002 - [NEW YORK] - New York Passes Anti-gay Discrimination Bill without Trans-inclusion

Republican Gov. George Pataki has signed into law a bill outlawing discrimination against homosexuals in New York state. Transgender activists complain that the bill does not include gender identity. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Adding Gender Identity to SONDA: Push for transgender inclusion in gay rights bill builds, and alarms some

State Senator Tom Duane is leading an all-out last-minute charge to add "gender identity and expression" to the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA) that is scheduled for vote on Dec 17. fullstory >>

11/27/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Transgender Community Fights for Trans-inclusive SONDA

A landmark gay-rights bill, which last month appeared poised for passage when the state Senate returns to Albany on Dec. 17, now faces an uncertain fate. fullstory >>

9/18/2002 - [NEW YORK] - City of Buffalo Extends Protection against Discrimination in Employment and Housing to Transgendered Persons

In a near unanimous vote, the Common Council of the City of Buffalo extended protection against discrimination in employment and housing to transgendered persons. fullstory >>

4/24/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Council Passes Transgender Bill; Mayor Says He'll Sign

The City Council approved a bill outlawing discrimination against transgendered people on Wednesday and the mayor said he will sign it into law. fullstory >>

4/24/2002 - [NEW YORK] - New York City Council Votes to Include Transgender People in its Human Rights Law: Press Release from TLPI

NYC will soon become the 42nd jurisdiction in the US to explicitly protect people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression in employment, housing, and public accommodations. fullstory >>

4/24/2002 - [NEW YORK] - NYC Council Passes Transgender Rights Bill: Press Release from NYAGRA

The New York City Council passed Int. No. 24 today by a vote of 45-5 (with one abstention), following passage yesterday of the transgender anti-discrimination bill in the General Welfare Committee. fullstory >>

4/23/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Testimony Delivered By Carrie Davis: Gender Identity Project Counselor Speaks Out on Int. No. 24

Carrie Davis, a woman of transsexual experience and a counselor at the Gender Identity Project in New York City, tells her story to the New York City Council. fullstory >>

4/23/2002 - [NEW YORK] - Testimony Delivered by Melissa Sklarz

Melissa Sklarz testifies about Int. No. 24. fullstory >>

5/16/2003 - [OHIO] - Senator Introduces Ohio GLB Equal Rights Bill: Measure Joins Another in Ohio House as State's First

Like the proposed federal ENDA, the bill was modeled after, it does not include protection for gender identity. However, according to Bradys legislative aide Tom Meyer, it was supposed to. fullstory >>

1/31/2003 - [OHIO] - Ohio LGBT Civil Rights Bill to be Introduced

An Ohio state senator is preparing to introduce a civil rights bill to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Ohioans in March. fullstory >>

12/16/2002 - [OHIO] - Covington Looks into Wider Discrimination Protections

In January, the Covington Human Rights Commission will consider a proposal to expand anti-discrimination protection to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people. fullstory >>

11/13/2002 - [OREGON] - Eugene City Council Removes Amendment that would have allowed Transpersons Access to Gender-Appropriate Restrooms: Domestic partner registry proposal passes

Facing a possible mayoral veto, the Eugene City Council voted 6-2 to remove sections on gender identity from proposed changes to the city's human rights code. The amended proposal passed unanimously. fullstory >>

10/15/2002 - [OREGON] - Human Rights Code Stirs Up Debate

Eugene City Council hears public sentiment for and against proposed human rights code revisions, including a domestic partnership registry for gay couples and equal-access guarantees for transsexuals. fullstory >>

12/15/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - How Pennsylvania Heartland Went For Gay Rights: The hate-crimes law extends even to the transgendered. Observers are stunned.

State legislators have passed an amendment to the hate-crimes law making Pennsylvania the fifth state in the union to protect not only gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, but also transgendered people. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Victory at Last

The passage of protections for sexual and gender minorities was the culmination of a multi-year effort by many activists who successfully educated and organized a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers. fullstory >>

11/26/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Pennsylvania House Passes Landmark Hate Crimes Legislation: Bill Adds Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender and Disability Protections

The Pennsylvania House amended the state's Ethnic Intimidation Act by adding actual or perceived gender identity, using the most inclusive language of any hate crimes bill in the country. fullstory >>

10/1/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Small Pennsylvania Town Enacts GLBT Equality

New Hope Borough Council voted for passage of a measure that would protect its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. fullstory >>

6/14/2002 - [PENNSYLVANIA] - Hate Crimes Bill Still in Committee

A bill that would amend Pennsylvania's hate-crimes law to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and other categories remains in the state House of Representative's Judiciary Committee. fullstory >>

4/5/2004 - [SOUTH DAKOTA] - Rapid City City Councilman Plans to Become a Woman

A Rapid City, South Dakota Council alderman says he has pretended long enough. Tom Murphy is taking the first step toward getting ready for a sex-change operation, called gender reassignment surgery. fullstory >>

4/3/2003 - [TENNESSEE] - Nashville Rejects Nondiscrimination Bill

Nashville, Tenn., put an end to three months of debate, killing a watered-down gay rights measure by a 19-18 margin. fullstory >>

4/9/2003 - [TEXAS] - El Paso Amends Ordinance on Discrimination

The El Paso City Council expanded its anti-discrimination ordinance, unanimously voting to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. fullstory >>

5/11/2002 - [TEXAS] - Dallas Makes History with Anti-Discrimination Bill

Dallas becomes the first city in Texas to extend protections to all its transgendered citizens. Dallas joins both Austin and Fort Worth with city-wide protections based on sexual orientation. fullstory >>

11/28/2002 - [U.K.] - Legal Protection for Transsexuals under the Sex Discrimination Act

The Sex Discrimination (Gender Reassignment) Regulations 1999 have made it unlawful to discriminate on grounds of gender reassignment, but only in the areas of employment and vocational training. fullstory >>

4/13/2003 - [U.S.] - Medical Privacy Rules Face Bumpy Road

New federal rules establishing the nation's first medical privacy standards set to take effect on Monday are likely to cause confusion in the short run, experts say. fullstory >>

11/6/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Tacoma Says No to Initiative 1

Voters in Tacoma voted to keep protections for gays, lesbians and other sexual minorities by turning down an effort to repeal that portion of the city's antidiscrimination law. fullstory >>

7/19/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Gay Rights Activists Hail Washington Ruling: They see precedent in decision siding with fired lesbian

a Washington state appeals court said Thursday that the U.S. Constitution bars discrimination against lesbians and gay men working in the public sector. fullstory >>

4/24/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Tacoma Adds Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to Human Rights Ordinance: City Council Overwhemingly Supports New Law

By a margin of 8 to 1, Tacoma prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public and private employment, housing, and education. fullstory >>

8/9/2001 - [WISCONSIN] - Madison County Board Adds Transgender to Affirmative Action Ordinance

Existing Affirmative Action Laws have been amended to include a definition of sexual orientation that includes transgender people. fullstory >>

Medical Research

10/20/2003 - [CALIFORNIA] - Sexual Identity Hard-Wired by Genetics, Study Says

Sexual identity is wired into the genes, which discounts the concept that homosexuality and transgender sexuality are a choice, California researchers reported on Monday. fullstory >>

3/26/2003 - [U.K.] - Study Finds Sexual-Orientation Related Differences in Task Performance

Gays think like women and lesbians' brains work like heterosexual men's, according to a new study by English psychiatrists. fullstory >>

11/29/2002 - [U.K.] - Born to Be a Tomboy?: Pregnancy hormones determine preschool girls' behavior, suggests study

The higher the level of maternal testosterone, the more likely it is that girls will enjoy activities typically considered male behavior, like playing with trucks or guns, reports the study. fullstory >>

6/21/2003 - [U.S.] - Controversy Erupts Over Gay and Transsexual Book: NTAC Urges NAS Review, Independent Research

Respected members of the medical and scientific world as well as transgender activists have decried as worse than junk science J. Michael Bailey?s book, The Man Who Would be Queen. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [U.S.] - Certain Words Can Trip Up AIDS Grants, Scientists Say

Researchers have been advised that grant applications "should be 'cleansed' and should not contain any contentious wording like 'gay' or 'homosexual' or 'transgender.'" fullstory >>

11/17/2002 - [U.S.] - Cause of Gender Confusion is Unclear

WHEN Dr. Lori Kohler was a medical resident in the late 1980s, her instructors never broached the subject of treating transgender patients. fullstory >>

10/19/2002 - [U.S.] - Gender Identity: It may be your brain not your genitals that decides what sex you really are

Our brains could be hard-wired to be male or female long before we begin to grow testes or ovaries in the womb. This discovery might explain why some people feel trapped in the wrong body. fullstory >>

5/21/2003 - [VERMONT] - Trans Sibling Project Seeks Participants Fall/Winter 2004-2005

If you identify as transgendered, you have a sibling who does not identify as transgendered, and you and your sibling are 18 or over, you can help bring the voices of trans people into psychology. fullstory >>


5/13/2002 - [INDIANA] - Noted Sex Researcher and GLBT Ally Alan P. Bell Dies at Age 70

Alan Bell, noted sex researcher, Indiana University professor, psychotherapist, and long-time ally of the GLBT community dies Monday, May 13, at Bloomington Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana. fullstory >>

On the Air

5/28/2003 - [DOCUMENTARY] - Award-Winning Documentary Focusing on Transgender Family Issues: ?No Dumb Questions? To Debut June 18 on Cinemax

The award-winning documentary "No Dumb Questions", an outstanding educational tool for learning about transgender issues, is scheduled to air on Cinemax June 18, at 7 p.m. EDT. fullstory >>

10/1/2003 - [INDIANA] - Indiana's First Gay-Themed Radio Show Debuts on WFHB

bloomingOUT, a new locally-produced weekly radio show targeting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, is poised to debut on Bloomington community radio WFHB. fullstory >>

4/15/2003 - [NEW YORK] - Sirius Launches OUTQ: The Only 24/7 National Entertainment Service for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community

SIRIUS announces the launch of OutQ, the nation's only around-the-clock broadcast entertainment service for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) community. fullstory >>

On the Bookshelf

3/13/2005 - [BOOK REVIEW] - The Right Sex: A novel by Michael R. Salinas

In "The Right Sex," the discovery of David Lowe's sex reassignment sparks controversy over the legal definition of marriage and forces the main character to fight to keep his family together. fullstory >>

3/26/2004 - [MICHIGAN] - Library Opens Transgendered Collection

Dallas Denny's personal collection of more than 1,500 transgender titles was officially unveiled at the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library as the National Transgender Library and Archive. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [U.S.] - Eugenides Awarded Pulitzer Prize for Middlesex: Awards have history of nods to gay authors, subjects

The fiction prize for Middlesex almost surely marks a milestone in Pulitzer history: the first book so honored to be narrated by an intersexed protagonist. fullstory >>

On the Screen

5/13/2002 - HBO Feature With Transgender Subject

Tom Wilkinson, nominated for the film "In the Bedroom," has teamed with Jessica Lange to star in the HBO feature "Normal," based on Jane Anderson's stage play "Looking for Normal." fullstory >>

6/11/2002 - [AWARD WINNING SHORT] - No Dumb Questions: Film about Three Young Sisters Coming to Terms with an Uncle who is Undergoing a Sex-Change Operation

"No Dumb Questions" took the Lucy Audience Choice Award for best short. The 24-minute film focuses on three young sisters coming to terms with an uncle who is undergoing a sex-change operation. fullstory >>

3/25/2003 - [DOCUMENTARY] - Documentary "Southern Comfort" Now Released on VHS and DVD

SOUTHERN COMFORT, the award-winning documentary which chronicles the last year of the life of FTM Robert Eads, is now available as both extras-laden DVD and VHS versions ($24.95 SRP). fullstory >>

2/1/2003 - [DOCUMENTARY] - "Wired for Sex" Looking for FTM Subjects

"Wired for Sex" is a non-biased, intelligent look at FTM transgendered people, interviewing people who have had or are considering FTM surgery as well as physicians specializing in FTM procedures. fullstory >>

11/20/2002 - [DOCUMENTARY] - 'Taboo: Sexuality' Premieres on National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel premieres "Taboo: Sexuality," the latest episode in a new series that examines customs that are acceptable in some societies and forbidden, illegal and reviled in others. fullstory >>

3/17/2003 - [FILM] - Trans Family Values: HBO Films' "Normal" is supposedly a pro-tolerance paean about a marriage that survives a sex change. So why does it make us root for divorce?

HBOs "Normal," about how gender transition affects a family in a midwestern community, is something native Ohion, Noelle Howey, understands first-hand; her father transitioned when she was a teenager. fullstory >>

12/17/2002 - [FILM] - Nia Vardalos to Follow Greek Wedding with Drag Comedy

Writer-actress Nia Vardalos, whose My Big Fat Greek Wedding was one of 2002's biggest hits, has set her sights on her next project, a comedy about cross-dressing musicians. fullstory >>

6/15/2002 - [FTM COMEDY] - Unhung Heroes

"Unhung Heroes" is a comic fiction about five FTM (female to male) transgendered guys who imagine a scheme to come up with over a million dollars for penis transplant surgery. fullstory >>

7/20/2002 - [FTM DOCUMENTARY] - Make Me a Man: FTM Documentary to Air in England

A year in the making, this ground-breaking two-part series tells the story of four female-to-male transsexuals - all at different stages of the process of changing sex to become men. fullstory >>

3/20/2004 - [GEORGIA] - Southern Comfort Conference: Call for Transgender Film Submissions

Southern Comfort Conference announces its 1st Transgender Film Festival, to be hosted at its 14th annual conference in Atlanta, September 30 - October 2, 2004. fullstory >>

4/1/2004 - [ILLINOIS] - Chicago Trans/Genderqueer Film/Video Festival Seeking Submissions

The First Chicago Trans/Genderqueer Film/Video Festival welcome and encourage individuals to submit their videos and films! fullstory >>

6/5/2002 - [NEW YORK] - The 14th Annual New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival: June 6-16, 2002

The 14th Annual New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (June 6-16) is one of the most comprehensive forums of international lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender film/video in the world. fullstory >>

6/20/2002 - [PBS] - Pushing the Right Button: The PBS Special Oliver Button Explains the Pain of Stereotyping in Language a Child Can Understand

Oliver Button is rooted in DePaola's 1979 storybook about a boy who's harassed and scolded for wanting to tap-dance and pick flowers instead playing football. fullstory >>

6/3/2002 - [SAN FRANCISCO] - 26th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival: June 13-30, 2002

26th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival to present over 290 films from 33 countries at the Castro Theatre, Herbst Theatre and Center for the Arts Theatre, June 13-30, 2002. fullstory >>

1/8/2003 - [TELEVISION] - Showtime Plans to Air "The Opposite Sex"

SHOWTIME ANNOUNCED the upcoming documentaries airing under the title "The Opposite Sex." fullstory >>

12/30/2002 - [TELEVISION] - "By Hook or By Crook" to be Shown on Sundance Channel

This striking first feature by Harriet "Harry" Dodge and Silas Howard tells the story of a drag king searching for meaning and love after the death of his terminally ill father. fullstory >>

6/6/2002 - [TELEVISION] - Here Comes the Sundance: New Films Premiere During Network's Out Loud Filmfest

Through its Fourth Annual Out Loud Filmfest, Sundance Channel has loaded more GLBT cinematic treats into this month than most people get to gorge themselves on all year. fullstory >>

5/21/2002 - [TELEVISION] - Showtime Greenlights Controversial Film 'Soldier's Girl' About Gays In the Military

Showtime Networks Inc. has greenlit SOLDIER'S GIRL, which is based on the true and tragic story of a young soldier beaten to death for falling in love with a transgendered nightclub performer. fullstory >>

6/3/2003 - [U.S.] - Possible Sex Change Means New Credits on 3rd 'Matrix': Transwoman Behind the Matrix Movies?

The Matrix Reloaded may be wowing audiences with its spectacular special effects and technology but its director and mastermind is busy creating another set of fireworks. fullstory >>

On the Stage

3/3/2003 - [DRAMA] - 'I Am My Own Wife'

Based on a true story, and inspired by interviews Wright conducted with the 70-something Charlotte before her death last year, "I Am My Own Wife" is playing at the Museum of Contemporary Art Theatre. fullstory >>

7/1/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - About Face Youth Theatre: Up Until Now: The highly anticipated Fifth Anniversary Production of the nationally recognized About Face Youth Theatre

Crossing borders of race, class and neighborhood, Up Until Now is a journey through the eyes and experiences of today's LGBTQQA youth that resonates with meaning and hope for audiences of all ages. fullstory >>


5/16/2002 - [JAMISON GREEN] - Visible Man: The Politics of Passing

Jamison Green, former head of FTM International, addresses the social and political issues surrounding passing and the right to freedom of gender expression. fullstory >>

5/27/2002 - [ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER] - 'Ms. Office Ettiquette' Gives Advice to Co-worker of MTF: Your job is to do your best to make him feel accepted

'Ms. Office Ettiquette' of the Orange County Register gives advice to a co-worker of an MTF. fullstory >>

Opposition News

3/11/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Enemy of the State: "The Vermont of the Midwest" ??

The state legislature of Illinois is at it again this legislative session. At least two of the bills on the slate are designed to rewrite the rules of sexual expression. fullstory >>

4/18/2003 - [KENTUCKY] - Anti-gay Mailings Sent to Kentucky Homes

As the Covington City Commission prepares to vote on a revised human rights ordinance, a right-wing group sent an anti-gay mailing to some 20,000 homes, roughly 75 percent of the city's population. fullstory >>

5/22/2002 - [WASHINGTON] - Churches Support Anti-bias Repeal: Initiative: Members of Alliance to Help Gather Signatures Against Gay Protections

A coalition of Tacoma churches is lending its support to an initiative to overturn the city's recently passed law banning discrimination based on "gender identity" and "sexual orientation." fullstory >>

5/21/2003 - [WASHINGTON DC] - Group Urges 'Compassionate Response' for Transgender Activists

Those wacky wing-nuts at CWA are at it again, imploring legislators on Capitol Hill not sign on to a pledge to adopt fair hiring practices in their offices. fullstory >>

5/20/2002 - [WASHINGTON DC] - CWFA: Will Capitol Hill Sanction Cross-Dressing?

Concerned Women for America has issued a memo to all congressmen asking them to disregard GenderPAC's request to enact laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression. fullstory >>

Surgery News

4/18/2003 - [CANADA] - British Columbia Must Pay for Sex Change Surgery: Human rights tribunal says transsexual discriminated against

A British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has found the provincial government discriminated against a transman by refusing to pay the cost of completing his gender-reassignment surgery. fullstory >>

12/6/2002 - [CANADA] - Sex-change Delisting "Prejudiced": Probe finds OHIP bias against transsexuals; Tribunal to decide on issue of coverage

Ontario could soon be paying for sex change surgeries if a human rights tribunal finds the government discriminated against transsexuals when it quit paying for the operation five years ago. fullstory >>

4/29/2003 - [ILLINOIS] - Tissue Engineering for Erectile Dysfunction?: New Graft Material Facilitates Nerve Repair

Tissue engineering of the penis raises hopes that men with severe impotence due to penile trauma, surgery, cancer, congenital malformations or other conditions may be able to regain sexual function. fullstory >>

12/11/2002 - [ITALY] - FTM Reassignment Surgery Possible in One Stage

Italian researchers have successfully performed a procedure that changes a woman into a man in one operation, a process that normally takes multiple surgeries to achieve. fullstory >>

12/1/2002 - [OREGON] - Dr. Meltzer Moving Practice to Scottsdale, Arizona

Dr. Toby Meltzer is pleased to announce that he will be moving his practice to Scottsdale, Arizona, effective the first week of January, 2003. fullstory >>

12/27/2002 - [U.S.] - Federal Appeals Court Upholds Ruling that Sex Change Surgery is Merely "Cosmetic"

Finding that gender-reassignment surgery is merely "cosmetic", a unanimous Second Circuit Court of Appeals panel upheld the refusal of an employee benefits plan to cover the costs of such procedures. fullstory >>

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