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True Spirit 2002

By Mike S.

Well, another year is finished. True Spirit 2002 is over and the world is a better place for many.

For those who came and experienced the wonder that is TSC, you understand these feelings. Those of you that couldnt make it, perhaps you have been before or will come in the future. But there is something about TSC that is unique.

True Spirit is a place to connect with old friends, or to put a face to those who you have had online conversations with. It is also a place where many newcomers get their first sight of someone else like them. My first TSC in 1997 was a combination of the second and third reasons.

I had met many people online in the OnQ chat rooms and finally got a chance to put a face with a screen name. Until that point, I had only met one other FtM, and he lived 200 miles away. It was an overwhelming feeling to walk into the hotel and see so many people who were like me. I am very happy to say that many of those people that I met that first year are people that I still consider friends today.

That feeling is one that carries from one year to the next. The faces change, but the feeling of "Im not alone in this" stays from year to year.

Thats one of the things that draws me back every year and why I cant turn my back on the conference. The other is the feeling that as long as one person walks away feeling better about themselves, then we have done our job. While I will be stepping down as co-chair, I am not walking away from the conference. I will still be lurking in the shadows.

Next years organizing committee will need all the love, support and patience that you all have given me the last two years. If there is something that you can contribute to the conference, contact the co-chairs (once they are selected).

Help keep the conference going for those who have yet to come and experience all the magic that is True Spirit.
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