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Today is Thursday, June 26, 2008


52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality

#6 - Plan an Art Show of Works by Trans Artists


Achieving our goal of transgender equality requires activism at the local, state and national levels. While NCTE focuses on federal policies, we strongly support and encourage the vital work of grassroots activists. Each week during 2006, we will feature an idea for action that you can take at a local level. Some will be challenging, some will be simple; all are effective ideas and we will include links, resources and thoughts to help you get started. Some are things you can do on your own, while others are ideas for local groups to work on. We hope that you will take on projects that spark your interest and that meet a need in your community as we work together for equality for all people.

#6 Plan an Art Show of Works by Trans Artists

Jordy Jones, artist and event producer writes, "In the last few years, there has been a great proliferation of transgender visibility in the media. Mainstream representations of trans-people are on the increase. From the Discovery channel to daytime television, the images and lives of real trans-people pull in viewers curious for a glimpse of these exotic life forms. Sympathetic representations by Hilary Swank, Felicity Huffman and other non-trans-people draw praise from trans and non-trans groups alike. As sympathetic as some of these representations may be, they still cannot have the immediacy, resonance and clarity of vision as work by trans artists can. Why ask Mauryor even Felicity what it is like to be trans when you can go the source? Plan an art show of works by trans artists and help further transgender equality."

You can inspire your local community and give visibility to trans artists by holding an art show. Ask local artists if they will help you identify a venue to hold the event and plan it. Make sure that you think about how to keep the art work safe. Publicize it well and consider holding a special event for the opening of the show. You can include widely varying types of art, including paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, prints, film, spoken word and more.

Consider this inspiring, and beautiful, way to further transgender equality.

For other things you can do for transgender equality, visit the NCTE website at http://www.nctequality.org.

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