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Today is Thursday, June 26, 2008


Activists and Artists Promote Erotic Empowerment


Michigan. Two local transgender activists, Knoll Larkin and Carrie E. V. Copeland, are releasing a publication to promote transgender sexuality and erotic empowerment. The zine, entitled How to F*ck a Tranny, is 66 pages long and on sale for $5 at their website, www.trannyzine.com. It features visual art, articles, essays, poetry, and erotica.

In an effort to thwart the unfair portrayal of the transgender community as sick and perverted, transgender activists frequently create an equally unrealistic characterization and ideal of prudishness and asexuality. Says editor Carrie Copeland, This misguided strategy limits access to quality, empowering, and sexually enticing information.

Larkin and Copeland sought submissions from individuals from a wide variety of identities and life experiences. These submissions cover numerous topics, including sexual fantasy, discussion of transgender peoples bodies and boundaries, sadomasochism, taboos, and identity development.

The editors, who are also romantic partners, claim they chose the controversial title to spark curiosity and promote discussion within the transgender community, to which the zine is targeted. Interested parties can learn more about How to F*ck a Tranny by visiting www.trannyzine.com or writing [email protected].

Contact: Carrie Copeland
[email protected]

Knoll Larkin
[email protected]

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