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Today is Tuesday, August 14, 2007


GLBT Scholarship Applications Sought

The Thomas R. Earley Justice Fund is seeking scholarship applications from Indiana GLBT activists who are in college, or who are about to go to college this fall. Applicants should send the Justice Fund a 1 or 2 page letter, telling us their contact information, their financial need, their future plans, how they are active in the GLBT community in Indiana, and list 2 references including their contact information.

Letters should be mailed to the Justice Fund Scholarships, PO Box 2204, Indianapolis, IN 46206, and should be post-marked by July 1, 2002. All scholarship applications must be sent to this post office box; no e-mail applications will be accepted.

Scholarships will be awarded in August to students who are active in the GLBT community across the State of Indiana. The Justice Fund is seeking tax-deductible donations to help fund these scholarships, and donations should be sent to the same address as above.

The Thomas R. Earley Justice Fund was created by the Tri-State Alliance in cooperation with Justice, Inc. The fund is a not-for-profit fund used to make Indiana a better place for the GLBT communities. Thomas R. Earley was a long-time Justice board member who died of complications to HIV/AIDS. He was a consummate behind-the-scenes leader who organized conferences and other educational events for the GLBT communities of Indiana.

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