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Today is Sunday, December 31, 2006

SAT, FEB 3, 2007

"Remember Who Made You" Fundraiser - Indianapolis, IN

Using both humor and drama to give the perspectives of its characters, Remember Who Made You explores the myths, fears and joys of being queer AND Christian. Each character has a unique insight that allows the audience to find something to which they can relate.

* A minister struggles with his own beliefs versus those of his fundamentally conservative denomination.

* A concerned father worries about his son being a sissy and what that could mean in the future.

* A teen discovers his sexual orientation but feels trapped because of highly opinionated family members and church leaders.

* One young man is confronted by a friend who now believes he is cured of his homosexuality.

* A married man finally accepts the fact that deep inside he has always known he should be a woman.

* Finally we hear from Jesus. His message of love and affirmation brings this performance to an uplifting conclusion.

The one-act play, which runs approximately 50 minutes, is combined with a discussion session. The post-performance discussion is a key element allowing audience members a chance to process what they have just experienced and realize that they are not alone in their journeys.

Remember Who Made You does not give any cut and dry, right or wrong answers. It points out a variety of the struggles and differences of opinions that people of all sexual orientations encounter with this sensitive and personal subject. Individuals from all walks of life can relate to these characters stories regardless of sexual orientation or religious background.

Fundraiser: All proceeds to benefit INTRAA.

For info and to buy tickets:

Remember Who Made You

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