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Today is Sunday, February 12, 2006

FRI - MON, FEB 17-20, 2006

Wild Moon Conclave - Chicago, IL

WILD MOON CONCLAVE is taking place in Chicago, IL. It will be La Fraternitie du Loup-Garou's second national meeting where we will be debating and voting on the language of our operating documents. Highlights are the Play Party and Beer Bust!

LaGarou's full membership is open to anyone who was identified as female at birth but whose gender is on the male side of the spectrum, ie, FTMs, TGButch, Genderqueer, etc. Associate memebrship is open to anyone of any gender identity.


Where: Various locations around the city of Chicago. Please see the website for details. We have Paypal and registration set up online.


Lagarou's Winter Meeting

Lagarou's Yahoo Group

Lagarou's Events

The last group was formed so people who are only interested in attending LaGarou events for their social aspects may network with each other ahead of attending the events (things like ride shares and places to crash).

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