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Today is Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Southern Comfort Conference: Call for Transgender Film Submissions

by Yvonne Cook-Riley

The Southern Comfort Conference announces its 1st Transgender Film Festival, to be hosted at its 14th annual conference in Atlanta, September 30 - October 2, 2004.

All submissions must be in DVD format. Please submit a copy rather than your original, as submissions will not be returned. They can be short or feature length, in any genre and any subject, SO LONG AS they are relevant to transgender culture or perspectives. Entrants need not be transgendered themselves, so long as these criteria are met.

Our intention is to develop an annual film festival at Southern Comfort that is juried, with prizes awarded. Our mission is to celebrate and support the evolution of *authentic* transgender culture in the cinematic arts. We are counting on the creativity of potential entrants like yourself to make this a success.

The DEADLINE for submissions is July 1st.

For information and to enter, contact:

For more information about the Southern Comfort Conference, please visit our website at: www.sccatl.org

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