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Today is Friday, August 11, 2006

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Action Alerts

1/28/2006 - [INDIANA] - Legislation Would Establish Traditional Marriage as Preferred State Policy: Sen. Miller Seeks to Resurrect Assisted Reproduction Ban for Singles, Same-Sex Couples

While it will be 2007 before the state legislature again considers the proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, there are a number of bills this year which affect LGBT Hoosiers. fullstory >>


4/24/2006 - [INDIANA] - Gender Identity Protections Pass in Bloomington: City Council Votes Unanimously to Ban Gender Identity Discrimination

By a unanimous vote, the Bloomington City Council has made Bloomington the second Indiana city to provide civil-rights protections based on gender identity. fullstory >>

4/1/2006 - [INDIANA] - Bloomington Considers Becoming Second City in Indiana to Offer Gender Identity Protections

Bloomington, Indiana, is likely to become the second city in the state to provide civil-rights protections based on gender identity. fullstory >>

7/5/2006 - [U.S.] - Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights

Straight ally pastor Lars Clausen unicycled 1,000 miles for LGBT Equality. Now he's publishing his book and hoping to encourage equality at the November election booths. fullstory >>

3/4/2006 - [U.S.] - 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #9 Change the Policy of an Organization You Belong To

Further transgender equality by adding policies that protect people from discrimination based on gender identity and expression or make clear that transgender people are welcome in your group. fullstory >>

2/21/2006 - [U.S.] - 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #8 Start an online community or a blog that deals with an issue that is important to you

The internet has created so many new ways for people, including transgender people, to connect. The world of blogs provides an avenue for new voices to be heard and opinions to be shared with others. fullstory >>

2/16/2006 - [U.S.] - 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #7 Create and publicize a calendar of local events

Achieving our goal of transgender equality requires activism at the local, state and national levels. While NCTE focuses on federal policies, we strongly fullstory >>

2/11/2006 - [U.S.] - 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality: #6 - Plan an Art Show of Works by Trans Artists

NCTE strongly supports and encourages the vital work of grassroots activists. Each week during 2006, NCTE will feature an idea for action that you can take at a local level. This is for week 6. fullstory >>

11/3/2005 - [U.S.] - Transgender Equality Campaign Launched: NCTE and HRC Team To Empower Increased Education of Policymakers

The National Center for Transgender Equality, along with the Human Rights Campaign, today unveiled the first in a series of ads aimed at educating Congress and the Washington policy community. fullstory >>

6/12/2006 - [WASHINGTON] - Deaf Transman chosen as Seattle Pride Honorary Grand Marshall

Seattle Pride is proud to announce that Dragonsani "Drago" Renteria has been chosen as the Honorary Grand Marshall of Seattle Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade! fullstory >>

Columns and Features

1/26/2006 - [KENTUCKY] - 2005 TSTBC Conference Successful: African-American Transpeople Hold Historic Convention

First ever national convention for African-American transgender people a success. fullstory >>

1/16/2006 - [TENNESSEE] - National Website launches 'No Transgender Patients Left Behind' Campaign: Ensuring Quality HealthCare for Transgender Population

National Corporation insists on obtaining transgender friendly and knowledgeable doctors to ensure quality healthcare for all. fullstory >>

Employment Discrimination

11/7/2005 - [INDIANA] - Mayor's New Policy Values All City Employees

Demonstrating his commitment to equal opportunity for all, Democratic Mayor Bart Peterson today announced the addition of gender identity to the city's employment non-discrimination policy. fullstory >>

5/17/2006 - [U.S.] - "Is It Time to Add Gender Identity to Your EEO Policy?": Society for Human Resource Management Provides Resource for Employers

A new article entitled "Is It Time to Add Gender Identity to Your EEO Policy?" by the Society for Human Resource Management provides advice to employers on why and how to add GI to their policies. fullstory >>

Higher Education

5/14/2006 - [ARIZONA] - College Fraternity to accept transgender members: Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity adopts groundbreaking policy in recognizing students' self-identified gender

Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity's national board of directors enacted a policy at its May 14 th meeting in Tucson which allows transgender students to join the Fraternity. fullstory >>

1/10/2006 - [TEXAS] - Houston Transgender Scholarship Fund Announced: Deadline is Feb. 14

The Houston Transgender Unity Committee will award its first Peggy Rudd Transgender Scholarships at the April 15 Transgender Unity Banquet. The application deadline is February 14. fullstory >>


1/24/2006 - [WISCONSIN] - ACLU and Lambda Legal Challenge Law Barring Transgender People Access to Medical Treatment in Prison

Lambda Legal and the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of two transgender women challenging a Wisconsin law that bars them from access to appropriate medical treatment while in prison. fullstory >>


1/27/2006 - [CALIFORNIA] - Community: 2, Transgender Panic: 0: Araujo Defendants Sentenced, AB 1160 Advances

The bill clearly states that bias against victims should never be a factor in determining the culpability of the people who are accused of committing crimes against them. fullstory >>

Legislative News

5/18/2006 - [VERMONT] - Vermont Governor Vetoes Anti-Discrimination Legislation: H-865 Would Have Protected Vermonters from Discrimination Based on "Gender Identity or Expression"

On May 17, Governor James Douglas (R) vetoed the will of Vermonters by killing H-865, a bill that would have added "gender identity or expression" to the state's existing non-discrimination law. fullstory >>

1/28/2006 - [WASHINGTON] - National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Hails Passage of Washington State Bill Prohibiting Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: 48% of Nation's Population will now be Protected by Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Laws

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force hails passage of Washington state bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. fullstory >>

On the Screen

3/4/2006 - [AWARDS] - Huffman's Big Night Huge for Transgender Community: Best Actress Nomination of Felicity Huffman Opens Doors

Academy Award Nominee for Best Actress Felicity Huffman's nomination for portraying a transgender woman in TransAmerica has significance far beyond any award. fullstory >>

2/1/2006 - [AWARDS] - Transamerica Receives Oscar Nominations

Congratulations to Felicity Huffman on her Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Huffman portrays Bree, a transwoman traveling across the country with her son, in the film Transamerica. fullstory >>

5/7/2006 - [DOCUMENTARY] - New Transgender Documentary: Almost Myself: A gay man's journey to explore and gain some understanding of what it means to be transgender.

Introducing a new documentary project dealing with transgender issues. fullstory >>

2/11/2006 - [U.S.] - Character to Transition on "The L Word": Moira soon to become Max

"The L Word"'s Moira, soon to be Max, is the first regularly occurring FTM character in the history of television and the first transgender character to transition during the course of a show. fullstory >>

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